11744 The 10 best drones under 100 dollars

The 10 best drones under 100 dollars

Buy monster for 500-2000 dollars, to at the first attempt to raise it in the air to banknote it on the asphalt, hit a wall or Bang with the bird’s eye view of some stray “Zaporozhets ZAZ-968M” – expensive. But nothing expensive, but still hard to break. To learn to fly, and inexpensive to. Besides, it is always such a great measure as $ 100. We have the basis of this review cheap, under 100 dollars, drones. Of course, such a drone the habit can be broken, but the personal experience of the author showed that irreparably break the drone of this price category is quite problematic. But even if you get it, you don’t have to sell beloved “Bentley” to cover repair costs tucked on the occasion of the “Maserati” of the Deputy of the regional Council of the village of Tsybulevka Woldemar I. Shtanko, part-time Prosecutor of a neighboring village.

Choose from the variety of 10 patterns was quite hard because of interesting devices hundreds. But we tried to choose the most interesting specimens, oriented for different tasks, and has already gained recognition. Besides, I personally felt and flew them all, so that the information you have firsthand. Let us not dwell on the technology and tell the basics about the 4 channel 2.4 GHz 6-axis gyro and headless flight mode or brushless motors better collector. Our goal is to help you to choose a friend, a flier for the development of airspace for personal purposes. So you have 10 drones and 100 dollars.

Syma X5

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов

This is one of the most popular and simple training drones on the market. In 2017, this model will be three years. Although there are already a range of varieties with a price under 100 dollars, our choice fell on this machine. Classical quadcopter with a diagonal of 23 inches, brushed motors and a gear transmission. Odnobalochny battery is 3.7 volts and 500 mAh (continuous flight of about 6 minutes). The declared distance for DN 50 meters, a maximum speed of 18 km/h. This is one of the easiest to learn and the most reliable in terms of drops inexpensive quadcopters. Ideal for training in the takeoff-landing and easy maneuvering. Very stable in the air. The dynamics of the firmware would be worth to improve, to increase the speed of rotation around the axis. Has 2 speed mode. If you want you can add a camera for filming or FPV (flight first person). The basic version of the Chinese can be found for 22-23 dollars. Parts and batteries are also easy to find, which is important. Moreover, the enhanced batteries are available in 600 mAh and 1000 mAh – in the latter case, the flight time increases to 15 minutes without a hitch the type of camera. In version X5SW Explorer Wi-Fi camera for FPV flight costs about $ 53 in China.

Syma X8C

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-2

This is essentially a toy is often confused with the DJI Phantom. They are really very similar and at a distance they are easy to confuse. And that is why this model has earned our attention and recommendations. X8C has a classic mapping the diagonal of 35 centimeters, the commutator motors with gear, dvuhminutniy battery of 7.4 volts and 1800 mAh (7 minute flight), the range of DN 100 meters. He first appeared in the fall of 2014 – also already a veteran. But most importantly – perfect for those who want to learn aerovideos. The camera here is quite simple – depending on modifications from 0.3 to 2 megapixels, but at first is enough. This quadcopter is very stable in the air as for its class and is suitable as a first training apparatus for those who need “more”. The price ranges from 50 to 90 dollars.

  • Size (diagonal): 35 cm
  • Flight time: 7 minutes
  • Do range: 100 meters
  • Price: $81
  • Feature: good for the development of aerial photography
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10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-3

Just admit that this is my favorite quadrics in arbitrary categories to $ 50. Diagonal 21 inch brushed motors with gear, odnobalochny battery 3.7 volt 400 mAh (by the way, they can easily become the same Syma X5, but not Vice versa), the distance DN of about 50 meters. For reliability, it may not be better Syma X5, but on the dynamics H31 undisputed champion in this class of quadcopter. With such dynamics in this device it is possible to learn figure driving, for example, on the school Playground. Quick, nimble and very sensitive to management. After this quadcopter can safely change to racing vehicles and win the championship if not the world, the yard. The description says that it is waterproof. To put it mildly, an exaggeration, but in the rain it fly is quite possible. In General, if it was the editors choice, then the quadrics would have received from me this label. China is $ 29-32 dollars.

  • Size (diagonal): 21 cm
  • Flight time: 7 minutes
  • Do range: 50 meters
  • Price: $31
  • Feature: excellent handling and protection from water

Cheerson CX-10

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-4

If I understand correctly, it was the first micromanipulator with a diagonal of 4.5 inches – a kind of triumph managed microcharacterisation. Tiny, dynamiczny, wow, impressive and very inexpensive. The commutator motors with direct drive. Batteries 3.7 volt 100 mAh is enough for 4 minutes of flight. Distance really do about 30 meters. Quite a fully functional flying apparatus with which to practice aerobatics lying on the couch watching TV. If desired, it is possible to fasten the skewer-harpoon and carry small strawberries from the kitchen yourself right in the mouth. It was my very first quadrocopter. Many times fell on asphalt with 15 meter height. Alive and flying still. I only propellers. Easy to carry in your pocket. You can gather friends with the same mountains and make air combat “the last one will remain in the air.” Costs in China, 13-16 dollars. There are already many versions, including with the camera (expensive and impractical) and a bunch of clones. But the original this Cheerson CX-10.

JJRC H8-mini

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-5

Another tiny inexpensive veteran quadrocopters. Out of pocket (although I would have said “handheld”) kadrikov the cheapest. Was one of the first that had the button “return to home” (usually in this price range this function works bad). The diagonal of 8 inches, collector motor direct drive, odnobalochny battery 3.7 volt 150 mAh battery (up to 6 minutes of flight), the distance DN of about 25 meters. In my opinion, it’s not as handy and reliable as small Cheerson CX-10, and inferior to the classmate with 6 motors MJX X800 on the dynamics and ease of management. But this device, of course, legend quadcopters, largely due to the extremely low price – it is massively used in the world for any vozduhoudalenija entertainment. This is, perhaps, the best-selling malcomber in the world. And is suitable for the first steps in piloting. In China, costs about 14 dollars, but on sale sometimes for $ 8. Often goes as a gift to the more expensive counterparts.

  • Size (diagonal): 8 cm
  • Flight time: 6 minutes
  • Do range: 25 meters
  • Price: $14
  • Feature: the world’s best selling toy drone
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MJX X600

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-6

It is the largest device in the price category up to $ 100. It is considered that the main characteristics of hexes from kadrikov have a very conditional, and more important rather firmware. Can’t disagree with this concerning this apparatus the difference in the dynamics and controllability on the other flagship model from this manufacturer X101 I didn’t notice and recommend this hex can for those who want plenty of screws for the same money. And looks in the air very effectively. The commutator motors with reducer, a diagonal of 29 inches, dvuhminutniy batteries 7.4 volt 700 mAh (up to 8 minutes, you can buy a spare battery to 1000 mAh), the distance DN of about 70 meters. You can buy and put the camera and the camera quite pull the GoPro, but without electronic gimbal (active optical stabilizer). Most interesting to this göksu suitable remote model X800 with groupableitem remote controller can be operated with one hand, And it was my first copter, flown away and got stuck in a tree on the 8th floor because of the interference from the antennas of cellular communication. And hanging there the second summer. In China, the machine costs about 55 dollars in the base set (in shares can be found in 45 and even $ 39, which is almost free for such letice).

JJRC 1031

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-7

He Realacc H400 Halloween Skull. The quadrics can be classified as casual. That is intended for a separate event. In this case it is about Halloween (All Saints Day). Yes, we are flying the skull with “sheet”, a Ghost to terrorize and fun. In recent years, to launch the quadrocopter in the form of ghosts in General has become a fashion trend. Quadrics is built on a simple chassis with an impressive diagonal of 40 inches. The commutator motors with reducer. Dvuhminutniy battery 7.4 volt 850 mAh (up To 6 minutes of flight). Here find the spares will not be easy because of the connector. Fit or their own, or will have to change the connector. But the lift force is enough for every exercise. For example, famous cases, starting with that quadric of fireworks, which I categorically do not recommend. In General, the apparatus is not the most reliable – I had to repair it three times already, but for the sake of quadripinnata was worth the trouble. In China to buy the flying skull at any time at a price of around 50 dollars.

  • Size (diagonal): 40 cm
  • Flight time: 6 minutes
  • Do range: 50 meters
  • Price: $51
  • Feature: an indispensable toy for Halloween

Eachine E50

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-8

Of course, the Chinese would not be Chinese, if I wasn’t trying to release a “simplified” version of the successful solutions of the big players. The publication of a specialised drone selfie Zerrotech Dobby with folding beams for $ 400 would inevitably lead to the emergence of cheap alternatives. Especially after the release of the quite successful for smartphone WiFi UFO, which you can use to manage quadcopter with the phone, and even Cycling built into it a gyro. E50, as his main counterpart cheap JJRC H37, of course, cannot be called a selfie-drone – as shown, the positioning by GPS is sorely lacking, but if there is no wind, use quadrics for shooting a pleasure. It’s very good practice managing copter screen mobile devices already it is worth to buy or learn this baby. When folded its size is of 14 x 7 cm – do pocket drone. Flying diagonal – 18.5 inches. Odnobalochny battery 3.7 volt, 500 mAh, enough for 5 minutes of sulfolane. China folding pocket copter costs about $ 40 (there are discounts up to 29!).

  • Size (diagonal): 18.5 cm
  • Flight time: 5 minutes
  • Do range: 30 meters
  • Price: $37
  • Feature: folding drone
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Cheerson CX-33S

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-9

As in my opinion, the best quadcopter for the initial development of the air photofinishing. Besides the fact that this model has one of the two positioning elements and a barometer for height hold – CX-33S are still very docile in the air, has a very sensible automation for landing without the participation of the pilot and good performance on-Board camera. Yes, we are talking about top-end configuration CX-33S with camera with Radiolinja 5.8 GHz and the screen on the remote for FPV flying. But this “fully loaded” is part of our category to $ 100. And this is tricopter or hexacopter with trichopteran location kollektory engines with gear, which in itself makes the device very unusual object in the sky. A good layout and great firmware of the controller lets the CX-33 to fly without one screw – proven. And to fly the quadcopter is in a position 50 meters to the most stunning view from the top, which in the old days you had to pay monstrous money to rent a helicopter. In General, I recommend. In China CX-33S is about $ 85 to $ 100.

  • Sizes (diagonal from the rear axis to the axis of the beam): 21 cm
  • Flight time: 7 minutes
  • Do range: 80 meters
  • Price: $93
  • Feature: tricopter with good automation

WLtoys Q333-C

10 лучших дронов до 100 долларов-10

A fine example of how of the most popular and very expensive models of copter for aerial photography Chinese craftsmen are doing looks similar toy. WLtoys attended poor fans of DJI Inspire and let the drone, repeating the design of the flagship world with its famous dipping in and chassis. In this review, it’s the only drone that I fly personally, but thought it would be appropriate to include in the review due to unusual solutions. In all other respects, nothing outstanding. The commutator motors with gear, dvuhminutniy 7.4 volt battery with an impressive capacity 2000 mAh. The quadrics no worse and no better than the rest in this class. Although the air looks very wow-effectively. In China costs about $ 90.

I specifically did not include in this review the latest innovations and devices with brushless motors (and their under 100 dollars is already in availability). All are listed in the overview of the model easily accessible to order from China and to buy have been brought to the country, and the availability of spare parts and additional batteries also served as a selection criterion, since some crashes for beginners are inevitable anyway, and your flying will have from time to time to fix. But soon I promise to prepare an overview of new products, which may not be very accessible, but certainly are of interest. And not only for beginners.

  • Size (diagonal): 33 cm
  • Flight time: 8 minutes
  • Do range: 100 meters
  • Price: $91
  • Feature: a clone of the DJI Inspire

Various multi-rotor systems for entertainment, sports and making money appear daily. Every modern zdravomislashiy individual would have to learn control of the drone. It is also comme Il faut fashionable in our time, how to drive a car or to understand the varieties of wine and cheese. And one of the manifestations of this new phenomenon will be right here: June 10-11 at the art factory “Platform” – Moyo Drone Fest, which for the first time in Ukraine under the auspices of the sports leagues Rotor GP will be the stage of the world Cup drone racing (racing drone quadcopters).

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