The “superuser” app SuperSU crossed the mark of 100 million downloads


The Android operating system since the very beginning was conceived as an open and customizable platform. This allows users to customize the interface to your liking, choose for every action the default app, and much more. But more opportunities open as root — with them the system can change everything. But is it really such a demanded feature and how many people actually use it?


After receiving superuser rights in most cases, once installed the application allows you to manage permissions and give the application root. One of the oldest and most popular of these is the SuperSU developer Chainfire. The number of installs SuperSU in Google Play has exceeded 100 million. This is a large amount even on the background more than 2 billion active Android devices worldwide.

Of course, 100 million installations of SuperSU in Google Play do not represent actual statistics. Many put this app from third party sources or on different devices. Also, now gaining popularity Magisk.


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