22589 The seven sins PUBG: what's wrong with the main game of the year?
The seven sins PUBG: what’s wrong with the main game of the year?

The seven sins PUBG: what’s wrong with the main game of the year?

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More than 20 million copies sold, over 2 million players online, a profit of a billion dollars… No, that’s not another pathetic AAA project from a major publisher. It is about a modest shooter on the Unreal Engine 4 with a crew of 35 people, PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds. The main hit of the expiring 2017? Of course. Perfect product, devoid of flaws? Unlikely. The editors of 4PDA has compiled a list of the main problems of the game — and talked about them with her Creator, Brendan Greene.

At first I was a DJ. Partying, events“—broadcasts Brendan Greene, dressed in a white suit, the stage Yota Space. He is cheerful, friendly and carefully doesn’t notice the missteps of the interpreter, which is constantly stammering, asks and gets confused in the names. Brendan at all of those people with whom you want to agree and do not want the extra time to argue — too good-naturedly he looks and sounds sincere when he tells about how he likes in Russia: “I have met great friends here and I will definitely be back“. “Yesterday we had a lot of fun, went to a nice bar, found the vodka, which is very easy to drink. Dangerous, of course, but for this we should go back, “he smiles.

Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?Brendan green is the Creator PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds

In Moscow, Greene brought Mail.ru signed with the publisher Bluehole agreement on distribution of the popular shooter. Now it will vest immediately in Russian, as well as official competitions with the support of the Russian company. Napoleonic plans. But we came to Yota Space not only in order to congratulate Greene and his partners successfully. In the end, a personal meeting is an excellent opportunity to talk with the Creator PUBG about its weaknesses. And they have the main novelties of the year a lot.

Non-existent optimization — Gluttony

In late September, the satirical publication of Hard Times had published humorous news as follows: “a Supercomputer from Elon musk will be able to construct a model of the universe, but also run Battlegrounds PlayerUnknown’s on medium settings“. The joke quickly spread on the Internet, has gained a special popularity among the fans. “That’s why I have gone to a competitor in Fortnite“, — complains one. “And if you spent to upgrade supercomputer the entire US budget for defense, it will be on high settings to run. Pro ultra I will not say, “the fun in the comments on Reddit the other. “I’m holding my own, but the nerves at the end, “admits a third. In General, about the bad optimization not to cry just lazy: sagging, HR and other amenities is regularly referred to in social networks and reviews on Steam.

Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

During a presentation at YotaSpace question about the optimization sounded one of the first, and Brendan admitted, spreading his hands, what the problems really are: “Now it is over optimization we work“. He assured others that in the release version everything will be fine. That’s only when this version will appear is another question.

Eternal beta-test — Laziness

That Bluehole is working on the project, it became known in June last year, then the company has promised to release within 12 months. In March 2017 the shooter appeared in early access on Steam and at the time of writing still remains in him. Just like DayZ, which Battlegrounds’re blood (DayZ green did the mod in the style of battle royale), and who for several years can’t get at least to beta. However, in December Bluehole still release hit of the year on the Xbox — but here it will be in early access.

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Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

The question about the release date of green respond, continuing to smile. Like, as soon as possible.

“We don’t want to name a specific date. After all, if the release will have to be postponed, fans will be upset, and we don’t want to disappoint them and break promises. But be sure to go this year, don’t want to hang forever early access”, Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG.

Colleagues working on DayZ, it also protects:

“They don’t just make the game — they are working on their own engine, and it takes a lot of time. At least three years, and then all five years. Many do not understand that development is hard work. Including young team, who publish their projects in Early Access, and then faced with unexpected challenges,” Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG.

Lag — Depressed

Publisher BattleGrounds proudly says set records. No joke, two and a half million people online at the same time! Such results would have been proud of and c giants like Activision, Electronic Arts, and for small companies like Bluehole is not astronomical figures.

Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

The problem is different servers Bluehole obviously can not cope with the influx. Of trouble talking since October and although Bluehole responds to complaints on Twitter, users do not cease. From time to time fans say that the new test server there is no problem and never will be — but after the server ceases to be a test, everything is back to normal.

“We use cloud services, and we have excellent engineers who helped us to build a system with which we are working. It adjusts automatically, and we don’t have to do everything manually,” — Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG.

Just in case, we specify whether the increase will not affect the server. “No, says Brendan. — The system adjusts to the desired mode of operation“.

Cheaters — Vanity

More often than the poor optimization, lovers PUBG complain is that the dominance of those who do not mind to cheat. “If you are able to see through walls like every third person in this game, to beat a squirrel in the eye at 1km, to travel in time and space, then this game is for you“—angry gamer reviews on Steam [Here and further the spelling and punctuation of the original retained — approx. ed.]. And he’s not alone in his anger.

Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

Chitakov unreal, hammering with Kalash queue for 300-400 Marov the squad in the head on the go. And even if they do not use aim, speedhack around the back ***** [nothing] to do“. “Cheaters 10 out of 10“. “The game killed by cheaters“. Agree, not the most flattering comments.

At the end of October the situation and it reached a boiling point: negative reviews poured in abundance, and the developers were forced even to make a formal apology. Soon after the team was banned 80 thousand caught cheating players. After that, it became better — but the complaints continue to flow to this day. Of course, cheaters are everywhere, where there is multiplayer but it is in BattleGrounds to them until recently, treated leniently.

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Green does not deny: the problem really is, and working on them.

“Now we use Battleye system — one of the best in its segment. It is very difficult to circumvent infringers. Every day we get to use cheat from 6 to 13 thousand people. But we have their own, internal system, we’re working on. It will take time, but we do our best to understand,” — Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG.

Judging by the angry comments still appear on the page in Steam, the issue is still not resolved.

Bans — Anger

But in addition to cheaters, the fans Playerunknown”s Battlegrounds has a unique problem: the so-called stream sniping. Such “snipers” at a time to play themselves and watch live opponents via services like Twitch so they get information about the whereabouts of opponents and can be sent to them in order to kill. The rules forbid it, and those caught will receive a “red card”. However, among the punished many of those who believe that they were punished unjustly — and occasionally because of this flare up scandals.

Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

So, in summer, a Reddit user under the nickname lotoe complained that I was denied access for a week. First, without explanation. Later one of the community managers told lotoe that the ban led the stream-sniping. By the gamer at the same time assures that not even watching Twitch and just got under the hot hand. His ban has become one of the most notorious — but not the only.

Green, in turn, believes the problem is far-fetched. “We are told that we banim without any reason, but it’s absolutely not true, “says the Creator of the game.

“The evidence we have, we will not throw out from the game based solely on foreign charges. And if we complain about snipers, we all check. For example, look to see whether the accused switched between the lobby until, before we get into the same session as the streamer. On the Internet love to gossip about the fact that we are unfair, but it’s not. And I personally have no bath, although many people somehow think that it is true. In General, we are surrounded by many myths.” — Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG.

Luchbox — Greed

In the beginning of the year, green was assured that his project will not have microtransactions, at least in early access. But in August of 2017, everything changed (and the creators had to once again apologize to fans). No, early access PUBG on that moment never came — but loudbox, which you need for the money, it is still there. The items that they can find, sometimes there are a lot: people are willing to pay thousands of dollars for a virtual shirt and skirt.

Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

Question about possible changes in the system Brendan meets a firm “no“:

“I believe that is the model that we have fit perfect. I want the time and skill that gamers put into our game, were rewarded. Now some items or sets that you can buy somewhere around a thousand dollars. One user wrote to me that I could use the money to buy the HTC Vive. I think it’s great. In addition, the system of luchboxes will help us to support the draft the next few years,” says green.

The competition — Envy

Any popular and successful product very quickly finds imitators, and the brainchild of Brendan is no exception. Once PUBG gained momentum, similar to the game and modes began to appear everywhere. Someone making fun of competitors. Someone ignores them. Bluehole and the green itself belonged to the imitators calm and friendly — the latter even noted in a comment on Reddit that welcomes innovations that diversify the young genre. Then came Fortnite from Epic Games, a sort of hybrid of Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. With shooter Greene she is not competing, and all was quiet. But then it included a free mode Battle Royale, and the reaction Bluehole not long in coming.

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Семь грехов PUBG: что не так с главной игрой года?

“We have long cooperated with Epic Games is releasing Unreal Engine, which we use under license. Fans drew our attention to their latest product, Fortnite, and, after reading it, we came to the conclusion that the new regime is trying to copy PUBG. We are concerned about it. We are considering further actions,” said the company.

Lawyers Epic Games press release hardly caused anything but smiles: the legal basis for the proceedings from Bluehole little. Ideas and concepts are not protected by copyright. The only reason for persecution could be outright theft of assets — but many of them are made by third-party developers and can be bought in the store Unreal anyone.

Fans statement Bluehole, especially given the previous claims of Greene, stumped. But the publisher did not panic and said: the rest of the wannabes can sleep well, it claims to Fortnite and Epic Games — supposedly the creators of the Unreal Engine “can use the technical know-how Bluehole” for their own product, and then transfer them to third parties. Any such developments PUBG (and why) you may require much more optimized Fortnite, the Korean publisher doesn’t specify.

[embedded content]

In Moscow a green bent to approximately the same line.

“Our main claim to Fortnite is that it produces a partner. Partner, to whom we pay millions of dollars for a license for the Unreal Engine. And then he releases a product that makes our down to the last detail — take at least flying over the island the plane. Others are at least trying to do something with our idea, and Fortnite is not this. And again, the business partner took advantage of our success in order to advertise its own free project. It’s not too beautiful” — Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG.

On the question of whether the case is given further course, Brendan refused to answer. He only said that Bluehole has every right to protect their intellectual property. However, direct evidence that these rights were somehow violated, as there was no and no.

Plans for the future

“We plan to support PUBG ten or twenty years. Will add new maps, modes, some technological improvements: optimization, engine and so on. And the work will continue after the official release. You know, Facebook say to yourself that are in perpetual beta mode. We will have about the same. This is not a sprint but a marathon” — with a smile explains Brendan Greene, sitting on a leather sofa in YotaSpace.

On the question, will it stretch out so long, he responds confidently:

“I am very encouraged by the success of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And if we do this right, then it can survive these 20 years,” he concludes.

Arguing with him is not desirable.

Author: Pauline Esakova

Source: 4pda.ru

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