Splitters Allocacoc bring order with rosettes

No matter how innovative you have a smartphone, a TV and a coffee machine — because they feed on electricity, which give them the outlet. The ones that never have enough and at the right time have to rush around the apartment in search of an extension cord. Or even to go shopping and look for a sensible extension cable that is long overdue to buy. But what to buy from the variety of identical strips with the outlets? Engineers and designers Allocacoc certainly as tormented before put on the market simple and convenient splitters PowerCube. With the USB inputs on the end face, remote control, quick mounting and accurate design.


Do not be scared strange names Dutch Allocacoc. It PowerCube awarded the RedDot Design Awards in 2014, and this award is very fair. The company has developed a simple and effective distributors in such a good design and ergonomics that do not need to pull adjacent the plug from the socket in the wall, and remember the name you will only interviews of interested guests. Simple, neat and really practical.

It all began with a simple PowerCube that was soon equipped with a couple of USB outputs with a current of 2.1 A for charging devices. This power cube is solves the problem of connecting the router, printer, laptop charging and fuelling test gadgets. Beveled edges and compact size make the cube in a neat element of the interior, the functionality of which does not cause any issues.


In addition to the signature cube range Allocacoc there is a compact extension cable 1.5 m, the size more like a charger for the laptop. This accessory is virtually invisible, great and perfect for the role of bedside current source for charging gadgets via two USB output current 2.1 A, plus two sockets for 220 volts. Which conveniently is supplied with side retaining feature to secure the cord onto the surface of the table or hang on the wall at their edges by a pair of screws.

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Flagship Allocacoc PowerCube combines the functionality and ergonomics of the classic cube from a convenient clamping and pressing a quick disconnection of the circuit, located on the front of the plane. At first glance — classical quality extension cable, but its main feature lies in the external mechanical button that works without batteries. The button works fine at a distance of ten meters, allowing you to remotely turn the heater on in the country, lighting bulb for photography, or even use a wireless solution for wiring a power outlet in the room.


As corny as it may sound, but the line splitters Allocacoc worthy of attention in any situation, when the house is no longer enough outlets. Or you want to increase the convenience of the workplace without the inclusion of the archaic rituals of extension cords. Accessories PowerCube from Allocacoc the output of the comfort of daily life to a new level, while remaining discreet and trouble free. And that’s what we expect from the continuation of the outlets near us.

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