9741 So the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitality
So the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitality

So the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitality

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So the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitality

Say, as the morning starts and the day will hold. You know, something is! Sometimes, getting off on the wrong foot – and away we go: this coffee is cold, and traffic jams on the road, but the work can’t be late, and palled it, this work, been itching to change.

Meanwhile, the key to a good morning and healthy lifestyle in General is a full night’s sleep. Than it is better, the easier it is to Wake up and get out of bed, bursting with the warm embrace of the blankets and not succumbing to the eternal “five more minutes!”, the better you feel, the more playful mood and more productive the day goes.

Let us learn to sleep and easy to Wake up cheerfully pickle, not mushy porridge, which I would like to spread on a plate.

In our material – about how important it is to get up early and like to get used to it, as well as the secrets of good night, good morning and easy awakening.

Good morningThe contents

  1. Early awakening is important
  2. Even difficult! Until get used to it
  3. 90 minutes
  4. The secrets of easy Wake
  5. Summary

Early awakening is important

Здоровый сон-значение в жизни человекаThe dispute between larks and owls is eternal. As the conflict between fathers and children! Or meat-eaters and vegetarians. Or adherents of Android and iOS.

However, the theme of early mornings were always of interest, because what you can get done in a day. Others just Wake up and you have already: saragosse did, and got a shower, and Breakfast all cooked, and the immediate problem solved. Even after all this rested.

Пробежка-спорт в жизни человекаNot for nothing because those people who do not get up before dawn, but trying to do everything, try to develop this habit early risers. And it needs, to put it mildly, did not go to after midnight.

Хороший сон-фото

People almost a third of life in sleep. At this time, changing muscle tone, reduced activity of metabolic processes and slowed nerve structures, and the processes of anabolism – synthesis of new structures and substances – are more active. All this is necessary for recuperation after a day of physical and mental stress. If neglected a full bed, you risk very quickly pass

Even Benjamin Franklin, emblazoned on the 100 dollars, claimed: “Who went to bed early and got up early in the morning a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. It is difficult to doubt this theory, knowing all his achievements and merits. And he lived a lot – 84.

100-dollarSimple advice of Benjamin Franklin able to dramatically change your daily routine. Healthy sleep and a little free time in the morning before the start of the daily race in the style of “Faster. Above. Stronger” will balance you.

Легкое пробуждение-советыGreat if you develop your own morning ritual, the joy of approach which will get you out of bed.

Завтрак-об утренних ритуалахThis can be, for example, reading a book or magazine, as an option, in his favorite garden, which is now certainly blossomed, or a leisurely Cup of tea on a native cozy kitchen.

Утренний риуталWhy not devote morning time to your pet? This, by the way, a powerful charge of positive energy for the whole day, and for the two of you.

Утро-бодростьWell, then will all those “frogs” – complex cases, which in time management recommend to eat at once, without delay, to quickly get rid of them, not wasting precious energy on constant thoughts about them.

I hope that you have decided that an early rise is a sea of possibilities. And he provided timely bedtime will provide you with the very desirable morning alertness and productivity during the day.

Утро на рассвете-секреты бодростиWith regard to rise time, ideal is 6 in the morning (plus/minus). Many successful people start the day early. Thus, the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey once admitted that she gets up at 5:30. And Apple CEO Tim cook sends an e-mail service at 4:30 and then going out for a jog or engaged in meditation. A great start to the day, isn’t it? See all Tim cook does the right thing, since I was able to achieve enormous success in $ 150 million (annual income, recent data). Because of this he found himself in the top five most influential people in the IT industry. In General, you want to be like Tim cook – don’t sleep long.

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In addition, our ancestors also used to get up with the sunrise. And what beauty they were opened!

It is also difficult! Until get used to it

Фазы сна-фотоYes, the first time until the habit is not formed, getting up early will be very difficult. May even want to abandon this idea. Do not be tempted!

Опасный будильник-фотоRemember how the weekend sleeping it off, starting the day closer to noon. Whether you then – after such a late awakening – feel fit? We have doubts on this score.

To compare your state decide on a little experiment: try to go to bed not later than 22:00 and get up at 6:00. Watch for them, for the well-being, mood. Prorock a positive trend.

Доброе утро-легкое пробуждение

90 minutes

To understand when to Wake up, refer to the “theory of 90 minutes” which brought American scientists. So, for this time – 90 min, our body goes through all the necessary phases: superficial, rapid and deep sleep.

Структура сна-быстрая и медленная фазыNormal sleep usually consists of 4-6 cycles. And to easily Wake up, you need to do it at the end of the 90 minute cycle. Plan is a multiple one and a half hour duration of sleep – and no problems with the lift you will have. If you don’t like to count, note the “smart” alarm clocks like Kello, which monitor the activity of the brain and can Wake you up in the correct phase. Or buy a fitness bracelet with sleep monitoring. The range of models is rich.

We recommend you to read:

And be sure to include your “internal alarm clock”, representing the face of the clock with a clear Wake-up time. But the real alarm clock let, so to speak, insure. As an option, the one that turns off with a smile. This is from Microsoft. If you’re interested, details here.

Как научиться высыпаться-эффективные методыCan try the so-called method of two alarms. In the evening set two:

  • the first – a half hour before your Wake-up time;
  • the second – at the time of awakening.

The first alarm it is important to choose special, with a twist below to turn it off, it was necessary to take some actions that require more or less conscious state. For example – to solve the puzzle. Or some puzzles. In the program I Can’t Wake Up a lot of jobs. You can choose from 1 to 8, depending on how much you pity yourself in the morning.

Or evening, keep the clock away from the bed. Then you have to get up to turn it off. A few steps and go back to sleep, but only an hour and a half. It will be a new cycle. After this time will work the next alarm. If you do not salaries, will be cheerful and fun. The author of the text confirms the effectiveness of this method. And don’t listen to the inner voice, sweetly urging another to lie in a warm bed, not tramite – immediately get up.

Interestingly, many scientists do not advise to use alarm clocks and especially the function of their delay.

Будильники-как проснутьсяThey have their arguments. They say, to the awakening of our body begins to prepare for the full hour, increases its temperature, produces dopamine, and cortisol to give us the necessary energy. Often the signal of a normal alarm clock interrupts the sleep cycle and all these processes. When undeveloped chart is a great stress for the body, is particularly dangerous for people with cardiovascular disease: a sharp sound causes the body to mobilize all the resources and increases blood pressure.

БудильникMorning sleep inertia prompts to press the snooze button (it’s probably familiar to all) and the body resumes the sleep cycle, it is possible that immersing you in a deeper stage. The body again – from scratch – begins to prepare for waking. And from the second alarm signal you may feel more tired and overwhelmed. Otherwise only in case if it will sound at the end of another 90 minute cycle.

Сон-будильникBy the way, 90 minutes is in time management. A long time ago, for half a century as passed, the American neurophysiologist Nathaniel Kleitman discovered ultradian rhythm.

Ультрадианный ритм-человек

It turns out that we humans, throughout the day moving from peak activity to decline every 90 minutes. And it should definitely be considered when planning the work schedule. When those 90 minutes of productivity will take place, you will feel it: might want some coffee, sweetie, maybe take a NAP.

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The secrets of easy Wake

Легкое пробуждение-нюансыTo Wake up at the end of the 90 minute cycle and sleep, it is important to establish and normalize the sleep schedule.

Teach yourself:

  • Go to bed at the same time.
  • To stop for an hour or two before bedtime to work on the computer, watching TV, hiding gadgets, at least to reduce the brightness of the screen.

Подсветка экрана-ноутбукStudies have shown that screen light affects sleep by suppressing melatonin production. Is a hormone of the pineal gland, a regulator of diurnal rhythms, responsible for the cycle of sleep and wakefulness.

Работа на ноутбуке-в темноте

  • To ensure that the bedroom is total darkness, and before a dream to use dim lights. And it also affects levels of melatonin and cortisol. The fact that melatonin is produced only in absolute darkness. It lowers body temperature, blood pressure and glucose levels in the blood. In other words, doing everything to ensure a deep and restful – healthy – sleep.

Сон в темноте-условия здорового снаPart of the hypothalamus responsible for the biological clock. This area called the supra engine. In fact, this group of cells that responds to light and dark and feeding the brain signals about when to sleep and Wake up.

The supra – is also responsible for the change in body temperature and the production of cortisol, a stress hormone. It even scared dubbed the “hormone of death”, an excess of threat. And the most “harmless” effect of cortisol is suppression of the production of hormones of joy and pleasure, that is, serotonin and dopamine. This invariably leads to depression, often leading to suicide.

Здоровый сон-фото 2

If you before bed spend time in bright, but not in dim light, melatonin is a hormone regulator of circadian rhythms – produced 90 minutes less. But if you sleep with the light on, the level of melatonin is reduced exactly twice. This situation is fraught with problems with biorhythms, but also premature aging, poor immunity and serious diseases including cancer The level of melatonin is affected by even dim light. It makes sense to clean up the bedroom all without exception sources

In dark time of day the cortisol level decreases and we sleep and during the day increases. We need it for our activity. These processes are natural, but artificial lighting at night confuses them.

Здоровый сон-без светаThe body, reacting to light, increases the level of stress hormone, a person difficult to sleep. So we recommend a sleep mask, if it is impossible to completely eliminate sources of light at night.

Сон в маске для сна-фотоMoreover, the level of hormones is regulated not only by the amount of light at a certain point, but how much light was received before. And the advice is not to use before bedtime gadgets, at least to reduce the brightness of their screen, turn solely to the dim light, not unfounded. It is clear. Tablets and smartphones, and energy-efficient lamps, in this perspective become a real problem. The blue light from the LEDs is especially actively suppresses melatonin production.

  • Sports. The physical activity also affect production of melatonin. And at night not useful to all loads, and aerobic. Take a dip in the pool, practice yoga or simply take a stroll in a nearby Park or make a circle or two on the bike – nothing extraordinary.
So the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitalitySo the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitality

Recommended at least half an hour physical activity a few hours before bedtime. It raises body temperature, so additional time is needed to ensure that the body is “cold”.

  • Don’t eat before bedtime. And night too, not worth it! So you do not leave a message like, “Look, mom, I eat well, as you asked” (Stas, 35 years old, 120 kg, kitchen, 1:30).
  • Drink water before going to bed. Glass, no more. This is how scientists argue, also allows for easy revival.

Стакан воды на ночь-рекомендации

  • Relax with pleasant music.

Шум и сон-как отдохнутьThere are music apps for your smartphone, designed to “sweeten” your dreams. And we came up with a gadget for lucid dreaming – iBand. He is using the audio-visual signals in REM sleep, makes you aware of its presence and control the plot.

  • To water procedures before bedtime. For example – you can take a bath.
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Ванна перед сном-релаксLying in warm water, we artificially raise the body temperature. When you exit the bath temperature falls sharply, sending a signal of willingness to get to sleep.

Ванна перед сном-расслаблениеAnd in the morning will invigorate douche. It activates metabolism and increases the speed of blood circulation. However, such water treatments require a careful approach. Information about the Network is full. The main thing – do not hurt yourself.

Контрастный душ-доброе утро

  • Ventilate the room and sleep in a cool room (18 degrees) with a humidity level of around 65%. You may need air conditioning and humidifier.

Микроклимат в помещении-спальняWe recommend you to read:

  • Take care of the condition of his feet. Explain. Scientists believe that it is impossible to prevent overheating or cooling of the extremities. It can cause insomnia. So wear warm socks if you’re cold, or pop out from under the blanket legs if hot.


Здоровый сон

And pajamas convenient wearing, not synthetic (women’s pajamas, men and children).

Пижама для сна-фотоAnd as you pajamas, “repairing” the body during sleep? Today there is such – from Under Armour. She was surprised at the international CES 2017.

So the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitalitySo the morning was good: easy secrets of awakening and vitality

This is probably the most advanced in the world of nightwear. It recovers not only the muscles, blood circulation, and even cellular metabolism. All this is possible thanks to the use of one of the types of radiation the far infrared range (FIR). Elements of bioceramics on the soft fabric absorbs natural body heat and reflect it back to “heat radiation”, which beneficially affect the skin and muscles. The natural recovery processes of the body after exercise occur quickly and intensely, and sleep becomes healthy.

Пижама от Under Armour-инновации CES-2017The model is expensive – about $200. It is aimed at professional athletes and those who have decided to live a healthy lifestyle. But its creators like to remind you that the effect of such tansy is most pronounced in compliance with the other rules of healthy sleep, such as: adherence to the regime, the “correct” temperature of the room (around 18 degrees) and the abandonment of the gadgets at least half an hour before bedtime.

All of it appears on the quality of sleep and feel well rested during the day. Realizing how important this aspect is, industry offers many innovative solutions. For example – “smart” mattress cover Mooringthat can make the person sleep tight.

Умный наматрасник Mooring-инновации современностиVisually it is similar to other conventional models. In this case defies such unique features as: temperature measurement, monitoring depth of sleep, silent alarms, the ability to control via mobile app and SMART-cooling and heating for the comfort of the user. Even two users. Amazing design, isn’t it?

Умный наматрасник Mooring-для двоихIn addition, for courage is shown and an afternoon NAP.

Послеобеденный сон-здоровый образ жизниEven some 20-30 minutes can “revive”: add strength and energy.

Обеденный сон-релаксAnd the cats know it

Дневной сон-котThe best time to NAP is considered to be between 13:00 to 15:00, when there is a natural decline in energy.

Здоровый сон-фото 4By the way, before a short NAP for a Cup of coffee. Caffeine starts to act in 20 minutes when you Wake up, and cheerfulness guaranteed.

Кофе-перед дневным сномWhat to do if you awoke in the night, and cannot again go to sleep for 15-20 minutes? Scientists suggest not to toss and turn and not to torture yourself but to get up and go about their business, unless there is drowsiness. Only then return to bed.

In pre-industrial times there has been such a thing as “first” and “second” sleep. Every three to four hours + one hour break.

Ребенок в пижаме-сонAnd he was used in different ways. Someone was reading, someone talked with the same waking in the night. Even to visit the neighbors went! I’m afraid if today, wanting to pass an hour or two, you knock on him in the night, you may not understand.


Доброе утро-добрый деньMorning motivation – this is important. It depends on the day. And to learn how to Wake up easily and happy, and early, preferably at sunrise. Then just all the time!

The main component of a light of awakening is enough time, the quality of sleep. In adults is usually 7-8 hours.

In addition, an important mode, particularly a single Wake-up time, even on weekends. Two more essential components of the light of awakening:

  • the correct temperature in the bedroom (about 18 degrees, as long as it’s not hot);
  • and the light, that is, its absence.

But in the morning you can safely open the curtains, open the Windows, turn on the bright lights, if needed.

Как сделать добрым утро-советыSo your morning was good, think its a sequence of actions, a kind of personal awakening ritual. Think positive, plan your day, remembering what interesting things scheduled for today. The Japanese even have a separate word ikigai. This is what gives life meaning, depth and fullness, taste, color and aroma. This is the main interest and main ambition in life. You can tell, its ultimate goal. And that’s what makes waking up every morning with the joy of what you actually want.

Икигай-иероглифыLet your every morning will be really good. Sleep well, smile and know that life is beautiful.

Good morning-photo 3

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