9541 Spring in the house. Bright decor ideas and the transformation of their home

Spring in the house. Bright decor ideas and the transformation of their home

Spring in the house. Bright decor ideas and the transformation of their home

This spring with the April snow we will remember for a long time. Well, friends, it looks like the weather returned to normal, the street was warmer. And there was an overwhelming desire to let the spring in your home: transform it, add in a home environment, freshness, sunlight, bright colours and mood. Let’s do that!

Today we will share with you some interesting ideas of themed décor and designer secrets that can create unique spring style to your home. This article is about how to easily and inexpensively upgrade the interior and even become a little happier, so much as soul began to sing!

Весна в доме-настроение дня

Things in the cupboards were crowded, the house is dark and not very cozy, the interior is boring, as they say, without a face or without fire, and want something new, fresh… So, it’s time to change something. Moreover, the spring – time of the updates and transformations is perfect for this. Today we will refresh your personal space – their homes

The contents

  1. Attention to each room
  2. Living room
  3. Bedroom
  4. Children’s
  5. Bathroom
  6. Kitchen
  7. Balcony or loggia
  8. Front door and hallway

Attention to each room

Цветы в интерьере-фото 4Go through the house, looking in every room to transform and not to forget anything. We understand that repair with all the necessary tools is troublesome and costly. So let’s change the atmosphere by using decorative elements and techniques without investing a lot of money and effort. But if you’ve been planning to freshen up an old repair ahead. Again, spring is ideal for this. And today we are working with what we have.

Светлая гостиная-интерьерFirst of all, grasp the cleaning and get rid of junk. This is essential to free space for life. See, even to breathe! And as ease is a weekly cleaning… In General, some pluses. And this item is verified by personal experiment, when during the 100 days daily were thrown out, were given to good hands or was sold one unnecessary thing. How much space there!

Хлам-как избавиться

Get rid of junk – and it will be easier to clean. Minimalism in things is, first of all, care of the self: they are made for you, not you for them. And there is no need to store the dust, then a routine to wipe them during the next cleaning. If you wish to make to the garbage things you don’t use can be given to those who need them, or, for example, to sell

In addition, fix what is defective. It is also a concern about their own safety and the safety of his family. So, for example, dangerous loose sockets. At least, if you have the necessary tools. Just don’t forget to disconnect the network.

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Transforming the interior, to pay attention to the need, first, textiles for the house, and secondly, the lighting.

Креативные светильники-фотоLocated on the perimeter of the led backlight to visually make the ceiling higher, and an additional lamp by the bed or favorite chair will comfortably read books and magazines.

Светодиодная подсветка в интерьере-весенний интерьерThe decor is supposed to evoke associations with natural phenomena, is to be the corresponding colors.

Яркие цвета в интерьере-фотоFor example, turquoise and blue reminiscent of spring creeks and clear sky, yellow and white – sun, primroses, peach, pink and red tulips, sunrises and sunsets, well, green is grass and all the greens.

The Pantone color Institute, the main trendsetter in colour, recommends to choose a trendy hue 2017 greenery. And even smartphones today follow the fashion. Recall, the flagship P10 and P10 Plus from Huawei (video models).

Even the Greenery in the concrete jungle of cities will remind you of harmony with nature and effectively “greening” the interior.

Квартира в экостиле-детали

GREENERY-интерьер кухниGreenery goes well with other colors.

Декор камина букетом-фото

Подушки в интерьере-greenery

Greenery в интерьере-текстиль подушка фото 2Pantone offers these options:

GREENERY COLOR PAIRINGS-photoBy the way, true if you upgrade the wardrobe.

Виниловые наклейки для интерьера-пионы

Greenery-обеденная зонаStylish green carpet in the bathroom or, for example, the same curtain, a small pillow and a soft cozy blanket for cool evenings (don’t know about you, but we are still basking in sideways from the heater) and your house was, so to speak, in the trend.

Greenery в интерьере-текстиль

Greenery в интерьере-текстиль плед

Greenery в интерьере-Shower Curtain

Greenery в интерьере-текстиль коврик для ваннойGive the novelty will also help rearrange the furniture. If you do it wisely, you can expand the space.

Весенний интерьер-гостиная

Living room

Цветы в интерьере-фото 1

Цветы в интерьере-фото 3First, the proposed “refresh” of the window. No, a new place will not just refresh them with textiles. It is time to remove the thick curtains with a muslin and tie backs, dusty pelmets, replacing it is the lightest translucent curtains. And white color – a win-win.

Голубая гостиная-декорIf you love all bright like this:

Гостиная-подушкиSupport mood and style with decorative pillows.

Такие разные подушки-современный интерьер

Яркие подушки в современном интерьере-фото 2Want – with spring motifs.

Подушки с весенним настроением-ассортимент

Подушка с принтом-клеткой для птиц

Подушки-яркие птицы

Гостиная-растительные мотивы

Подушки в современном интерьере-фото 6

Подушки в современном интерьере-фото 5

Подушки в современном интерьере-фото 4

Подушки в современном интерьере-фото 2

Подушки в современном интерьере-фото 1

Подушки в современном интерьере-фото 3

Цветочный текстиль-гостиная

Диванные подушки-большой выбор

Уютный интерьер-и цветы в немAnd you can choose love theme. It is eternal.

Подушка Love is-черно-белая

Love is-подушка

Декоративные подушки-любовныеIf the interior room monochromatic, sure to add a spot of color.

Цветовое пятно-гостинаяThey can be even blinds.

Жалюзи-радугаOr, for example, yellow light, beat bouquet in the same color scheme.

Гостиная с акцентным желтым-фотоOr trendy orange chair (large selection of furniture here), which is in the interior of the support of bright tulips in orange vase and basket for all small things.

Гостиная с акцентным оранжевым-фотоThe flowers, incidentally, would be appropriate in any room. Especially in spring and especially in the living room, where it is accepted to receive visitors. Let them delight and their eyes.

Стеклянные банки как вазы-цветы в интерьереTake care of the vases. With this, you can use any glass containers, even bottles from-under perfumes.

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Букеты в интерьере-фото 1The originality of shapes and colors give the songs texture. If you want easy to make a bright colored vase.

Окрашенная ваза-что нужно фото 1

Окрашенная ваза-что нужно фото 2They are perfect to enliven a dull interior.

Окрашенные вазы для цветов-фото 4

Окрашенные вазы для цветов-фото 2

Окрашенные вазы для цветов-фотоVery interesting look of the composition in glass.

Композиции с цветами в стекле-фото 1

Необычные вазы-фото 7

Необычные вазы-фото 6

Интерьерная композиция-фотоIt doesn’t have to be flowers.

Композиции в стекле-мохBy the way, very practical. And the bouquets need to frequently change: wilted plants – not comme Il faut.

Букет-белый цвет в интерьереYou do not spend money on expensive compositions, and to confine flowering branches from your garden.

Ветки в стеклянной вазе-фотоAlways good houseplants.

Цветы в гостиной-интерьерThere are options for living rooms with little sunlight. In such cases it is recommended, for example, palm, dracaena, Myrtle.

Гостиная-живые растенияAnd yet – cacti and succulents, favorite famous interior designers.

Модный тренд-суккуленты в интерьере фото 2

Суккуленты в интерьере-фото 2These plants require minimal care and are diverse in shape and color.

Модный тренд-суккуленты в интерьереAll this allows with them to create a stunning composition.

Суккуленты в интерьере-фото 3 1Incredibly beautiful combination with the Phalaenopsis.

Суккуленты-оригинальные композиции фото 1And look at these florariumov:

Суккуленты в композициях-фото

Модный тренд-суккуленты как создать флорариум

Флорариум-как сделать

Флорариум-как создать фото 2


Мини-сад с суккулентами-идеи фото

Мини-сад с суккулентами-что понадобится



Колба-флорариумFor succulents suitable pots simple and original shapes, textures and colors.

Суккуленты-оригинальные горшкиThese plants perfectly fit into the eco-style.

Экостиль в интерьере-фото 2It is popular all over the world.

Природные мотивы в интерьере-фотоThe decor in eco-style will fit all the gifts of nature – the same branches and driftwood.

Экодекор-идеи фото

Экостиль-гостинаяThey can even make a panel lamp.

Светильник своими руками-из веток экостильVariants – many.

Экостиль-декор-композиции фото 4

Экостиль-декор-композиции фото 7


Экостиль-декор-композиции фото 6

Напольная композиция-экостиль


Занавески-спальняThis is the place where you rest, where to sleep and face the day. And it should be as comfortable as possible and not to tire the eyes. Therefore, recommended pastel colors in the interior.

Пастельные тона-палитраMake sure the room had lots of light. In the morning it’s easier to Wake up and “smart alarm clock” heaped up fitness bracelet is not required.

Солнечная спальня-фотоFor window decoration prefer bright light curtains, as an option, with floral motifs. Chiffon, tulle, organza – all approach.

Весенние мотивы-декор окнаUpdate your bed linen.

Постельное белье-вариант 1

Постельное белье-вариант 2

Постельное белье-вариант 3

Постельное белье-весенние мотивыAnd not necessarily to the flowers bloom. The strict geometry is also good.

Интерьер-строгая геометрияAnd decorative pillows, of course, don’t forget.

Спальня-декоративные подушкиAs for live plants, for the bedroom recommended tsiperus, begonia, fern, arrowroot, lemon tree and not only.

Комнатные цветы-для спальни варианты

Растения для спальни-фотоThe latter, incidentally, especially for those who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system.

Лимонное дерево-фотоLive plants help to create a special microclimate in the bedroom, like modern climate technology.

Современная климатическая техника-интерьерWe recommend you to read:

How to choose air conditioning. A brief educational program

In addition, during sleep, and adequate sleep plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle, need a clean humidified air.

Спальня-здоровый сон Увлажнитель воздуха в интерьере-фотоWe recommend you to read:

Caring for health: how to choose a humidifier.

Put on the bedside tables flowers.

Светлое постельное белье-фото

Цветы в горшках-фото 2

Цветочные композиции

Цветочные композицииIf you do not like a distinct aroma, just a vase with blossoming branches. This is a very spring-like. But if you wish to cut, use decorative.

Спальня-ветки у кроватиThe headboard can be decorated wall panels.

Настенное панно-идеи

Оригинальное настенное панно-идея декораTake care and of lighting for reading.

Игра теней-свет в спальнеNot necessary to buy new lamps. Example, you can just pull the shade and repaint the base of the old lamp.

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And there are such cute things:

Мини-сад-настольная лампа


Яркая детская-интерьер фотоThis is the place where you can not be afraid to overdo it with colors. Kids love all bright, even mottled.

Яркая детская-интерьерThe biggest challenge for children’s is to maintain order. Every parent would agree with that. Toys are usually not just a lot, a lot. So they don’t lay on the floor, provide a special basket to store them.

Хранение игрушек-детскаяTo study must be a separate area with furniture for growing children and with good lighting.

Детская комната-greeneryIf the child is small, can not do without a nightlight.

Современные светильники-весна в домеAnd of course, a humidifier is needed.

Увлажнитель воздуха для детской-бытовая техникаWe recommend you to read:

How to choose a humidifier for baby: tips caring parents.

Спальня для девочки-интерьер

Детская для девочки-фотоAnd to diversify the interior, will help funny vinyl stickers.

Декоративные виниловые наклейки-фото

Детские виниловые наклейки-фото 3

Детские виниловые наклейки-фото 2

Детские виниловые наклейки-фото


Ванная комната-весенний интерьерFirst of all, cleanliness is important – plumbing in particular. Not making repairs, it is easy to freshen the interior with new towels, bath Mat, shower curtain and accessories.

Аксессуары для ванной комнаты-фотоEven in the bathroom relevant flowers, especially if there is a window.

Горшки для цветов-ассортиментAs for romance, candles.

Свечи в интерьере-фото 1

Свечи в интерьере-фото 2


Цветущие ветки-декор кухниOn the kitchen window hang light curtains.

Кухня-современный интерьерYou can do without them, replacing those as an option, an abundance of plants.

Зеленое окно-фотоBeautiful when the greenery is decorated with working area.

Зеленая кухня-фото

Цветы в интерьере-фото 5And for the table setting, think about the plants.

Цветочные композиции

Цветочные композиции-фото 1And all sorts of pleasant trifles.

Приятные мелочи-фото 1And about the colors, of course.

Цветы в интерьере-фото 6

Весна в доме-необычные вазыBut the base is a quality tablecloth and set. A great option – with spring pattern in green and white, green yellow or any other colours. By the way, the dishes can easily “make” any interior.

Сервировка стола-столовая

Сервировка стола-современный интерьерFor comfort – patchwork. Look at these cute pillows. And I want them to land!

Печворк-подушкиVery optimistic!

Печворк-кухняGreat if can grow on the windowsill “vitamins” for the salad – right in flower pots.

Огород на подоконнике-фото 2

Огород на подоконникеAnd will have free time, decorate these pots in the same style.

Комнатные цветы в интерьере-фото 1

Экодекор цветочного горшка-идеяMini pots can be done even with plain tubes.

Композиция в бытовой технике-идеи декораAnd as you are the original songs?

Комнатные цветы-на кухне

Оригинальные цветочные горшки-из пробок

Декоративные композиции-с применением старого заварникаImagination can and when placing utensils and accessories.

Ножи в интерьере-креативные решенияThe modern interior is not complete without stylish lamps. Sometimes it is necessary to replace only them and the kitchen will be transformed.

Оригинальные светильники на кухне-фото

Столовая-пастельные тона фото 4

Столовая-пастельные тона фото 3

Столовая-пастельные тона фото 2

Столовая-пастельные тона фото 1In addition, the modern kitchen is unthinkable without home appliances. It simplifies life and makes it more delicious, as are the beautiful flowers that you can (and should!) to eat. And they trend in floral design.

Съедобный букет-фото 7

Съедобный букет-фото 6

Съедобный букет-фото 4

Съедобный букет-фото 1

Съедобный букет-фото 3

Съедобный букет-фото 2

Съедобный букет-фото 5

Съедобный букет-фото 8

Съедобный букет-фото 9

Balcony or loggia

Как обустроить лоджию или балкон-варианты и идеиOffice, play area, recreation area, dining room or storage – does not matter, what you have is a balcony or loggia: this place is also refreshing.

Как обустроить лоджию или балкон-варианты и идеи фото 2

Как обустроить лоджию или балкон-варианты и идеи фото 3Windows washed. It is clear. Pay attention to the landscaping.

Уход за цветами-фото 1

Уход за растениями в доме-фотоAnd let decisions will be bright.

Цветы на балконе-цветник

Цветы в ярких горшках-весна в домеLook spectacular vases and large composition with different plants.

Украшение дома зеленью-фото

Украшение дома зеленью-фото 2

Цветочный сад-в доме

Растения на балконе-фотоYou can add interior frameless furniture, Ottoman or a chair-pear for example. Would make a great place to read.

Пуфик на балконе-фото

Front door and hallway

Цветы для настроения-весенний букетAnd to feel the spring at the door, decorate the front door wreath. Ideas – just a million.

Декор двери-вариант 1

Декор двери-вариант 9

Декор двери-вариант 5

Декор двери-вариант 8

Декор двери-вариант 13

Декор двери-вариант 4

Декор двери-вариант 14And update mats.

Придверный коврик-в интерьереLeft to fill the house with scents of spring. For this you can use special diffusers and scented candles and essential oils. Only use one flavor or the options that are combined with each other and who you are.

Эвкалипт-живые растения в домеAnd we wish you a bright transformations and reincarnations. Share your ideas in the comments. It is very interesting!

Цветы и лепестки-фотоThank www.sugarandcharmblog.com, www.livemaster.ru, www.flowshow.ru, www.idei-dekoru.com, www.terrafiori.com, www.pinterest.com, www.dekorin.me, Netherlands Bureau for support of agribusiness and all of the sponsors for photos and creativity.

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