Became known, the production cost of the iPhone X

Even before the official announcement of the iPhone X, it became known that the anniversary smartphone will be much more expensive than their predecessors. Anyone wishing to receive the first edge-to-edge smartphone from Apple should be prepared to pay at least $999 for the version with built-in storage capacity of 64 GB. Chinese resource Ichunt decided to find out how much it actually costs to manufacture the iPhone X.

Apple iPhone X

Knowing the cost of all used in the iPhone X components, the staff Ichunt calculated the production cost of the smartphone. It turned out that the real price of the iPhone X is $412,75, which is 60% less than its retail value. The most expensive component was the expected 5.8-inch OLED display manufactured by Samsung — $80. The second is NAND-memory from Toshiba: chip-on 256 GB costs $45. The cost of the latest processor A11 Bionic performed for 10-nm process technology by TSMC, is $26

Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

It is important to understand that the total value of X iPhone, like other devices, it also consists of cost of production, Assembly, transportation, packaging, the whole package, advertising, royalties, etc.


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