4580 Spring update. 10 steps towards a healthier lifestyle
Spring update. 10 steps towards a healthier lifestyle

Spring update. 10 steps towards a healthier lifestyle

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Spring update. 10 steps towards a healthier lifestyle

I lead a healthy lifestyle. Today it is so fashionable to say. However, everyone under this concept, healthy lifestyle means something different.

Some, to be in trend, able to get up early for a morning jog. Others adopt different postures at the evening yoga class and meditate for a long time. Someone else practically lives in the gym and did not come off with dieting. Just sign up for a dozen “healthy” communities in social networks. In the conversation they can always keep the theme of the HLS, but only, so to speak, in theory.

Весна-время обновленийWell, friends, it’s time to start practice – it is a real spring. And it’s the perfect time for a renewed you: a healthy, energetic and beautiful.

Здоровый образ жизни-спортWe offer you to make ten small (but important!) steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

Первый шаг-на пути к здоровому образу жизни The contents

Весеннее обновление-фото

Шаги на пути к здоровому образу жизни-

STEP 1. Get rid of bad habits

Нет вредным привычкам-курениеAnd it’s not only about alcoholism, Smoking, drug addiction, but also about other dependencies that may some do not even take into the account. So, among the harmful habits of the XXI century and excessive eating, and Coffeemania, and gambling, computer and Internet addiction, and chronic lack of sleep. Yes, it’s bad in a healthy lifestyle.

To effectively get rid of bad habits with the help of her change to another useful or at least “neutral”. For example, instead of the next – nth – cups ristretto drink juice (juicer ), instead of a cigarette – take a walk in the Park, read a few pages of an interesting book or do a series of squats.

Фреш-фотоThere is a perception that a habit, and this, according to the philosophy of Aristotle, second nature, is formed in 21 days. I agree, is debatable, but definitely worth a try. Strength to you and patience.

Как избавиться от вредных привычек

STEP 2. Pay attention to what you eat. And snacks included!

Здоровое питание-вариантыAbout proper nutrition you can talk all day long and debate: the nuances much. However, it is difficult not to agree that healthy eating begins with knowing what you eat. And not only what is on your plate, but also what enters the body outside.

Threw a cookie in his mouth with vases on the table and always in sight (as it is ignored!?), colleague were treated to candy, “unplanned” coffee with cream and dose not only caffeine, but sugar, like, to cheer up… sounds Familiar? It’s time to call it a day. Nothing good these snacks will not bring, only the extra pounds deposited on the sides and will certainly make you heavier. And the notorious lightness of body and vigor you can forget.

Many helps to control yourself, keeping a food diary. You need to record everything you ate during the day and – that a sin to conceal – of the night. You can – in a special application for your smartphone.

Дневник питания-фотоHowever, in parallel, do not forget to eliminate or at least minimize night snacks, because the stomach also needs the night to rest. That is why nutritionists and advised to eat several hours before bedtime.

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Ночные перекусы

STEP 3. Add another meal and healthy snacks

But day snacking, on the contrary, necessary and important. They drive metabolism. If you eat 1-2 times a day is bad. Not even so – very bad. You face problems with the gastrointestinal tract, but also weight gain. The fact that this diet is very difficult to control.

Simply put, it is likely that such “attacks on food” for one sitting exceeded your daily calorie consumption.

Обжорство-фотоSo if you like to spend the whole day eating nothing, and in the evening after work to “take heart” from the fridge (deserved!), boldly implement more meals, but in strictly limited portions, as well as light snacks. Not only sweets, popcorn and chips from the nearest supermarket, fruits, vegetables, nuts. That as an option. Or healthy snacks like vegetable and fruit chips. To cook them simple.

Яблочные чипсы-полезные снекиIf there are no special dryer for vegetables and fruits, you can use a microwave or perhaps oven.

Банановые чипсы-фотоOven is perhaps most convenient in this case: once it turns a lot of snacks. Finely slice the ingredients, spread on a baking sheet in a single layer so they do not touch each other. Can a little salt, season with vegetable oil, spices, Provencal herbs – all in the oven.

Овощные чипсы-как приготовить

Овощные чипсы-как приготовитьDo not forget to turn and test. Cooking time depends on the vegetables or fruits in their ripeness and juiciness, as well as features household appliances.

Овощные чипсы в духовом шкафу-процесс приготовления

Овощные чипсы-снекBy the way, you remember the notorious “Breakfast eat yourself, lunch share with a friend, a dinner give the enemy”? Some adherents of a healthy lifestyle ready to argue with it, others agree one hundred percent. We want to make sure Breakfast was and that he was not only one of coffee.

To start the day, need energy, much energy. Spoon it, for example, with cereals, that is to say with complex carbohydrates. Just less sugar, please. Morning increased sensitivity to insulin: so you want sweetie! Should treat the issue with understanding.

Завтрак-как питаться

STEP 4. Train yourself to eat consciously and slowly, not to overeat

And let every meal be aware. Zaidite don’t stress and don’t compensate for the food shortages of impressions and light. Do trogolodytes and feel the need for food. Remember that unconscious eating is one of the main causes of uncontrolled weight and problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Possible beautifully serve table (even for yourself!) use the good dishes and eat carefully, but not enough-enough – and ran, as usual, thoroughly chewing the food.

To get to conscious eating, chew as slowly as possible. There are different recommendations.

For example, chew every bite at least twenty times. Yoga in General, that not less than thirty-three. The author of the text to focus not on the account, and the pleasure of eating. Much nicer to taste than to load up on calories under systematic account. In General, SIP.

Еда перед телевизором-фото

The main reason for overeating is that the person is not concentrating on the food: along watching TV or reading the newspaper. It’s amazing how much this approach can get! Turn off the TV, put down the press – and concentrate on what and how you eat

And better to do without supplements. Twenty minutes later must come the feeling of satiety. And getting up from the table, you should feel that you are “loaded” for 70 percent, not more.

STEP 5. Try to completely eliminate from the diet of harmful products

Что есть-чтобы быть здоровымиFast food, crackers and chips, mayonnaise, refined sugar, white bread, canned food, sausages, smoked meat, carbonated beverages – we all know that it is not only delicious, but also extremely harmful.

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In General, gradually reduce their quantity in the diet, in the long term does crystallise. The body will tell you thank you.

Replace them with a variety of wholesome food. In the spring of the shops and markets are full of fresh greens and radishes. Do light salads.

Здоровая еда-салатExperts recommend daily to eat about five servings of vegetables/fruits, two to three servings of grain products, two servings of protein (cheese, fish, eggs).

Что есть-для здоровьяIf the power is balanced, you feel energized, all that stuff will literally burn in your hands. Good nutrition strengthens the immune system, promotes weight loss and General attractiveness. Beautiful trim figure, clean, elastic skin, shiny hair and white-toothed smile (don’t forget to smile) – it is also “fraught with” a healthy diet.

Весна-2017-фотоMight not be as easy as it seems. For example, the absence of sweet – the usual cookies, cakes and candies – the more the test!

Рафинированный сахар в ложке-фото

According to the recommendations of the world health organization’s daily sugar consumption should not exceed 5% of the total calories consumed. This is approximately 30 grams, which is equal to six teaspoons. Moreover, it is worth considering that sugar, like salt, is a part of many products in which you do not even suspect to find him

Sometimes you can replace sugar with honey if not allergic. But not synthetic sweeteners like saccharin, cyclamate, aspartame, Acesulfame potassium, sukrita and neotame. A good alternative to honey, stevia. Its leaves are sweeter than sugar thirty times. In addition, it is a real storehouse of health.

Стевия-заменитель сахара

STEP 6. Drink water

Пить воду-полезная привычкаWater is the Foundation of a healthy lifestyle. And it is for you – as fuel for cars: no it will not go. Moreover, water quality should be given no less attention than its quantity.

Particularly important correct drinking regime for athletes and physically active people and in hot weather.

Вода в процессе тренировок-фото

STEP 7. Spend a lot of time in the fresh air

Асана-фотоThe more the better. Even if the weather is, so to say, not very.

Энергия солнца-фото

Spring is the best time to recharge with the sun: yet such gentle, not scorching as in summer, not “neutral” in the winter. Choose from grey offices with a dead light of monitors and fluorescent bulbs, look at the sunlight and the blue sky, breathe fresh air and realize that life is beautiful. But do make sure that the spring sun is able to charge us, exhausted by the winds and frosts of homo sapiens, energy and excellent mood

Especially if the sun is shining. Half an hour on the street will help you daily allowance of vitamin D. Well, the mood will certainly improve. Tested!

Спорт и гаджеты-фотоWell, if you can actively move to fresh air, engage in sports, at least to stretch or practice yoga. Only in this case you need to distraction.

Спорт-йогаBut on a bike you can ride with friends.

Велосипедная прогулка-фотоAnd anyway, it’s a great vehicle, love that there are a lot of reasons.

Titan 29 дюймов Brabus черно-зеленый-велосипед

Black and green bike, popular model — Titan 29″ Brabus (19″)

You might prefer videos. In the warm season the parks are usually rented.

Катание на роликах-прогулкаCool option – camping. Then at least for the weekend. All you may need here.

Поход пеший-фотоWe recommend you to read: Thorough preparation for a spring: it is important to take a hike.

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STEP 8. Move more and exercise

Роль спорта в жизни-фотоAny. The fact that you like. For example, you can choose running. Morning or evening jog effectively burns calories and invigorates. Only headphones don’t forget: music is fun.

На пробежку с музыкой-здоровый образ жизниWell, if there is a fitness braceletthat can track the load and performance of the body.

Xiaomi Mi Band-фитнес-браслет расцветки

A popular and affordable fitness tracker Xiaomi Mi Band, with waterproof protection according to IP67 standard

We recommend you to read: a Comparison of five popular fitness trackers.

There are headphones with the functions of a fitness tracker. For example – the Jabra SPORT PULSE. They are used in all physical activities, not only when running.

Jabra SPORT PULSE-наушники-фитнес-трекер

Jabra SPORT PULSE-спортивные наушники и фитнес-трекер

Jabra SPORT PULSE – two in one: and cool headphones and fitness tracker

Someone more like group classes. So difficult to “atlanti” (judge for yourself).

Роль спорта в ЗОЖ-фотоSomeone who likes simulators. With the right approach they will help make the perfect body. If you have financial situation and area, you can make a mini-gym with the necessary minimum.

Мужская тренировка в тренажерном зале-фотоWe recommend you to read:


If there is an alternative, choose stairs instead of the Elevator. Her steps – and steps to the ideal figure, at least close to the ideal. Such little emphasis and priorities on the details – the stairs, not the Elevator, honey, and not sugar, the walk, and not transport, will give excellent results

It is very important to sports and any physical activity you enjoy. Otherwise, the frequency can not count.

Yes, the athletes say, they say, no pain no gain. And look at us from the posters, showing elegant biceps and sweaty exhausted face. Don’t believe them. They, of course, so: go on record, for the Olympics or something! But you – not a Pro – not necessarily to torture yourself. Regular practice fun will give much better results than those that sometimes under duress.

Спортивная девушка-фотоA large range of activities: swimming, aerobics, dance, fencing, martial arts, yoga, Pilates and much more. Can experiment and try.

For those who are always in a hurry, who have little time, a perfect interval workout. They’re the industry recovery made a splash. By the way, applies to virtually any kind of physical activity, Cycling, running, strength exercises, fitness.

For example, developed a super-efficient semiminute. But here you have to commit.

Интервальная тренировка

STEP 9. Get enough sleep

Недосып-фотоIt would seem that this is obvious. However, nowadays many people suffer from chronic lack of sleep. This, incidentally, is a very bad habit that they need to get rid of. And lack of sleep triggers overeating, it’s scientifically proven. So, as you can see, everything is interconnected – a vicious circle, which is open only you can.

Duration of night sleep should be at least 7-8 hours. And experts advise to determine how much you need sleep for good health. The easiest way to do during the long weekend or holiday. The fact that you need three days to Wake up without an alarm clock. Happy time!

Здоровый сон-ЗОЖ At the time of the experiment is to give up alcohol and coffee. You need to go to bed when you feel tired, and to record the time of sleep.

The main indicator is the feeling throughout the day. So, if you Wake up rested and refreshed, spend an active day, then, the number of hours that you sleep, the best for you. Most likely it will be 7-9 hours.


STEP 10. Control your emotions and don’t be too self-critical

Emotional health is also an important indicator of a healthy life. Obvious tip: try to avoid stress, less nervous, easier to relate to the difficulties, whenever possible, with humor.

Такие разные эмоции-фотоAnd smile more often. It suits you! It will cheer up both you and others. And the world will become more beautiful.

Улыбка-смайлIn addition, the smile and laughter strengthen immune system, lower blood pressure and young.

Улыбка-для настроения и бодрости духаIt is also worth periodically “let off steam”, to give yourself a break. So, even on a strict diet sometimes allowed himself to indulge.

Стресс-фотоFor example, professional athletes who are forced periodically to pace yourself no carb diet for drying the body, systematically violate the diet – usually once a week.

Читмил-фотоThey call it cicmil (cheat meal) and eat whatever you want. But after have the strength to keep myself under control.


Здоровый образ жизни-как начать

No permanent hanging in the HLS groups, which is full of social networks or reading of wise books will not make you healthier without practice. And only a gradual rejection of bad habits, the acquisition of new, useful, will bear fruit. You will become healthier, more energetic and more attractive, wish you that

In conclusion, wishing you strength in achieving goals, we also recommend to pay a visit to the clinic and undergo a full medical examination. This will help identify your weak areas and correct the program of a healthy lifestyle.

Медицинский осмотр-фотоFor example, you may find that your planned plan of intensive training (the same interval training in the gym) is contraindicated in your heart. Or musculoskeletal system is not ready for daily Jogging. Or, alternatively, quenching is not for you. You never know. Better make sure everything is in order, otherwise you can hurt yourself.

Закалка-фотоAnd pay a visit to a nutritionist. It will help to build a new food – right – relationship, to get in shape and become healthier.

Хочешь быть здоровым-будь имIn addition, prevention is easier treatment. It is known to all.

Well, tuckered out. Get down to business and body, in General, work on myself and become better and healthier. Let’s get together!

Здоровый образ жизни-как его начать

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