3825 The advantages and disadvantages of xenon and halogen
The advantages and disadvantages of xenon and halogen

The advantages and disadvantages of xenon and halogen

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The advantages and disadvantages of xenon and halogen

For several decades, manufacturers have equipped their cars with halogen lamps, many car makers continue to install such lamps even now, while in recent years more and more motorists are switching to xenon.

As a not very well-versed in the issue of the difference between the xenon from halogen, we decided to write this article, which we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of first and second type lamps.

What you need to know about xenon headlights?

Преимущества и недостатки ксенона и галогена - ксенонXenon headlights are headlights that are equipped with lamps, filled with inert gas. This gas is mostly composed of xenon, hence the abbreviated name of such lamps. For ignition of gas requires high voltage, whereas in most cars it is only 12 V. in order to convert a low voltage vehicle high-voltage (about 23,000 — 25000V), using special ballasts. Without them, the working of xenon lamps is impossible.

The working principle of xenon lamps is quite simple: between two electrodes placed in the lamp, the electric arc, which gives the glow.

Ballasts are not only responsible for the operation of xenon lamps, they are also responsible for the security of the entire servo system, controlling electronics lighting.

The xenon light is different from light of a halogen. It is much more intense, and has several variants of color temperatures:

4,300 K – light with the yellowish spectrum of the illumination. So the xenon are going to do well with the highlighting of road space in bad weather;

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View detailed information and purchase the xenon color temperature 4300K.

5000K is white light, which will be equally effective in all weather and lighting modes;

View detailed information and purchase the xenon with a color temperature of 5000K.

6000 K lamp, with a bluish spectrum of light. So xenon can be used both for far and near lighting mode, however, the results of the luminous flux a bit lower.

View detailed information and purchase the xenon colour temperature of 6000K.

On the market you can find xenon bulbs and with a higher color temperature, but for some reason to apply them for road lighting is not recommended. First- because blinding the drivers in the right lane, and secondly – because of the low flux level.

Features halogen

Преимущества и недостатки ксенона и галогена - галогенThe called halogen incandescent bulbs, which consist of a glass bulb and filament. Inside the bulb is halogen gas, which prevents rapid sedimentation of the metal of the filament to the vessel wall. This is what distinguishes halogen bulbs from conventional incandescent bulbs, the period of performance which, as a rule, did not exceed 200 hours.

Halogen lamps operate from a 12 volt car network and do not require to heat the filament ballasts, however, the color temperature of these lamps is much lower.

Possible variants of color of the halogen:

2400 K (the minimum temperature colors) is a lamp with a rich yellow light, which is more suitable to highlight the road in bad weather;

3200 K (optimal color) – these lamps are different from the previous lighter glow;

4000 K is a full-bodied light that has even more white light. Halogen bulbs of this color are present in special lines of companies such as Philips and Osram.

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View detailed information and to buy halogen lamp.

Halogen vs. xenon: which is better?

Преимущества и недостатки ксенона и галогена - ксенон vs галоген

Now that we understand the distinction between the xenon lamp from halogen, let’s consider their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of xenon:

  • 1. Perhaps the main advantage of xenon is powerful luminous flux, which has a positive effect on the visibility of the roadway in bad weather and in the dark. Because of this You will be able to recognize early on the road and possible obstacles in time to react.
  • 2. Xenon bulbs are more effective for the odd fact that they do not overload the vehicle’s electrical system, while consuming minimal battery power, and provide a minimum load on the generator.
  • 3. Xenon does not irritate the eyes of the driver, even if he spent behind the wheel a lot of time. The light of xenon lamp is close to natural (if not to take into account lamp with a color temperature above 5000 K).
  • 4. Xenon lamps virtually no heat, so they can be installed in the optics, which are plastic parts. The main energy from these lamps goes into the light, and only 10% into heat.

The advantages of halogen:

  • 1. Perhaps the main advantage of halogen lamps you can call them a low price.
  • 2. For halogen lamps do not require ballasts. Bulbs are fully functional at a voltage of 12 V.
  • 3. Thanks to easy installation to replace halogen lamps in the car even the driver, with no experience in changing the bulbs.

Disadvantages of xenon:

  • 1. To operate the xenon bulbs require ballasts that are worth the extra money. Without them, the gas inside lights up.
  • 2. To use xenon it is necessary to equip the optics of the machine is automatic correction of the orientation of the luminous flux, lens and washer, as properly adjusted, the lamp in the optics can move to blind oncoming drivers.
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Disadvantages halogen:

  • 1. Low in comparison with xenon, the light level. When lighting is poor motorist quickly gets tired, which leads to lower concentration.


After reading this article, You learned what is the difference between xenon and halogen lamps, and can conclude that it is better to do: install the car kit xenon, or use improved halogen.

To do this, weigh all the pros and cons of one and the second type of lamps, and calculate all costs. Good luck on the roads!

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