11277 The authors RiME removed the protection system Denuvo of their game

The authors RiME removed the protection system Denuvo of their game

The gamers do not always have the opportunity to buy games, so many turn to pirate versions and don’t like. Special dislike users have to Denuvo. The developers, including the authors of the adventure game RiME, you know that. This week the creators of the fairy puzzle has promised to remove Denuvo immediately when the hackers hacked the game. This pirates took only 5 days, so for the RiME has released an update which removes Denuvo.

“Today we received information that there is already a patch that bypasses Denuvo, said Manager Tim Slager. – After receiving the news, we checked and confirmed the fact of burglary. So in Team Grey Box we will replace the current version of RiME of the Assembly without Denuvo. Please make sure you have the latest PC version of RiME, if the game does not update automatically”.


Players criticized the system of protection for the negative impact on performance. Baldman hacker who cracked the RiME, said that the game has become faster after the removal of protection. He explained that during the starting and loading of savegames is formed 300 thousand requests verification of originality. Every second is 10 to 30 requests a DRM that affects the smoothness of gameplay.

“After 30 minutes of the game was already 2 million triggers. In games like Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, Nier, Prey and was only 1-2 requests every couple minutes. Triggers with complex protection affect the performance not the best way,” commented hacker.

The creators of the game said that they knew about the problems with Denuvo, but the level of piracy in other games scares them and forces them to turn to complex methods of protection. With the latest update RiME will check only DRM software on Steam, only slightly affects performance. The Studio said that according to their forecasts, the Denuvo protection would have lasted at least two weeks. The team is not going to patch security system, but soon will release the first correction to the departure RiME and initialize VR.

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