Taiga Mobile Security: reliable protection of personal data

When a person loses a smartphone, he loses not only a loved gadget, but also valuable information that is stored in it. How to recover lost data in this case? App Taiga Mobile Security allows you to backup photos, personal correspondence and any important information and restore them on another device. In addition, the application is able to determine the location of a stolen or lost device. And even be able to take a photo of anyone who tries to unlock your lost phone.

Platform: Android

Version: 1.6.33

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.1 and above

Category: Tools

The Taiga Mobile Security app designed to run on devices that support SIM cards. It helps to find a lost or stolen gadget using special tracking tools and remote management through the personal Cabinet. A nice bonus — the application is able to restore information from a backup in the cloud. The program is developed by “Taiga systems“, which specializiruetsya on security systems for mobile devices.

Taiga Mobile Security

The application consists of four blocks: “application Analysis”, “anti-theft”, “Backup” and “Antispam” with flexible settings. Each block contains a set of tools for certain tasks.

Taiga Mobile Security

For program right Google account. Through it the user gets access to the personal account, and all transmitted information is stored at “Google Drive” encrypted. The same account you can connect multiple devices to manage them from one office.

The application is optimized for smartphones. The interface is quite comfortable even on devices with small displays. On the main screen are four icons, clicking on which the user goes to the relevant sections.

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Taiga Mobile Security

Reveals the left side menu. Here the same four sections as well as a selection of frequent questions regarding the application, license agreement and product details.

Analyzer application checks what permissions are needed by each individual program. This applies to both already installed applications, and installed. If the alarm requires information about the location of the user is suspicious, and the program will report this. And if necessary it will block the execution of such applications.

The analyzer, according to the developers, to identify so-called “Repack” applications modified by third parties. During testing, the Taiga Mobile Security dubbed “Repack” is one of the specialties of the applications included in the base software package.

According to the authors of the program, such overlays may be due to the fact that the developer can use different signatures, adding the app to IOS devices and in Google Play, and at the moment, Taiga Mobile Security is focused on the version from the market. In the future capabilities of analyzers promise to expand.

Taiga Mobile Security Taiga Mobile Security

The main purpose of the section “anti-theft” — the search for the lost device and protect data on it. If the gadget is lost or the user lost somewhere, it can, through your personal Cabinet to see the location of the device and see where it is.

If you are sure that the gadget is still stolen, it can remotely lock it, wipe all data, take pictures of the thief using any camera and even use the siren with pre-selected audio. Scream “Help! Stop thief!” to attract the attention of others.

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Taiga Mobile Security Taiga Mobile Security

However, “anti-theft” is a claim.

Positioning in the Taiga Mobile Security is lame. So in some areas the accuracy may be two kilometers.

All these features work only if your device is connected to the Internet. When the thief enters the Network, all sent commands will be executed. The developers are planning in the near future to eliminate this restriction. The program will be able to activate via SMS sent from your personal account.

“Anti-theft” is intended not only to help in tracking down the stolen gadget, but also to solve the auxiliary problem. For example, the developers recommend to activate this function on the child’s device to see its location on the map in a private office. Of course, with the above mentioned error. Similarly, you can track the movement of elderly relatives.

Function Backup saves to the cloud storage of the user’s contacts, call list and calendar entries that you can restore on any other device. It is no secret that often the loss of a smartphone or tablet is not so terrible as the loss of information which in many cases cannot be recovered.

Taiga Mobile Security

Synchronization period default is twenty-four hours, but the settings can reduce it at least to fifteen minutes.

The antispam protects the user from unwanted calls and flexible settings. Especially if you use it with a paid subscription. The numbers are added to the black list from your contact list and manually. And in the second case the owners of the paid subscription can specify either a specific room or a specific number range on the created template. This is especially useful for dealing with spammers, who often use a specific pool of numbers. And still have the ability to block all calls from unfamiliar numbers.

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Taiga Mobile Security Taiga Mobile Security

Taiga Mobile Security is free. But the function partition backup, automatic analysis of the application during installation, additional features blacklist, a photo of the attacker who tries to unlock the phone only available to owners of paid subscription.

Taiga Mobile Security — a multidimensional application. It protects the system from dangerous programs that helps to locate lost or stolen device, protect from unwanted calls. And most importantly it keeps the data then easy to restore. And for all this no need to put several different programs.


  • user-friendly interface;
  • one integrated program instead of several applications;
  • a number of features are available for free.


  • sometimes location accuracy is lame;
  • the function “anti-theft” require connection to the Internet.

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