10592 Strawberry is a priceless berry for health and beauty
Strawberry is a priceless berry for health and beauty

Strawberry is a priceless berry for health and beauty

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Strawberry is a priceless berry for health and beauty

The Queen of all berries – strawberry. You meet people who don’t like strawberries? I think their units. Every dacha growing the miracle berry, even a little, to kick on edge, but strawberry is at all. With the appearance of strawberries (not the one that is in the supermarket all year round and does not smell), real, aromatic, juicy, we understand – it’s finally summer.

Клубника предвестница летаApart from the fact that strawberries can be prepared very tasty dishes and drinks, preserves and jams (sure we’ll tell You about them in our reviews), she, like all the gifts of nature, has healing properties and enriches our bodies with valuable vitamins and minerals.

Клубника кладезь витаминов и минераловVitamin Ccontained in strawberries, stimulates the immune system and makes blood vessels more elastic and the skin radiant and toned.

Ellagic acid – has the ability to stop the mutation of cancer cells, suppresses tumor processes and has anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens the immune system and positively affects the blood-forming processes.

Antioxidants contained in strawberries, protect the body from premature aging and serious diseases.

Клубника и здоровье Strawberry not only has the strongest healing effects on the body, but also serves as a natural cosmetic product that helps to look better.

We have prepared for You 12 reasons for regular use of this miracle berry.

Strawberry heart

Клубника полезна для сердцаCardiovascular disease in our time — the number one killer. And to ignore them means to commit a crime against yourself and loved ones. Moreover, for the prevention of this disease is not so much necessary, just to include in your diet strawberries.

Берегите сердце – ешьте клубникуThanks contained in strawberries are ellagic acid, vitamin C and a rich supply of magnesium and potassium, strawberries plays an important role in normalize blood pressure, prevents fluid retention, improves fat metabolism and prevents the accumulation of “bad” cholesterol in the blood.

Здоровое сердцеPrepare yourself strawberry juice using the juicer and drink it three times a day for 50 ml. It is an excellent tool for the treatment of diseases of the heart, liver and tuberculosis.

Strawberry to normalize blood sugar

Клубника нормализует уровень сахара в кровиOddly enough, but this is so, despite the fact that strawberries – a sweet berry, it does not increase blood sugar.

Клубника для профилактики сахарного диабетаMoreover, the phytonutrients found in strawberries, prevent sharp spikes in blood sugar levels. Therefore, strawberry is one of the few sweet berries that are allowed to eat for diabetics, and regular consumption of 2-3 strawberries a day will reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in healthy people.

Strawberries for eyes

Ripe red berries are good not only for memory but also for vision.

Клубника для глазThe unique biochemical composition of strawberries allows not only to prevent many eye diseases leading to visual impairment, but also help treat existing illnesses, such as degeneration of the retina, cataract.

Клубника предотвращает появление многих глазных заболеванийAnd if You have a problem with dark “bags” under the eyes, the strawberries will help get rid of them. Anti-inflammatory and whitening properties of strawberries – the perfect tool to combat the circles under the eyes. Make puree of 2 strawberries and apply it for 30 minutes, and then wash.

Клубника идеальное средство в борьбе с темными «мешками» под глазамиIn addition, strawberries helps to normalize the intraocular pressure and is particularly useful for those who have trouble seeing in the dark.

Strawberries for prevention of oncological diseases

Due to the high concentration of vitamin C, ellagic acid, anthocyanin, kaemferol and other nutrients, strawberry AIDS in the prevention of cancer and even in the development of some forms of cancer.

Клубника для профилактики онкологических заболеванийThe regular consumption of strawberries lowers the risk of developing cancers, and in the case of metastasis, reduce their number and growth of tumor cells.

Strawberry to improve memory and brain function

For anybody not a secret that with age, we have memory. This is due to the natural or premature aging of the brain and nervous system.

Клубника для улучшения работы головного мозгаFortunately, due to the fact that strawberries are rich in iodine, vitamin C, potassium and other flavonoids, it helps to prolong the functional activity of the brain, allowing us as long as possible to stay sane and strong memory.

Мудрая соваStudies show that daily consumption of strawberries for 8 weeks improves short-term memory by 100%.

Strawberry for pregnant women

Клубника для будущей мамыStrawberry is a source of folic acid, which is essential in the early stages of pregnancy, when in full swing the development of the unborn child. A moderate and balanced consumption of strawberries will be very useful for the baby and for mom. Vitamin C helps the expectant mother to stay healthy, and potassium and magnesium will prevent swelling and circulation problems.

Ребенок кушает клубникуStudies show that if the diet of women during pregnancy was strawberries, the risk of developing Allergy to it, the child will be minimal.

Клубника для беременныхStrawberry slows the aging

Strawberry has anti-aging effect and slows the aging process of cells.

Клубника имеет омолаживающий эффектFew people know that vitamin C is not only important for a strong immune system, but also for the excellent condition of the skin, it plays an important role in the production of collagen — the substance that is responsible for the elasticity and firmness of the skin. And thanks to the ellagic acid effectively fights against free radicals — the main culprits of aging.

Достаточно несколько ягод клубники, что бы оставаться молодымTo slow down the aging process enough every day to eat a few strawberries in half an hour after lunch.

Маски для лица из клубникиFor women older than 40 years will also be an effective facial mask of strawberries with honey and cream (you can substitute with natural cream).

маска для лица из клубники меда и сливокA few strawberries to wipe through a grater and add 1 tablespoon of cream and teaspoon of honey. Makes a great nourishing mask. Apply the mask on face and leave on for 20 minutes, then wash with warm water.

Клубника для красивой кожиAnother simple tonic for the face – strawberry ice. Wipe the strawberries and freeze it in the ice tray.

Замороженная во льду клубникаEvery day just wipe your face with a strawberry ice, this procedure will smooth out fine wrinkles, give the skin elasticity and will return a fresh complexion.

Strawberries lightens freckles and age spots

ВеснушкиLemon juice has excellent bleaching property. For bleaching pigmented spots and freckles may not even make masks. Simply daily to wipe the skin with a cotton swab dipped in lemon juice.

Сок клубники от веснушек и пигментных пятенThe procedure should be done at least two weeks, and better until, until the end of strawberry season. If You want to get faster results, you can mix strawberry juice with lemon juice.

Сок лимона для маскиBut to use such a mixture must be done very carefully because the lemon juice may cause irritation of the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to add it gradually, starting with a couple of drops and bringing to a ratio of 1:1.

The strawberries make your teeth whiter

Take your time to go to the dentist for the hygiene of teeth whitening. Better buy strawberries.

Клубника сделает ваши зубы белееOnce again, we will help the information contained in strawberries vitamin C. Due to its high concentration, strawberries are able to disrupt dental plaque, because of which our teeth turn yellow.

Белоснежная улыбка, благодаря клубникеRecipes whitening mix a lot, we offer You the simplest of them:

— Mash 1 strawberry into a puree. Apply it on the brush like toothpaste. Peel and then rinse teeth with water.

1 pound strawberries to a puree and add 0.5 tsp. of baking soda, mix well. Ready mix, brush your teeth (better to get a new brush), rinse thoroughly with water and then brush your teeth normal toothpaste. Better to do it before bedtime and no more than once a week. Mixture while brushing swallow is not recommended. The result will not keep itself waiting long, already after the second procedure You will see that the color of your teeth has become much whiter.

Чудо ягода для зубовStrawberry effective against acne

Show me the person who has never had acne? It’s not there. And as usual, they appear at the most inopportune moment.

Прыщ выскочил! Какой ужас!Well, here again You can help strawberry. Due to the content of chlorogenic acid, strawberry has a pronounced bactericidal and antibacterial properties, and therefore, not only fights acne and pimples but also prevents them to appear again.

Компоненты для маски от прыщейWe suggest You make lotions from acne strawberry with clove oil:

Take 3-4 large strawberries, chop them in a blender, grater or a mortar till pasty mass, add 3-4 drops of essential clove oil and mix well. Weight for lotions ready. Take cotton pads and spread them strawberry-butter mass, now lotions can be applied locally, at the place of formation of pimples. Gadgets keep for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with water. To use these lotions every three days. The recommended course is 3 weeks.

Strawberries for the figure

Клубника для фигурыStrawberry is a popular berry for those who want to lose weight. It is low in calories – just 37 calories per 100 grams, which are quickly and easily burned during exercise. The strawberry prevents the accumulation of fat and contains a substance anthocyanin, which has fat-burning properties.

Клубника низкокалорийная ягодаStudies show that weight loss with a diet and regular use of strawberries 24% more than those who just kept the same diet but did not eat strawberries. So the conclusions You can do yourself.

Ешьте клубнику и худейтеStrawberry helps in the production of hormones of happiness

Клубника против депрессииDepression is one of the most common mental illnesses of our time. Everyone knows that chocolate and other sweets elevate mood, but also add those extra pounds.

And again the strawberries to the rescue, it contains the most pleasant for our body substances — endorphins, the so-called “happy hormones” that improve your mood and heighten the senses.

Клубника – гормон счастьяSo when you feel lack of energy and depression, try to eat strawberries.

For anybody not a secret that the strawberry is a delicious aphrodisiac. Who among us girls hasn’t dreamed at least once to spend a romantic evening with champagne and strawberries, the combination of which is considered to be an elixir of love.

Романтический вечерTo get the pleasure you only need 150 grams of strawberries, about 7 berries, and of course the presence of a loved one.

Клубника - вкусный афродизиакStrawberry season is like a short love story, so let’s not waste time and enjoy this love in full measure. But remember – without fanaticism, follow the words of the proverb – everything is good in moderation.

We wish You a radiant smile, good mood and of course health.

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