Rumors about the iPhone 8 confirmed before the announcement

Before the presentation of the new iPhone just a few days. It is expected that on 12 September Apple will unveil three new smartphones, two of which are direct descendants of last year’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, and the third, called the iPhone 8 or iPhone X Edition, will get a new design with edge-to-edge OLED display and a number of new features. The network has already got the final version of iOS 11, by studying that experts have discovered a lot of details about the new iPhone and the operating system.

The design of the iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

In the firmware once again found image iPhone 8, that already leaves no doubt about how the device will look in reality.

Apple iPhone 8

For quick access to Apple Pay, you double-press the power button. Long press of the power button is responsible for launching Siri. And the combination of the power buttons and the volume up is responsible for activating the SOS mode.

The display of the iPhone 8

Judging by the numerous rumors, the iPhone 8 will get a 5.8-inch OLED display made by Samsung. As with the latest iPad Pro, the screen of the new iPhone will support the feature is True Tone Display to automatically adjust the white balance depending on the environment. The display resolution will be 2436х1125 pixels.

IPhone interface 8

Since the iPhone 8 will not be a classic “Home” button, which was tied management system, Apple had to come up with a replacement. All running applications at the bottom of the screen will display a dynamic region with a strip that replaces the Home button.

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Apple iPhone 8 Apple iPhone 8

It will look as follows:

 Apple iPhone 8 Apple iPhone 8

The status bar at the top of the screen will look like this:

Apple iPhone 8

Unlock iPhone 8

The new iPhone 8 do not have a fingerprint scanner Touch ID. He will be replaced by a system of facial recognition Face ID. According to rumors, the phone will recognize its owner instantly, and you do not even need to look at the display at a right angle.

Video tutorial to setup Face ID:

Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone camera is 8

iPhone 8 will be able to record the following video:

  • 1080p at 240 frames per second;
  • 4K at 24 frames per second;
  • 4K at 60 frames per second.

In the mode of portrait shooting will be a function of Portrait Lighting with the support of different modes: Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light, Stage Light and Studio Light Mono. Apparently, in portrait mode you can use the flash with different settings for certain situations.

Whether these features are available on older models is unknown.

Animated emoticons

In 11 iOS users will be able to track the position of your head and record voice, creating on the basis of this animated emoticons Animoji.

Apple iOS 11

Look these smileys Animoji will be as follows:

Apple iOS 11

New Wallpaper

Where no new Wallpapers for the home screen in the new version of iOS?

Updated AirPods

In the final version of iOS 11 also found information about the updated wireless headphones AirPods. Among the external changes can be noted to move in front of the battery charge indicator.

Apple AirPods

With Apple Watch support LTE

In iOS 11 found information about smart watch Apple Watch Series 3. It is expected that they will be presented together with the new iPhone on September 12. The key difference of the third generation will be LTE support. This will allow you to use the watch separately from the smartphone.

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Apple Watch

In code firmware also discovered information that the LTE version of the Apple Watch will use the same phone number that iPhone. In this case, users will need to activate a special tariff plan for hours on the basis that is connected to iPhone.

Setting the tariff plan for Apple Watch with LTE will be automatic. Users will be notified about this during the initial setup of their hours. The system automatically determines the tariff plan paired iPhone and try to connect it to the Apple Watch. Will this feature be supported by the Russian operators — is not clear.

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Recall that the presentation of Apple will take place on September 12.


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