Uber added to your app built-in chat

Uber added to your app built-in chat

Known service for taxi service Uber has added applications for customers and drivers built-in chat, which drivers and passengers will be able to communicate directly after you confirm the trip.

In the chat window displays the name of the driver, type of car and its license plate. Users will be able to see the status message when the message is delivered and read. The driver message will be read aloud, and answer it he can with the help of swipe your finger up. Drivers also have the option to initiate a chat, but the app will warn them that it can be done only after a complete stop.

Uber added to your app built-in chat

According to product Manager Jeremy Lermitte Uber, a new feature has replaced the lack of functional to text messages. Another reason was the high cost of SMS for some users, as well as the lack of protection of personal data of the driver and passenger.

Uber added to your app built-in chat

Lermitt notes that users always wanted to know, delivered and read the message. “Passengers and drivers want to know the status of your report — says Manager of Uber. — Read whether the driver my message? If the passenger is my answer? We now give customers the opportunity to see the status of messages that is available today, using the SMS technology”.

Earlier we told you that Uber drivers have learned to circumvent the algorithms to higher prices.

Source: AIN.ua

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