5096 Selfie stick Selfie Stick Xiaomi. Picture of the future
Selfie stick Selfie Stick Xiaomi. Picture of the future

Selfie stick Selfie Stick Xiaomi. Picture of the future

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Selfie stick Selfie Stick Xiaomi. Picture of the future

Mobile gadgets, keep up with the times, has long become a universal and indispensable, and therefore most of us today can’t imagine my life without either one of them. With even the most simple smartphone to carry out long-term, and most importantly – quality video or to make a number of picturesque and colorful pictures. The world famous company Xiaomi, like icebreaker, punching their way through the permafrost, into the market for mobile devices and leaves a trail of popular accessories that are often used to obtain the highest good quality videos and photos. Just among such auxiliary tools and owns a selfie-stick Selfie Stick Xiaomi.

Запечатлейте самые лучшие и яркие моменты своей жизниDesign and functionality

Supply of monopod Xiaomi is in a cardboard box, white with logo Mi. On one side of the box lists the characteristics of the product, and the bottom is something on the similarity of the user. All options in Chinese language. However, ignorance of the language, this is not fatal, since to understand the management of the gadget and the baby. Fortunately, Xiaomi is desperate supporters implement in their devices the most friendly of interfaces.

Inside you will find, in fact, the main character of this review, monopod Selfie Stick Xiaomi. The gadget is wrapped in a translucent polybag, also in the package a card with the logo of Mi and clear only the Chinese characters. Because the writing on the box was identified by us as a guide, then in all likelihood, this card is the warranty card.

Селфи-палка Selfie Stick Xiaomi рядом с упаковкойNot to say that, after opening the box, you will be amazed to depth of soul the unique design of the gadget. No, visually it’s a conventional monopod, but has the Xiaomi logo. In fairness we have to admit, some gadgets, which certainly include monopods, already have the perfect design. So the manufacturer decided to market a similar device, is unlikely to achieve visual uniqueness. Then, as the doctors say, first, do no harm, what Xiaomi has done on the five plus.

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The outer casing of the stick is made from durable and impact resistant plastic. Plastic, in turn covered with a special layer of corrugated rubber (it can be blue, pink, and gray), by which the monopod becomes ergonomics becomes more comfortable in daily use. Rubberized surface is soft enough, it promises you a unique tactile sensation, and due to this, the stick will not slip even from wet hands. On the handle there is a drawstring that securely fixes the monopod on the wrist, there is a shutter button and logo Mi.

Монопод в трех цветахThe top clip on the selfie stick designed for gadgets, the diagonal of which is in the range from 4 to 5.5 inches. For reference: the iPhone 5s has a size corresponding to the minimum size of the phone, with whom friendly monopod Selfie Stick Xiaomi. Although, on the other hand, where you now find the device with even smaller dimensions?

Due to the clamping springs, your smartphone will capital attached to the stick, but in this case, the Networks were skeptics who questioned the reliability of the clips. Pinch the clips are wrapped by soft rubber, so the gadget will not only properly secured, but do not scratch it. Skeptics can sleep peacefully.

Incidentally, mount action cameras-monopod not trained, so if you intended to buy it for this purpose, you just – no. Perhaps the only way out of the current situation to fix the camera in a waterproof case, but it is recommended to take action and to make insurance-fasteners.

Надежные зажимы для вашего смартфонаThe shutter button (alternate button on-off switch) is equipped with a bright blue led that signals that the built-in monopod Bluetooth module is running. The led will warn you and if the active Bluetooth connection is missing, and with the current pairing the monopod with any device it will just glow. To interact with a smartphone, a separate installation of any Abracadabra-is not required.

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Monopod connects via Bluetooth and is defined as the wireless keyboard with the name XMZPG. Why keyboard, you ask? Yes, because the shutter button is hardware key, adds the volume level. When the mode is enabled the camera button “volume +” always works as a shutter release on both iOS 6.0 and above and on Android version 4.2.2 and above.

Кнопка спуска затвораXiaomi Selfie Stick – this is no ordinary selfie-stick, and free-standing digital gadget. Somewhere in the “bowels” of the arm is a powerful battery, which is designed for tens of thousands of photos. In its lower part there is a universal microUSB connector, designed for charging the battery. Next to him there is a hole is a second red led that lights up only during charging.

microUSB-разъем на моноподеWhen folded is compact enough device, its length at this point is 18 cm Monopod easily fits in the Hiking backpack, handbag, hang it on a belt, hidden in a deep pocket and even when worn in hand, he will not be a burden to you. By the way, the stick weighs only 150 grams. In the maximally extended state, the length of the selfie stick Xiaomi reaches 72 cm.

Стик отлично помещается в ладони взрослого человекаReliability and thoughtful design allows you to take pictures in any position, virtually eliminating the risk that the smartphone falls from his abode. Also worth mentioning is that the stick is equipped with a 2D head that provides a tilt angle up to 270 degrees. This allows you to choose the optimal angle with the utmost accuracy, and images acquire genuine originality and uniqueness.

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Возможности съемки селфи-палки за счет 2D-головкиConclusion

It is quite difficult to distinguish among the market offers a wide range of selfie sticks is the best option, because the manufacturers carefully monitor the success and promotion of their counterparts and, of course, trying to keep up with brands of competitors. Performed by the stick the task is very simple, but as you can see on this particular example – the manufacturer has made every effort to ensure that we, as users of Xiaomi monopod Selfie Stick, was satisfied with his products. So, if you decided to buy a good-quality selfie stick, monopod from Xiaomi you will be smiling. In addition, in comparison with the monopods from other manufacturers, the cost of Xiaomi Selfie Stick will make you smile even before you pay for your purchase.

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