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The SIGNATURE LG TVs: 4K HDR OLED, and the thickness of 2.57 mm

In Moscow hosted a presentation of a new ultra premium brand LG SIGNATURE. The event was held at the Museum of Russian impressionism, where he was invited the famous TV presenters, film Directors, photographers and even chefs. The main culprits in the triumph of steel OLED TV 4K HDR, high-tech washing machine TWINWash, refrigerator InstaView Door-in-Door climate and futuristic complex.



OLED-TV LG SIGNATURE W-series with a screen diagonal of 65 inches supports the format “Image on the wall.” Thanks to the panel thickness of 2.57 mm, which is attached without gaps to the wall, it seems that W7 levitated. Upward dynamics of technology-Dolby Atmos is responsible for the accurate and surround sound. TV series W7, like other OLED models of LG, displays a true black color and contrast image in the expanded color palette.



The series includes models OLED-TVs with screen sizes of 77 and 65 inches. The device is made in the corporate format “Image on glass” (Picture-on-Glass) and are ultra-thin OLED panel with a thickness of 2.57 mm in the translucent glass base and Soundbar, built-in simply the TV stand.


TV series W7 and G7


The device supports HDR Active, which displays HDR content with high brightness and picture clarity. The models support the full spectrum of HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, and HDR10 HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma). The webOS platform 3.5 LG, along with enhanced Magic Remote and new Magic Link function simplifies the process of monitoring and access to content.

“Views and landscapes always inspire me, are a perfect picture to compare with which is that the image on the TV screen LG SIGNATURE. Minimalism, fine details, gradients and surround sound immerse themselves in the film and enjoy high quality picture on the wall,” said about TV LG SIGNATURE series W Director and producer Yegor Konchalovsky.



At the presentation in Moscow also provided a washing machine LG SIGNATURE category TWINWash with two drums and two compartments that can be used in parallel and independently from each other. Showed during the event, and climate complex LG SIGNATURE that allows you to witness how the process of air purification. And thanks to the Black Filter System you can reuse the filters over 10 years without needing replacement.

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LG also showed off a refrigerator LG SIGNATURE with the function InstaView Door-in-Door, through which tinted the separation becomes transparent when you tap the surface. So you can see what’s inside without opening the door.

Source: 4pda.ru

The SIGNATURE LG TVs: 4K HDR OLED, and the thickness of 2.57 mm

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