The Brazilian has founded a Church in honour of the character from Overwatch

The love of the fans for the popular shooter Overwatch to a new level. Gamer from Brazil have officially registered the Church dedicated to the character of Hanzo’s. His goal, however, was not the creation of a religious cult in praise of the hero, and a demonstration of how easy it is to establish his country’s own religious organization.

Passionate fan of Overwatch and newly minted founder of the religious community name is Mateusz Magnon. He argues that the process of registering the Church in Brazil is very simplified. You only need to specify the address to attract five people to get the signature of a lawyer and pay a small fee. As Brazilian religious institutions are completely exempt from taxes, this is often used for money laundering.


Initiation into the Church Hanzo’s done by holding a match in Overwatch. If the congregation can’t afford to purchase a copy of this game, you are allowed to get baptized with shareware shooter Paladins. Interestingly, the members of the new Church it is forbidden to utter the phrase Hanzo Main — gamer slang it means the game only for Hanzo’s.


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