The Cabinet has agreed on terms of introduction of 4G networks in Ukraine

The Cabinet has agreed on terms of introduction of 4G networks in Ukraine

At the meeting of the Cabinet held on 3 July, approved the terms of introduction of 4G networks in Ukraine and agreed on the decision to sell frequencies.

As it became known, the cost of the licenses is estimated at more than 6 billion hryvnia, and the tender for the licenses will carry openly.

“The budget from the sale of licenses must obtain a significant amount. The initial cost of licenses, we propose to adopt, will be altogether 6300000000 UAH”, — said the head of the national Commission for communications regulation Alexander Zhivotovsky.

“The sale of licenses should be implemented at a reasonable price. And the only way to justify the price to conduct the sale through an open tender. Such a sale should stimulate further investments in Ukraine, and the operators who will buy a license for 4G, needs to continue to invest in the development of infrastructure,” he added.

In addition, the government is going to check complaints about the quality of the existing 3G. “We react to complaints of citizens and conduct quality control. This is happening,” says Zhivotovsky.

In turn, the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov said: “I as a citizen say to you that 3G is not working fine either in Kiev or in Kharkov, nor in the river. This means that companies that provide these services are cashing in”.

The Prime Minister proposed to undertake a study on the quality of 3G communications in Ukraine. “Let’s we go to the Commission to carry out investigation of the parameters of 3G network and to publish such data. I use 3G and I’m satisfied,” — said Vladimir Groisman.

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