Tablets-transformers and hybrid laptops slow down the decline of the PC market

Held in Barcelona exhibition Mobile World Congress 2017 showedthat the usual tablets already not interesting. Consumers increasingly prefer hybrid devices that can be used as a tablet and as a laptop depending on the specific situation. Analysts from research company IDC believe that the tablets with a connected keyboard and hybrid laptops can slow the decline of the PC market until at least 2021. The experts do not hide that for the next four years, global shipments of personal computers of all form factors will decline, but that is due to the device “2 in 1” this fall will not be very rapid.

Analysts expect that by 2021, the supply of tablets-transformers will increase to 56.1 million units from 21.4 million units in 2016. Transfers of conventional laptops and workstations will remain at approximately the same level, but desktops and tablets declined by 2.8% and 6.5% respectively.


To increase sales of personal computers could support new technologies like virtual and augmented realities. What will happen with the PC market in the future, IDC analysts not undertake to predict.


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