15901 Made in China #81: new gadget Xiaomi, automatic machines and other news
Made in China #81: new gadget Xiaomi, automatic machines and other news

Made in China #81: new gadget Xiaomi, automatic machines and other news

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Under the heading “Made in China” collected news this week from China, not included in the main feed 4PDA: announcements, rumors and interesting events in the life of the main supplier of electronics in the world. In this issue you’ll learn about a new gadget Xiaomi, a vending machine for cars, the protected data channel in the world and fitness booths on the Chinese streets.

Xiaomi has released a second projector for a month

Xiaomi iNovel Me2

A few weeks ago, Xiaomi has released a short throw laser projector, and now the manufacturer has introduced another novelty — iNovel Me2 with modular design. The gadget is divided into two parts: projector and Bluetooth speaker power of 20 watts. Interestingly, recent works seamlessly with any device and plays audio for up to 6 hours.

Xiaomi iNovel Me2

Projector part displays the image with a diagonal from 40 to 300 inches with a resolution of Full HD. Xiaomi iNovel Me2 is equipped with an autofocus system and does not require additional adjustment after the switch. The light source used lamp OSRAM Ostar. The company promises 30,000 hours MTBF, so the device should last 20 years with daily 4-hour use.

Another feature of the projector has become a multimedia platform: in fact, Xiaomi has built into the gadget brand Mi TV. The device runs on the Amlogic chip T986 with graphics Mali-T830, 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. Configuration to cope with 4K content at 60 frames per second and games, if the user connect an external controller.

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Xiaomi iNovel Me2

For connecting peripherals is provided by USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0, HDMI and AUX. Housing is also integrated wireless charging, which provides power to the removable stereos.

Xiaomi iNovel Me2

Xiaomi iNovel Me2 will cost $745, and complete customers will receive a remote control and cover. The first shipment of new items will start on September 23.

China will sell cars from a vending machine

Automotive Vending Machine

In Alibaba decided that the purchase of the car — too long and boring that you want to automate. The Corporation has introduced “road machine” for site Tmall — a novelty in the shape of a huge glass garage machines. The buyer needs to choose the desired car from your smartphone and go to the first floor to receive the order. Note that this is not the first such offer in the market: previously, a similar system was proposed Carvana.

[embedded content]

Features of the machine are available only to users with a rating of 750 and above in the rating system Alibaba’s Sesame Credit. Before getting a car, buyers will also have to pay the first installment in the amount of 10% of the total cost and the balance of money you can make via Alipay.

Alibaba has not said whether you want users to sign a contract, as in the usual car purchase. However, the system will be in a whole new way of making major purchases.

Quantum satellite has provided China with a protected data channel in the world


In August 2016, Chinese scientists launched the first quantum satellite. According to the researchers, the device must provide invulnerable to break-ins link. Now the national publishing house “Sinhua” has informed about the outcome of the experiment.

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One of the leaders of the Chinese Academy of Sciences pan tsaneva told that the satellite was transferred quantum signals to ground stations at distances from 645 km to 1,200 km. the rate of transfer to 20 times higher than the maximum speed fibre-optic line.

“For example, we can provide completely confidential telephone calls or the transmission of large amounts of banking data,” says the publisher.

This pan, tsaneva noted that attempts to compromise the protected data channel will disrupt the system: quantum keys go astray, and the information will self-destruct. A news Agency has already predicted the technology has great prospects in the field of defence and Finance. Progress on China will not stop the President XI Jinping called the space program a priority for the country’s national security and defense.

Beijingers can train in the fitness booths


China seeks to provide comfort to all residents: we have seen the common bikes, umbrellas, and karaoke, now anyone can use the mini-gyms on the streets. The fitness booth Misspao were in Beijing two months after the opening of the startup, and two campaigns to raise funds. By the end of the year, the creators of the project are going to place 1,000 stations around the city, but now the value of the business exceeds $ 15 million.

Booth equipped with a screen, treadmill, air conditioning, air cleaner and accessories for workout. Unfortunately, Misspao not designed to work with weights — mini-gym is suitable for fitness exercises.

Misspao offers a separate app to track the load. To begin exercise, the user should scan the QR code and pay for the session via Alipay or WeChat. Interestingly, the cost of training is $0,03. Meanwhile, the project creators can raise prices in the future, but so far just entice customers.

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