12315 The Creator of Metal Gear advised the filmmaker to bring his fans
The Creator of Metal Gear advised the filmmaker to bring his fans

The Creator of Metal Gear advised the filmmaker to bring his fans

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That in Hollywood is preparing a film adaptation of Metal Gear, known to all fans of the series for quite some time. But, apparently, they get something quite different from what you expect. During E3 2017 “father” of the legendary series of technothrillers Hideo kojima spoke with the Director of the upcoming filladapt MG Jordan Here-Roberts, best known for the recent fantasy film “Kong: Skull Island”. They talked about different things: about making games audience and the variability of its opinions about the Death of ambition Stranding. In the final That Roberts asked Japanese designer Council. The fact that the visionary gaming industry advised the Director stunned the audience: kojima suggested Here-Roberts… to betray the audience.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Hideo Kojima E3 2017

“The criticism you need to listen. But how people appreciate the things you do can change over time. When we did MGS2, many blamed me for the long cut scenes and for the fact that the main character this time was Raiden. Now many people understand why I did it, and I think it was the right decision. People will grow up and eventually change their opinions in accordance with the current situation in the industry. But because I have always believed that even if there’s some hostility at the start, after 10 or 20 years it may become a classic. Things you need to keep in mind. Therefore, if you think fit, do the same thing I did — betray his audience,” these words, kojima said That-Roberts.

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Most likely, the master meant that the Director should focus exclusively on his artistic vision, and in any case not to go on about the fans. The filmmaker, in turn, said that is a fierce fan of the show, but because struggling will try not to disappoint the audience.

“For me, Metal Gear is not just a cool video game, not just a great story, says Jordan Here-Roberts. — No, Metal Gear is a work of art. So right now I have a goal to do everything in my power to ensure our film was the best adaptation possible. If we succeed, the fans and regular viewers will be able to experience all the splendor of the games, created by Hideo Kojima”.


Recall that the last part of the series of MGS, was working on Hideo kojima, carries the subtitle The Phantom Pain. The game, released in September of 2015, has received a lot of positive reviews and several awards, but many fans of the series were criticized for the ambiguous ending.

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