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Compare iPhone and Galaxy 8 S8!

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Brand new glass in the base of the housing. The most popular camera improved. Installed a high-tech Bionic A11 CPU, more powerful and intelligent than ever before. Wireless charging. Augmented reality that looks like something from movies about the future. Apple iPhone 8 is a good step on the road to technical perfection.

Galaxy S8 is a brand new form factor smartphone and blurs the boundaries between reality and the virtual world. The effect of full immersion thanks to the 5.8-inch display, Infinity, curved on both sides. Multitasking and virtual Home button. Ultra-fast 10-nm processor and 50% more powerful graphics chip. Camera Dual Pixel immediate focus, unsurpassed quality images even in night time and professional settings to improve your photos. Impressive reliability and no limitations in capabilities.

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Compare iPhone and Galaxy 8 S8!

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