Existing Windows phones will not get the full Windows 10 on ARM

By the end of this year will feature the first computers based on ARM processors running full OS version Windows 10. They can run all the applications created for desktop Windows 10. Previously, Microsoft and Qualcomm spoke about the main advantages of such devices. Some users have decided that they will be able to run full Windows 10 on existing smartphones, which is now working on Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft decided to clarify the situation.

Windows 10 ARM

“The launch of Windows 10 for ARM is the possibility of obtaining experience with the PC on devices with ARM processors. They can be connected to the Internet and will have great autonomy. Thus, the PC experience is different from what we have on smartphones. For them, we have Windows 10 Mobile” — said Joe Belfiore, Microsoft Vice President responsible for Windows.

Also Joe Belfiore explained that the devices on ARM processors are fundamentally different from traditional personal computers. According to him, when creating software for the PC, it works on different configurations. With ARM processors things are different, as applications will need to adapt to each specific device. On mobile devices the operating system interacts with the so-called Board support package, making the software functions with a particular processor. Therefore, for a wide range of ARM devices is often more difficult to release updates.

Despite this, the network actively rumor has it that Microsoft is working on a new smartphone that will operate on a full version of Windows 10.

Source: windowscentral.com

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