Be the first user of the flagship OPPO F5

Ladies and gentlemen, with the smartphone in a row stand, one-two! On 16 November, the company OPPO will present its new flagship F5, fraught with many surprises, and 4PDA team invites you to participate in testing of the first in Russia. Of course, not just in the final 10 participants in the project will receive a gift that they will not disappoint. But first I have to see the smartphone in the eye, to perform one of three jobs to write an honest opinion about the flagship OPPO F5. Intrigued? Then hurry up and see it — details are waiting for you right under the cut.

The procedure for participation in testing

Each participant will receive at the hands of the smartphone, so he must either live in Moscow or be in the city from 17 to 20 November. With this device our editors will give one of three quests: to test the camera, to understand the intricacies of proprietary firmware Color OS or during the day to use the OPPO F5 as the main smartphone. Then you will need to describe in detail his impression of the device as part of the job and to provide the text edition. When the material is published on the main page of 4PDA, each participant will receive a well-earned surprise gift from OPPO.

To participate in the project from 10 to 16 November, leave a request in this forum thread. From one user to submit only one application. Of all of the profiles of the jury, consisting of representatives of the edition 4PDA, will choose 10 people, and you are lucky enough to meet the first OPPO F5.

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Requirements for participants:

1. Account on 4PDA, registered no later than 9 November 2017.

2. The ability to competently Express their thoughts in the text.

3. Age from 18 to 40 years.

4. The presence in Moscow from 17 to 20 November.

Leave a request on the forum

What should be in the application:

1. Confirmation of willingness to participate in testing.

2. Confirmation of readiness to be in Moscow within a specified time and meet the team 4PDA by prior arrangement.

3. Specifies one of three types of testing in which you want to participate:

  • fotosmoralo smartphone;
  • features brand firmware Color OS;
  • one day with the OPPO F5.

4. The result of performing qualifying tasks on the selected type of testing — a link to the archive with photos for the first type, or text with accompanying illustrations for the second and third.

The packing job:

Fotosmoralo smartphone

You need to select multiple objects for shooting and take one photo for the main and the front camera of your device. Feel free to choose interesting camera angles — fantasy welcome. On the additional photos to show different effects like bokeh, panorama shooting and so on. For verification purposes, place it into the frame the inscription “OPPO F5”. Necessary photos can be cropped, but other processing in the photo editors are not supposed to be. Confirming the inscription to be added using photo editors is also prohibited.

Features of original firmware

The essence of the job — to tell about features daily use your smartphone for specific examples: what interesting functions are in the shell, than it is more convenient than the standard Android. If the device is installed “naked” Android, tell us he is better than other options from your point of view. You must describe at least three functions of the OS and shell. The story should be backed by relevant screenshots.

One day with the OPPO F5

As part of the job you need to show how the device copes with the daily tasks you set before him. Write a short story about how and why you use a smartphone every day. This can be communication in social networks and messengers, play various media, games, work tasks, and so on. Support the story with photos of the device during the execution of these tasks and for authentication don’t forget to put in the picture confirming the inscription “OPPO F5”. Editors can not be used.

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All work that does not meet generally accepted standards of morality and ethics may not participate in the project and will be removed by the moderators.

The company OPPO edition 4PDA good luck to everyone who decide to try your luck and apply for membership in the professional testing smartphone!



16 Nov OPPO F5 is making its debut on the Russian market. As you probably already realized, the main features of the new flagship were the capabilities of the front facing 20-megapixel camera and the convenience of everyday use. For the first time in the history of the brand to create portraits you will use artificial intelligence algorithms SelfieTune. They are able to distinguish the characteristics of each person based on scanning 200 characteristic points of the face, emphasizing their profitable or wisely hiding. The algorithms also cope with the definition and testing of appropriate lighting that’ll allow you to make more saturated images, while maintaining natural color.


With regard to the usability of the smartphone for the first time in the history of OPPO’s proprietary Color OS firmware will work on a widescreen display in Full HD+ with an aspect ratio of 2:1. What is so special about prepared developers, we will know after the presentation on 16 November and then in the process of testing the device while it remains a surprise.

Leave a request on the forum

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