Test samples LG V30 was confusing for users

The announcement flagship smartphone LG V30 has become one of the most important at the IFA exhibition in 2017. The apparatus is essentially a modified version of LG G6. One of the main changes has been to improve the dual camera with glass lens Crystal Clear, letting in more light, and a lens aperture of f/1,6. LG to record the value of the mobile cameras owned lenses with aperture of f/1,7. But the holders of pre-release samples of the new flagship LG suspected that she was not quite honest when he talked about the record aperture.

The network has already begun to appear sample photostaken with the LG V30. Some users chose to view the EXIF data to check what parameters were taken these pictures.

LG V30 LG V30

As seen in the screenshots, pictures were taken at a lens aperture of 1.69. When rounding we get f/1,7 that is not consistent with the statements of the company. Such examples already abound:

LG V30

At the same time on the test sample LG V30 for the European market, the aperture ratio is determined, as stated, f/1,6.

LG V30 LG V30

LG representatives were quick to clarify the situation and give an official statement. According to them, the camera of the new LG V30 really has a maximum aperture of f/1,6. Due to the fact that journalists received pre-samples of smartphones, the software accurately determines camera parameters. In the final samples, this problem will be eliminated.

Source: androidcentral.com

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