9137 The following smart column from Amazon will be equipped with screen

The following smart column from Amazon will be equipped with screen

In 2015, Amazon introduced a smart column Echo. With its help, users are able to interact with the voice assistant, Alexa, to control “smart” house, order food, play music, purchase movie tickets and much more. Later, the company released a more compact Echo Dot and Tap. After its counterpart in the form Home released the company Google. There are also rumors that Microsoft and Apple are developing similar devices. Amazon, being the pioneer in this area, ahead of the competition and is already preparing something completely new – smart-column screen. Her images published authoritative insider Evan Blass.


New smart speaker from Amazon more like a small TV. It is equipped with a touch screen and a speaker. This will allow the user to see the display current weather information, scheduled appointments, plans, etc.


Also in the upper part you can see the camera, which means users will be able to arrange a video conference. This confirms the rumors that Amazon is planning to release a device that supports Alexa, allows you to make phone calls using an intercom system.

Some sources claim that Amazon will introduce the device later this month.

Source: theverge.com

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