13724 Smart watch for kids: how to choose?
Smart watch for kids: how to choose?

Smart watch for kids: how to choose?

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Smart watch for kids: how to choose?

What parents don’t care about his child? Especially when the child makes the first steps towards independence and adulthood, and the media only fuels the degree of excitement of adults reporting universally resonant accidents involving children. Some of them bring in the most that neither is a righteous terror, and fears to leave her baby without a permanent care are growing exponentially.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Местонахождение ребенка на картеBut do not panic! We’re not live in the stone age. Modern technology is not only aimed at comfort and relief of life, but also for safety.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Дети со смарт-часамиIn this case, the guardian of order and security of the child are children’s smart watch, which will help parents to regain control and peace of mind for their child. They look almost like a normal baby watch, but the content that is hidden beneath the variegated facade, will give relief to many concerned adults, and the kids will feel like the hero of a spy movie!

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Кадр из фильма Дети шпионов 2This thing has a lot of interesting and useful features for both adults and children. The watch may well replace the child’s phone – most of them you can make and receive calls, to write small messages and chat on social networks. It will be interesting and a built-in pedometer that will motivate the child to move more or even arrange a competition “who will make more steps per day” with friends or family members.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Смарт-часы для детейParents also can literally always be next to your tot and be ready to help him to track the movement, to establish the permitted and prohibited locations, remotely listen what is happening around the baby and all this can be done directly from your device.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Сигнал SOS с детских смарт-часовToday we talk about what functions can have a baby wearable gadgets, they can be useful and what to look for when buying.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Смарт-часы детские виды

The contents

  1. Design and display
  2. Indicators of the health of the child
  3. Protection from water
  4. Connection with a smartphone
  5. Autonomy
  6. The results

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Ребенок рисует

Design and display

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Дизайн детских смарт-часовThe appearance of wearable electronics should match the age of the owner, so the majority of children’s smart watch has cheerful cheerful coloring.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Разноцветные смарт-часыAlso, as “adults” watch some of the children’s model can support the change of the strapsthat the child can change the mood.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Сменные ремешкиHowever, older children and teenagers may reject such a riot of colors (“What am I, little one?!”), and to prefer less flashy colors. Fortunately, manufacturers have provided such a course and offer variations of subdued colors – black, white, metallic.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Детские смарт-часы металликForm factor almost all “smart” watches for children are the same – a square or rectangular body with rounded edges. The straps and body in such devices are made of high quality plastic, silicone, rubber or a combination of these materials. They are hypoallergenic, have a nice texture, durable and do not cause the child any discomfort.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Формы детских смарт-часовBy the way, most manufacturers consider the fact that their gadgets will be worn by children, so the straps in advance to make reliable and tear-resistant to even the most active fidget it was impossible to damage it. Although, of course, if you set such a goal, no technological tricks will not help.

Now let’s talk about the display and the control methods. Here all as at adults: a budget model for the most part have a small monochrome display and controlled mechanical side buttons, but watch abruptly can boast a colour touch screen.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Монохромный дисплей

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Сенсорный дисплейUsing the latter is more convenient to write messages in social networks, to share an Emoji, or play simple games, if they are present in the selected model. And there is hardly even one child that would prefer a little “colourless” screen full touch. However, the color screen will affect the final cost of the gadget, so it is better to determine a budget for the purchase.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Интерфейс смарт-часов

Indicators of the health of the child

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Смарт-часы для активных детейKids wrist gadgets are not only “sledlike” and reassuring for parents. Modern models of smart watches for kids is often overgrown and some of the features of fitness trackers: they can be integrated with a pedometer, count calories burned and monitoring of sleep.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Спящий ребенокTo track the activity and quality of sleep your child can be at a distance directly from your smartphone or tablet. This is especially true when baby is far away from home – for example, my grandmother outside of town or in camp. You can always be aware of how the child sleeps at night and how he’s moving throughout the day.

Protection from water

Children create creative and constantly studying the world. Drawing, modeling, playing in the sand, the activity on the street, at school or in the kindergarten gives the child frequent contact with water and soap.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Руки в краскеTo remove the gadget every time washing your hands, washing your face or brushing your teeth, manufacturers are protecting their device from splashes and spray. However, remember that if such a gadget without any problems can withstand flying at him, squirt water or play in the sandbox, it does not mean that it is completely protected from water. Forgetting to remove the watch in the shower or in the pool, they can “drown”.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Водонепроницаемые детские смарт-часыHowever, there are also fully waterproof model, but they are represented in a visible minority, and their cost is usually higher spill-proof. On the other hand, the smart watch with a minimum level of protection from the water will help the child to become responsible and learn to respect the art and things in General.

Connection with a smartphone

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Подключение часов к смартфонуThe main feature of children’s smart watches is that they allow you to always keep abreast of the whereabouts of the child directly from the phone or tablet of the parents. To do this, the majority of children’s gadgets, need access not only to Wi-Fi (child, what is logical and can get out of range of the router), but also to the mobile Internet, so most on the market models necessarily have a slot for a SIM card.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Местоположение на смартфонеThen trick and a five-minute connection settings of the smartphone with a clock. For this you need to insert a valid SIM card in the watch, install the app from the developers of children’s smart watch to your smartphone (from App Store or Google Play), to register, fill in the required fields, and voila! – both devices are paired.

Now you can easily track Your child through GPS tracking. Typically data is updated every 5-10 minutes (depending on the model chosen), but the frequency can be manually set up to update every 10 seconds. However, the battery of the frequent transfer of data will get faster.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Звонки с детских смарт-часовHowever the functionality of the device is not limited. Thanks to the same support SIM card smart watch can receive and make calls, replacing the baby phone. Usually the memory is to be paid 2-3 rooms of family members, and some models also support up to 10 so-called “allowed” numbers.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Связь смарт-часов со смартфономRegardless of whether it is possible to call with hours or not, there are bound to be a “SOS” button, which will help your child to alert adults that he was in a difficult situation – a long press of a button on a smartphone parents sent a message with the current coordinates of the baby.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Кнопка SOS

In addition, many models of smart watches available in the hidden function call. What does it mean? It means that one of the parents can make a spy call to watch the baby that is on the device in any way will not be reflected, but the parents can hear what is happening near your offspring. This is useful if you need to know, for example, than the child is home with a babysitter or what he’s doing in kindergarten. For older children it is no less important: not whether there are any conflicts among peers in school (which for some reason a child may not mention) or if the child is under bad influence questionable companies.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Детские смарт-часыBut that’s not all. Using the settings on your smartphone can be just to set “boundaries”, that is just to differentiate on the map of permitted and prohibited zones.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Девочка со смарт-часамиOne of us was a child and did not violate parental prohibitions? With a GPS watch, modern children are less likely to disobedience. For example, if the child, for security purposes, do not attempt to go to the nearest pond (in abandoned building, forest plantations, on the construction site nearby – underline). If logic and argument senior have no result, and the child stubbornly continues to take not always safe decisions when crossing the “electronic fence” to the parent’s smartphone will immediately receive a notification.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Установка дозволенных зон для ребенкаAnd another nice bonus is the sensor of the lifting device. Smart watch will signal that the gadget was removed by the kid or just lost. In the latter case, to find it will not be easy – thanks, GPS!


Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Зарядка смарт-часовWhile working children’s smart watch depends on the intensity of their use. At a constant GPS tracking device on average can work from 6 hours to 2 days, but in standby mode, the ratio increases to one week.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Смарт-часы на рукеIf You plan to constantly monitor the location of Your child, it is better to choose a smart watch with a higher battery capacity – 400-600 mAh. This ensures that the gadget will not have to charge during the day, the more that child is to be sure uncomfortable.

The results

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Дети в школеChildren’s smart watch, due to its broad capabilities, not like a simple child’s toy. They are able to relieve the parents from worrying about their baby, and the child, in turn, give confidence and a sense of security – even if family is not nearby, they can always come to the rescue in any situation. These gadgets will help the child to adapt to adult life, becoming more independent and more responsible.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – РисованиеIt is important to determine which features are relevant for You and Your child. Nonetheless it is advisable to a smart watch had the ability to make and receive calls – in this case, the phone to the child is not required. Wi-Fi also will not be superfluous – it will allow you to save on mobile traffic, when the child is located, for example, at home.

Смарт-часы для детей нюансы выбора – Разноцветные часыOther functions you can select at your own discretion, but the shape, body colour and size of the display to better align themselves with the future owner. Fortunately, the variety of models allows you to choose from the many options that will not leave any child indifferent to the choice of their new gadget.

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