11569 Sony Toio: robots-toys modern kids

Sony Toio: robots-toys modern kids

Sony Toio: роботы-игрушки современных детей

Sony has announced the first in a long time, robotic toy Toio, consisting of two movable cubes that can be programmed or controlled using special rings-controllers. New product is designed to inspire the next generation of engineers, and on a crowdfunding platform the company’s First Flight in Japan has opened the pre-order.

How it works

Just playing with Toio, children will discover all the new features of small robots and to invent new algorithms. This approach eliminates the boring theory and helps to develop thinking. The robotic cubes can be moved in any direction, and built-in sensors to help them “feel” each other. Paper clothes and LEGO bricks make it easy to change the appearance of toddlers. Think tank are cartridges, which are recorded in a pattern of behavior of the robots. With a set of Craft Fights, for example, is your cartridge and the playing surface battles between robots, and with the help of Life Craft kit and paper, you can create the analogues of living organisms.

Cartridges are inserted into the main module with the connected controllers in the form of rings to control the movement of robots. Toio is the result of five years of work by Japanese engineers.

The issue price

In Japan Toio will be December 1, 2017, the launch on the international market is not planned. Currently, Sony offers three sets cost from $260 to nearly $300 toy was not cheap, although it is possible to tell and about other STEM projects. In addition, programmable robots like models Ubtech and the LEGO Mindstorms sets are designed for older children. Plans to launch Toio on the world market yet.

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Sony already has experience in the field of robotic toys to 2006, the company issued to the robot-dog Aibo. Some users get so close with their Pets that suit them the funeral, when masters could no longer replace the defective parts.

Source: Sony

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