10311 The freeway in downtown Seoul turned into a Botanical garden (19 photos)

The freeway in downtown Seoul turned into a Botanical garden (19 photos)

Автостраду в центре Сеула превратили в ботанический сад (19 фото)

To create something new, not necessarily to destroy something that is already interested in space. In Seoul 983 former-meter-long viaduct, intended for demolition, transformed into a recreation area with 24 000 plants of various species out of 228 species and subspecies. Now anyone can walk in the Park placed at a height of 16 metres above one of Seoul’s railway stations. A new landmark in the South Korean capital is connected by series of bridges and stairways with shops, galleries, cafes, theatres and hotels.

Walking the Botanical area of the city and is also informational. All the plants of the Korean flora are grouped in alphabetical order, and the Park is sectioned, planted with numerous representatives of different families. It is assumed that thus, at different times of the year Skygarden will make people happy riot of colors, fragrances and variety of species.

“Our project is actually a living textbook of the natural heritage of South Korea, now existing in the city centre — said winy Maas, managing partner and founder of the Dutch architectural Studio MVRDV, developing the project of reconstruction. The idea was to unite the residents with nature, while at the same time giving them the chance to enjoy magnificent views of historical Seoul station and Namdaemun gate”.

Source: archdaily.com

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