The creators of BioShock founded a small Studio and working on a new game

That the Studio Irrational Games, best known for System Shock 2 and BioShock games in the series, closed, was known at the beginning of 2014. Then it officially declared its founder Ken Levine. He said he wants to work on a project of a somewhat different type and to redirect their creative powers on the team of a smaller size. Only today it became known the name of this team – Ghost Story. A small Studio will deal with projects primarily focused on the story component.

“Founded by twelve former employees of Irrational Games Studio has one purpose: to make exciting projects with a focus on the story for those who love games that are put before them questions. We believe that our games will appeal to fans of BioShock. We are focused on creating a gaming experience that will offer the same intelligent gameplay, and narrative,” reads the description of the new Studio.

Ghost Story

On his debut project, little is known Ghost Story: this is a science-fiction game with RPG elements. Ken Levine stressed that the expected budget project, what was BioShock, clearly not worth it. The game is now at its early stage of development, so the official announcement will take place soon.

At the moment, the Ghost Story consists of 25 employees, with some jobs – senior designer and level designer – still open. Candidates should be knowledge of Unreal Engine 4, as well as experience in the development of first-person shooters and open world games.


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