Something to read on the weekend: the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 6, How to choose running shoes and more

Something to read on the weekend: the announcement of the Xiaomi Mi 6, How to choose running shoes and more

This week brought us another batch of interesting news and events. We continue our new section, and we present to your attention another selection of the most interesting materials published on the blog Hello.

Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – Samsung Galaxy S8Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be one of the first to see and “feel” live performance of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S8. Click the link above to get acquainted with the addresses of stores Hello, where you can come and test the new flagship!

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – переносной аккумуляторProbably many of us know the situation, when at the crucial moment the battery Deplete on your favorite tablet or smartphone. It is for these situations and was invented powerbank (external batteries). However, if your lifestyle involves regular long trips or moving, and you do not have enough capacity conventional portable batteries, pay attention to the charging station called the River.

River is a powerful portable battery with a capacity of 160000 mAh. Interestingly, this device can recharge and replenish their energy reserves not only from the outlet but also from the sun and from the car.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – новый флагманAs promised by Xiaomi company on 19 April in Beijing, was presented the new flagship smartphone, the Mi 6 is based on the top-end processor is the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

The smartphone is made in a sleek design of glass panels with curved edges, around the perimeter is framed by a steel frame.

The new flagship Xiaomi Mi 6 is equipped with a 5.15-inch screen with Full HD resolution (1920X1080 pixels), dual 12-megapixel main and 8 megapixel front cameras. The smartphone has four-axis optical image stabilization, and is also available shooting video in 4K resolution.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – вредные привычкиAfter a delicious Breakfast, hearty lunch or dinner we often overcomes the desire to eat sweet dessert, a Cup of tea, or eat fresh fruit and smokers this tradition is considered to be immediately after a meal to smoke a cigarette.

The subconscious mind quietly sends us signals and hints that this cannot be done, but not knowing the true reasons of the ban, people continue day-to-day to cause serious damage to your own health, namely the digestive system.

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Bad habits prevent us from properly and thoroughly digest the food, due to which a person has excess weight and health problems: nausea, bloating, etc. Following simple tips on what not to do immediately after a meal, You will help your body to maintain health!

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – летние кроссовкиEvery self-respecting fashionista or a fashionista must have in the wardrobe at least one pair of original shoes. Ignore the fact that at the moment, athletic shoes for that season, holds the absolute leading position in popularity in the Fashion industry is simply impossible.

Well-known companies consider it their duty to make their own brand model, or the whole collection of sports shoes that will be unique in its kind and unlike any other.

Nearing the summer season and many are thinking about buying a summer Shoe. Before buying sports shoes for the warmer season, consider where You most often intend to walk in it accordingly, making a choice in favor of a classic or sports models.

In addition to the design, pay attention to the material and sole, as well as plenty of other features that will provide comfort and ease your feet in hot weather.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – топ 10Pay attention to the selection of the best apps for iOS and Android released Google Play and the App Store in the period from 10 to 16 April, including: Hyperburner, Sine Mora, secret files: Tunguska, Linia, Golf Clash, No Humanity, Tap Tap Fish, Toca Life: School, Omino and Kill Shot Virus.

Some interesting and exciting games will be relevant not only for adults but also for children 4 to 8 years. Toca School was designed to introduce young people to the school, and show how fun and interesting it can be learning process. The project belongs to the category of education and acquaints kids with the world.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – украшенияStylish jewelry is a important element to create the whole image of the outfit as the clothes. They help to emphasize the individual style and transform your appearance. Stylish rings, elegant earrings, bracelets and pendants of various shapes – those fabulous “notes” that pass around the melody of our soul, and jewelry with colored stones show the world rosy picture of our inner Universe.

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Gold and silver jewelry, and jewelry can transform a woman, making her sensations, thoughts, and gait more graceful. For many years the decorations have changed their appearance, but unlike clothes never went out of fashion, but rather over time increased its value and uniqueness. Most importantly, is the ability to choose the right accessories for a particular outfit. Everything is important: hairstyle, time of day, the color of your outfit and even face shape.

If you view the collection spring-summer 2016 and 2017, it is safe to say that designers call us to bold experiments with colors and are not afraid to combine at first glance, incongruous things. As for the decorations, it traced the same trend.

In anticipation of the warm season to make the image bright and memorable, you will help original jewelry with colorful precious or semi-precious stones.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – FacebookSoon the popular social network Facebook will make it possible to share music tracks through the app Facebook Messenger.

Specific timeframe of when it will be available new music service, not yet. We only know that the emergence of this highly anticipated feature will be possible thanks to the Facebook partnership with Apple Music.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – InstagramToday Instagram is one of the most famous social networks in the world. Maybe someone will be interested to know that currently, this service is signed by about 400 million people, and this figure is constantly growing. The popularity of this service has stepped far beyond the boundaries of the United States, and reached the most remote countries.

The main merit, through which Instagram could ensure a wide audience is the simplicity of its use.

With such an impressive army of fans, the developers of the service Instagram are constantly working hard to please its fans with the advent of new and improved features, making this service even more convenient.

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For example, the latest development not only allows you to save all your favorite posts, but to collect them in a collection in the style of Pinterest.

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Лучшие материалы за неделю или что почитать на выходных – фитнес-трекерыWellbeing, healthy and toned body is the perfect image which we want to reach if not all, many. Someone wants to shed a few extra pounds, others dream to build muscle and keep your body in good shape, and there are those who are just starting to take the first steps to a healthy lifestyle, saying goodbye to fast food and beer.

Work – hard work that requires daily effort. A huge number of sources from all sides to teach and tell how to eat, train, live, breathe, etc., to achieve the desired result. However, in the end, the expectation and reality coincide not always.

The problem is that read online or heard somewhere prescription diet or training method does not fit all and to have a positive effect in the same way. The reason is quite simple — we are all different.

For efficient work you need daily to monitor your results. This task will help us to handle the increasingly more popular fitness bracelets. With their help, You will be able to monitor their level of physical activity and analyze the indicators. Your task — to wear a fitness bracelet on the arm, and the clever little device for 24 hours will capture your achievements, sleep, as well as consumption and calorie intake.

The fitness bracelet is not just beautiful and stylish decoration on the hand. It is primarily available an opportunity for everyone to consciously get on the path to a healthy lifestyle!

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