Tablet or laptop: which is better?


Nowadays desktop computers gradually fade into the background, as most users prefer laptops and tablets. Despite the fact that this is a completely different device, in front of many people often the question arises: which one to choose?

In this article we consider the main benefits of laptops and tablets, and try to understand how radically different those devices.

Your choice is tablet, if

Планшет или ноутбук что лучше - планшет

  1. Thanks to the fairly large display and long battery life the tablet can be used as e-books.
  2. The tablet is very fast included. Pressing the power button, after a few seconds You can surf the Internet or watch your favorite movies.
  3. The tablet is very compact and light device, with which you will always be comfortable wherever You go. Despite the fact that modern laptops are every day becoming easier, all the laptops have in this respect more benefits.
  4. Due to the fact that in the tablets there is such a complex “stuffing”, as in a laptop, these devices consume much less energy. If the laptops work on average 3-4 hours, most tablets will easily work all day.
  5. Tablets are great for entertainment. They allow you to watch movies, play games, and more. Of course, no tablet will not be able to “compete” with laptops in graphics performance, but with most of the mobile gaming handle tablets. Despite the fact that the screens of many tablets are small, they quality is significantly superior to the display laptop and cause less eye strain.
  6. Travel the tablet is not only convenient due to its compact size and low weight. Many have support 3G and GPS, which will allow you to always be “online” and use the navigation.
  7. In the event of a fall the tablets are much more likely to “survive” than that of a laptop. Tablets are much easier to tolerate various physical impact, but what might happen after falling from a laptop, it is better not to introduce myself.
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Your choice — laptop, if

Планшет или ноутбук что лучше - ноутбук

  1. Perhaps the main advantage of notebooks can be the presence of a full keyboard, with which You can quickly dial or edit any text. Many modern tablets are also joining the keyboard, however, due to the compact size to get used to it quite difficult.
  2. Despite the fact that laptops are inferior in performance desktop computers, their power in comparison with the tablets is much higher, for which reason they are suitable for performing the most complex tasks. Laptops allow you to edit images, videos, music, and so on, while most of the tablets these problems can not cope.
  3. In most tablets there is no full USB port for flash drives, as well as other important connectors, and to watch any media, you need an adapter. Laptops have no such problem, as even in the simplest models, there are all necessary ports.
  4. To use the Internet browser on the laptops than on tablets, as many mobile browsers do not support Flash and other elements, causing pages to display incorrectly.
  5. If You are going to play “heavy” 3D games, it is better suited laptop. A powerful graphics card, large memory and user – friendly interface- all this in the most no Android.
  6. On the internal drive of the laptop can store much more information than in the tablet. If You like to store on the tablet a lot of pictures and videos, over time they will need to migrate to cloud storage or to external media. The laptop is the same amount of internal memory is on par with a desktop computer, so the problem of lack of space you will have.
  7. The laptop, unlike many tablets, is a completely independent device. For normal operation, it does not require additional hardware, whereas for more comfortable work on a tablet, it is necessary to connect a keyboard, additional drives, and other accessories.
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The results

In this article we tell you about the main differences between laptops and tablets. In order to avoid mistakes, the choice between these two devices make a start on their pros and cons.

If You appreciate the mobility and the modern pace of life, and plan to use your mobile device primarily for entertainment – a great choice for you will be tablet. In turn, if You are an office worker, like to play “heavy” games, or work a lot at home, buy a laptop.

Of course, it is best to have a tablet and a laptop, as these devices are completely different. If you need to choose one, think carefully for what purpose you need a device then You can easily make a choice in the right direction.

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