11253 Test the new DJI drone Spark first

Test the new DJI drone Spark first

Spark protest from DJI Perche

Dovgotchkun model new drone vzhe mayzhe in Ukraine! Small, lightweight that funkcjonalny, yaky got intelektualn mode polotu, mehanna stablize the camera, Yak garanto Chudov quality of image. He neodno the new mill will uglublennim gadget Yak at Podorozh so I have pasakaina it.

Team Fly Technology zaprosu to the presentation of the Spark-de-vie independent, you can zapustite Yogo have air from SVO Dolan, protestowali polot sdet apinitis from Yogo doskonaly technonic characteristics.

Cekam you our friends that partner 07, June “TSE Hub Citrus” for adresou: m. Kyiv, vul. 29 Khreschatyk, (one on top of the store Citrus).

Ear about 19:00.

Podivitis video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74Cm1p3fr0g

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