17714 Do it yourself: a gaming PC without problems and jambs
Do it yourself: a gaming PC without problems and jambs

Do it yourself: a gaming PC without problems and jambs

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Joke on the theme of “please don’t let children in the Internet, he grows dull” every year becomes more urgent. Mountain self-taught barely understand the subject climb to teach others wits. Especially “blossoms and smells” the theme of the Assembly of the computer by itself. Of course, crisis, currency, miners and all. But sometimes in a network there are tips that a threat “I on IP will calculate” and want to implement. Today we will analyze the major errors in the mount-builders. And help us in this special guest expert.

Alexey Krupenin, senior Manager, Department for the promotion of integration of services Federal discounter “CITILINK”. Engineer. May “blind” to assemble and dismantle the most complicated computer configuration. Has many years of experience with different kinds of services of any complexity, so I can list all the common mistakes when building your own PC, because that’s what he and his colleagues have to resolve the consequences of the client “stocks”. That’s it, pass the word expert.

So. Last years hardware is updated very actively, and started this year by AMD price war, the crisis of the availability of iron for miners and the upcoming releases of new generations of processors and graphics cards are forced to keep in mind a lot of information. If it is not needed for work — the trouble is, it is always possible to miss any detail.

The main problems actually two: upgrades “on time” (at the time of transition between generations of iron) and Assembly distortions in performance. And the rest is investigation and details.

Problem #1: microarray

It’s simple: lack of money, the owners of the old “bakeries” are invested in upgrade 2-3 items on your computer, which over the last decade have not changed the connector and have not lost compatibility with the old iron. The main candidates for the role of “Necron immortal” machines on the basis of Core2Duo / Core2Quad old Phenom FX.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

The only “part” not changed its hardware connector for 10 years — video. PCI Express has been so successful that it is still being used, and the connectors version 2.0 and 3.0 backward compatible with the first version. To put in a couple of microprocessor GTX 1050, RX 460 more powerful graphics card instead of the already available GeForce 500-700 series no special meaning: productivity, of course, will grow, but only slightly. About the reasons — below.

Problem #2: sect “raskryvanie cards” and unbalanced assemblies

Sofa collectors about the problems described above authoritative claim that the idea is meaningless, because “the CPU doesn’t use the graphics card to the maximum.” Supposedly the processor is loaded on 100% and video card only 30, and thus the iron is not meeting his potential. There is no such thing in PC gaming, never heard of it, neither a video game nor the creators of the drivers.

If you consider all the game (no problems with the engine), the CPU is busy with many things: it is the calculation of basic physics, scripting, interaction, characters, AI, somewhere in the background spinning the operating system and music playing in the browser. He is preparing the stage — that is, gives the task the graphics card. Draw and for such coordinates, use these textures, things like that. The graphics card is the same — just a performer.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяковLooks like any screaming about “non-GPU” for the experienced collector

All that should matter to simple player — getting FPS equal to the refresh rate of the monitor to the native resolution. For most cases this is the magic “60” in FullHD (1920×1080). If the processor manages to set the scene 60 times per second, and video card to draw it — I don’t care how much % loaded glands. Less load, the less the temperature, the quieter the computer, remains the reserve of performance for complex scenes.

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And to put the equipment on 100% is always possible. Take a simple i3 paired with “titanium” that run the same Crysis (the game 10 years already!) 4k (and preferably above), Unscrew the settings on high, antialiasing richer and ready. 15-20 FPS and loaded “to stop” iron. That’s just the magic of “disclosure” will not happen.

It would seem that a gorgeous card.

Собери сам: игровой PC без проблем и косяков

GeForce GTX 1070 pulls everything in FullHD at max speed, does not lose relevance on the resolution of 2560×1440, even with 4K can handle it on high graphics settings. Want to play on maximum settings with high FPS — put to the system processor which will be able to prepare the game scene as many times as necessary.

Perfect Ryzen AMD 1700. In 2-3 years the card will be exchanged for a new one and go on to play at top speed as if nothing had happened.

Problem #3: the greedy marketers and iron at the end of the life cycle

This is a typical disease Intel-assemblies. Every two years to change the CPU socket, just because Intel can afford it — achievement unlocked. Three years to produce the same products with minor changes, but problems with backward compatibility — able to love practice.

If you count yourself a piece of iron in a new computer regularly hear in the news about the upcoming updates, and encountered the first benchmarks — take the trouble to Google the topic. Maybe your magic Quad core i7 will be a pumpkin in 2-3 months, and it happened with him a year — a suitable replacement will be difficult to find: a new generation of computers may have the same connector, but the hardware is not compatible with the old. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to Intel Core i7 7700K is a great “stone”, and it definitely will last for several years of active playing life. But on the horizon looms a new generation of Intel processors, which is even cooler.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

So, to take the CPU now, to wait for discounts with the arrival of the next pieces of iron, or endure to new models? The unequivocal answer to a very difficult. Little sharp competition in the market, and the company itself Intel can’t soothe throwing buyers, giving them confidence in the future. . Meanwhile, the competitor due to a transparent information policy to gain new customers and fans.

Support of the current 6000 series processors (Skylake) and 7000 (Kaby Lake) on newer motherboards running chipsets 300-series dark. Whether be, or not be, or will be, but with restrictions. About the upcoming “eight-thousanders” code name Coffee Lake information, not more. Don’t want to risk it? Wait for the release of new products, or look in the direction of a competitor’s product — most task Ryzen’s damn good.

Problem #4: the bias to brands

All companies has its UPS and downs. The same confrontation between Intel and AMD saw victory in the fact, and in the other camp. Bad decisions, problems in architecture, the legacy of old mistakes, defective batch… problems happen. And solve them. The fact that you have long ago “burned %” one manufacturer does not mean that all of their products still unreliable or unprofitable.

The same AMD Ryzen because of its excellent ratio of price and performance has forced Intel to drop prices and greatly increase the chances of budgetary decisions in the coming generation. If “blue giant” began to stir and woke up from a long hibernation — so AMD really good.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

The same applies to graphics cards. Should not bluntly say “AMD wood curves” or “NVIDIA only loot knows how to suck with users.” Watch tests, study reviews, choose a purse and brains. Cold calculation is better imposed by society patterns.

Problem #5: “(not)of excess productivity”

It just so happened that some computer parts will not give you a single gram of increased productivity, if all the rest of the iron just does not work at high frequencies or modern protocols.

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The simplest example is a high speed RAM and Intel processors without the letter K at the end. The function of acceleration is disabled in the firmware, and supported frequency of RAM is listed on the official website in the Intel Ark. So Intel Core i7 7700 will work with the RAM DDR4 at 2400 MHz, but in its “advanced” model, you can install the modules with extreme profiles — up to 3200 MHz. However, this would require the motherboard chipset Z-series, which supports acceleration. Check compatibility of CPU and RAM and don’t overpay for what you won’t be able to use it.

Собери сам: игровой PC без проблем и косяков

Memory frequency of 2666 MHz .

AMD in this plan to the contrary, receive bonuses from fast RAM because the memory controller and some on-chip operations work on the same frequency. Put 2133 MHz — reduced performance. 3000 MHz is the best option, 3200 and above so give a paltry increase that it already does not pay the difference in price.

Here’s a set of quick RAM is a great choice for the flagship Intel and any AMD.

Problem #6: “margin of power”

Another myth PC assemblies. Allegedly, more powerful PSU will give the computer a margin of power, and when he gets really bad, one will quickly eat electricity and become stronger, win the drawdown in FPS and in General there will be grace.

No, of course, to come “butt” is a bad idea (unless you collect ultra-quiet PC for the bedroom on which to play, no one will), but the appetites of the modern iron has decreased significantly, and the monstrous “vosmichastny” very few people need really. Especially if you don’t dabble in overclocking.

What really should pay attention to is the certificate “80+”, talking about the high efficiency of the installed transformers. The highest efficiency is achieved in the area of 60-70% of your maximum load. So armed with a calculator, stack TDP of the video card and CPU, multiply by 1.2, add 250 and get the required power.

Собери сам: игровой PC без проблем и косяков

In most situations, enough any Chieftec’or Seasonic’and 550-620 W — reliably, quietly and with reserve.

Problem #7: the case is just the box

If you collected the computer on the money, and the budget barely got i3 and some 1050 the GTX — indeed, you will accept any suitable housing (including from the old PC). A more powerful Assembly housing play an important role. In addition to the banal hold parts in one piece, the body carries out the distribution of air flow, protection from dust and noise. Clever design with a “hood”, the cable TV, the built-in filters and a modular system can make your computer much quieter and colder. Here.

Собери сам: игровой PC без проблем и косяков

Inexpensive, high quality, and the design is thought over to trifles. Anything decent for that kind of money is hard to find.

Problem #8: too cool cooling and stancombe

Put a huge cooler-a super tower or dropsy 100-200 dollars on some i5 or Ryzen 5 makes sense only if the Assembly results in ultra-quiet PC, which should give good performance and not annoy the household. In other cases, it is possible to do something simpler. Teplopakety in 2017, modest, and even the usual “protechnic” 30-40 evergreen no problem pulling hours-long battle in the July heat.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

The obsession with “install dropsy” is often on the rocks of harsh reality: a good “BB gun” with teletsunami in most cases will outperform comparable systems with liquid coolant. The main charm FREE — the ability to move the heat sink from a processor on one of the walls, to improve the air flow inside the computer. As long as you are not going on a premium platform from Intel (the former 2011-3 relevant 2066) or AMD (TR4) is just not morochte his head. It is better to take something from Noctua. Less fuss with the installation, cleaning, and zero risk of leakage (!).

Problem #9: “gaming” peripherals

One of the most complex, rich in those disputes. Here is a fan-made battle between different brands and a lot of misconceptions, mistakes and marketing bullshit, and the annual improvement in the style of “even better than before.” A full set of themes, transforming the choice is simple iron into a real disaster. It is solved by the answer to a simple question:

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Why do you need gaming peripherals?

  • For the sake of design and beautiful lighting — take what you like and don’t strain. A4 Tech Bloody series / X7 — cheap, cheerful, without any problems.
  • For comfortable play and work, choose something from the lists below according to the principle “fits in your hand, has the desired features”.

To improve results in eSports are looking for the mouse on the “perfect sensor”, it fits you grip. Worthy of consideration (in ascending order of price): Logitech G102 Prodigy, the SteelSeries Rival 100, HyperX PulseFire FPS, Gladius ASUS, Razer Deathadder, Razer Naga (MMO and MOBA).

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

Among the keyboards choose a mechanic you’re comfortable with the switches with a comfortable layout. Cooler Master MasterKeys S or L, Alloy FPS HyperX, Razer Blackwidow, Steelseries Apex M800. There are options with the lighting, without NUM-Locke and short. For every taste.

Play “karadordevic” with scissor mechanism, the normal layout of keys and protection from phantom taps on the market is almost there, except that the Cougar 200K can hardly be called subtle.

Headsets are a great many, but there is a “classical” solution, pleasing both sound and microphone performance, and build quality. Junior Plantronics cover the lower price segment, the HyperX Cloud series and Razer Kraken V2 (no surround sound!) — all the rest.

Problem #10: no money

Money now no one. Crisis on the planet. Miners, masons, feminists, reptilians — the reason to look anywhere, it is important to solve the problem: what can you save and what not.

The best option available is to choose the shop with attractive prices, the “white” guarantee and view promotions and discounts. We, of course, do not know how to make a really generous offer, but save thousands on a complete different computer — you can. And when the entire budget barely exceeds $500, such savings will allow you to take the graphics card or better, or “stone” first. And don’t forget about the chip with the “extended” warranty BOX processors compared to OEM’AMI: a couple of years of restful sleep for 500-1000 rubles — a good deal. Besides the bundled fan will give you the opportunity to work first time as it is without spending on expensive and more efficient cooling system.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

RAM can be taken in parts. The price difference between the 2 dice for 8 GB kit 2×8 in one box almost nothing at all. And sometimes even turns profitable.

Here is a set of two modules separately (two pieces = 8860). But the same characteristics out of the box for 8700.

And the last one. Realistically assess your budget. Do not take components that can “grow”. To put on a great motherboard Z-series simple i3 in the hope that someday you can save up for i7, and even with overclocking…

Let’s just say, cases happen, but in 90% all remained in their places, and for efficient dispersal of the components of one “nurse” is not enough: the question must be approached comprehensively. Again, if you want overclocking and upgrades — you should pay attention to the products of a competitor where the marketers do not cut “free performance” even in the budget segment, and compatibility old iron with a new try to maintain, as long as possible.

Собери сам: игровой ПК без проблем и косяков

And the last one. All PC users comes the stage when the “factory” computers soul is not, and build it yourself from scratch — not enough experience. Specially for such cases we have created an online Configurator Citylink. Choose components depending on objectives and needs, and then send a request to the Assembly of PCs to order.

Our engineers will evaluate your options, give their recommendations, wait for the last word (it always is), and then collect within a few days PC, certified and guaranteed for 3 years. Fast, easy and 100% will satisfy your requirements. A good Assembly!

Edition 4PDA thanks the store Sitilink and his expert provided assistance in the preparation of the material.

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