1947 Sorry, MacBook: which laptops to buy on OLX
Sorry, MacBook: which laptops to buy on OLX

Sorry, MacBook: which laptops to buy on OLX

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The most popular laptops in Ukraine according to OLX

 Buying a new laptop computer, online users often choose device Lenovo a diagonal 15-16,6 inches. Of used most popular laptops computers Asus. Such were the preferences of users in 2016, according to analysts OLX.

The specialists of the international research company International Data Corporation (IDC), at the end of 2016, the Ukrainian market of computers, including PCs and tablets increased by 17%. The main factor of growth were laptops, deliveries for the first three quarters of 2016 amounted to 447 thousand units, exceeding the same period last year to 96%.

A lively demand for laptops is confirmed by the data service ads OLX. All sold on OLX laptops in 2016 of 5.1% was new, and 94,9% — second-hand.

The winner of the rating of used laptops was the Asus with the result of the 20.3% of the total number of sales of second hand laptops in 2016. Second place goes to Acer (16,7%), the third — HP (15.8 per cent). It is followed by Lenovo (14%) and Samsung (7.7 per cent).

Among the new notebooks the first choice for Lenovo, which had 25.2% of sales. In second place — Asus (20.4 percent), and closes the three leaders again HP (14.4 per cent). Followed by Apple (11%) and Acer (9,7%).

 The most popular laptops have become models with screen sizes of 15’-15,6’. They accounted for 57.8% of transactions of sales of new laptops and for 63.2% of sales used.

61.9% of users who bought new laptops on OLX in 2016, spent the amount within 5 000 – 8 000 UAH. The absolute leaders among the used laptops have become low cost model up to 5 000 UAH. Their share is of 92.25% of the number of deals on new laptops.

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