13448 The game helped the gamer to become a bodybuilder
The game helped the gamer to become a bodybuilder

The game helped the gamer to become a bodybuilder

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Video games improve will power and teach us to achieve goals, doing as many approaches as necessary. This helps gamers not only in the virtual but in the real world. Simon Miller, one of the authors of the portal Eurogamer, told how playing experience helped him become a bodybuilder. It turns out that many of the principles and mechanics of video games applicable in the case of a real “pumping”.

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Simon argues that games and bodybuilding are very similar classes. They require you incredible willpower and perseverance, and seem to an outside observer in futility. Your going to the gym Simon likened to the game series Dark Souls. Recurring exercise brought pain, both physical and moral. But he took everything as a challenge. And when strength was dwindling, he put himself in the place of the heroes of popular video games.

“I imagined that playing Metroid or any other metroidvania and how I cope with that moment when abilities seem to disappear. When Samus loses its Morpho-Ball, I equated it to my waning strength,” says Simon Miller, the author of the portal Eurogamer.

As strange as it all sounds, but it worked. Simon has achieved amazing results, and in the end, all his efforts paid off with a vengeance. Gaming principles helped him to overcome all the difficulties and not to lose heart in the most tense moments. Of course, this approach can help you to reach heights not only in bodybuilding but also in many other areas of life. Gamification clearly should not be underestimated.

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