8980 The game is not for average minds: what to watch and read for the release of Prey

The game is not for average minds: what to watch and read for the release of Prey

Before the release of a new Prey remain a matter of hours, but even such a term to some it may seem an eternity. Every year we indulge a sci-Fi Thriller, quoting favorite moments of System Shock 2, Dead Space and BioShock. How to pass the time and prepare for the visit to the space station “Talos-1”? The best variant — to arrange a viewing of the Hollywood movie, which was inspired by Arkane Studios for creating the game. But at the same time to read a book or two about space and aliens, good holidays in may allow.

The movie “total Recall” (1990)

In the new Prey the main character Morgan Yu not only ohazhivat wrench the alien parasites that have invaded the space station “Talos-1,” but trying to understand badly shattered psyche. Can we trust the memories, if you received a video message from yourself with the words: “Everything you know is a lie”? How real is reality? Is addressed and the cult action film in 1990, shot by a paranoid story of Philip K. dick “From the depths of memory”.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

From blockbuster with Arnold Schwarzenegger, fountains of blood and phrases in the spirit of “Get youhr ahss to Marss!” least expect it brain-breaking plot. Paradoxically, it is the picture Paul Verhoeven set the fashion for smart fiction ‘ 90s about the mind games and popularized in mass culture the concept of “mindfuck”. Even the Director himself didn’t know a definite answer to the question, dreamed of the hero’s “total Recall” or really saved Mars from an evil Corporation.


The novel “the times”

And since were talking about false memory and illusory nature of the world, let’s talk about Philip dick, whose work is somehow resonates with the ideas of the shooter from Arkane Studios. Favorite topics great-grandfather of cyberpunk was the destruction of reality and the disintegration of the psyche, and often characters are ordinary people in schizophrenic circumstances. An example is the dystopian “the times” the plot of which rhymes with the prologue Prey. The hero of the novel, living in the perfect American suburbs of the 50s, one finds that the world is fabricated snag. And trying, like Morgan Yu, to make a break from its sweet prison.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

Creativity dick, most likely inspired by the image of the nimble spider-like creatures called the Thriller Arkane Studios “mimik”. In the story “Colony” gelatinous extraterrestrial stuff, able to masquerade as any inorganic objects, enjoy careless astronauts. The action takes place on the planet where “no lice, no rats, no booze, no brothels”, and starts with the strangling hero of the microscope eyepieces. Mimicry in Prey also masters of camouflage: they were waiting for his portion of human flesh, turning into plates, cups, and similar small items. All the precepts of Philip K. dick: “the Highest degree of paranoia is not when all the people against you. And when any object against you”.


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The novel “Almost human”

Not what they seem and things in the novel of Clifford Simak. Like the monsters from Prey, alien invaders disguised as ordinary objects or even the mechanisms, such as a bear trap that almost landed on the doorstep of his apartment, the journalist Parker graves. Following the professional instinct, the reporter discovers that the aliens are werewolves are everywhere, and the Earth is in such danger that, frankly, too late to drink Borjomi. However, Simak gave the monsters a bonus unlike mimics, they are able to merge by a few individuals and imitate a human.


The Novel “Echopraxia”

The issue of transformation raises not only a classic of the mid-twentieth century, but also contemporary fiction. Canadian writer Peter watts also presented the aliens as specialists in the art of deception: in the novel “False blindness” monsters use features of neurophysiology people to stay out of their sight, and the “Echopraxia” paints a familiar picture. Alien — colony of cells with a common mind, which, coming into contact with anything, taking over its properties and merges with the object, like the T-1000 from “Terminator 2”. For example, so famously imitates the metal floor that he had had such a hostile substance with a knife will not scratch off.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

But watts ‘ book is not without pitfalls. If the work of dick and Simak — quite fiction, enjoyable regardless of its ideas, the “False blindness” and “Echopraxia” taste much tougher. Scientific terms are not only names, but adjectives instead get ready to savor the theory and hypotheses. But after reading you will be somehow aware of the latest discoveries in biology.


A documentary novel “the Man who mistook his wife for a hat”

Fantasy fiction, but what if the hero of the Prey, Morgan Yu was a very ordinary man and lived among us? It can’t be — believe you. Still not happen — meets-known neurologist Oliver sacks. This man is a promoter of medicine almost the doctor is a legend, whose memoir the film the Awakening with Robert De Niro and Robin Williams. The most incredible cases from his practice of Saks collected in the book “the Man who mistook his wife for a hat” — believe me, nothing is more exciting and more accessible on the topic of neuropsychology you will not find. And artistic quality of the essays is such that for the first time, they published the scientific journal, “Foreign literature”.

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Morgan Yu in the interpretation of the doctor — Professor of music, have forgotten how to distinguish people from objects and Vice versa. He thinks before him a child, and a fire hydrant. He sees the hat, but in fact there is his wife. Moreover, in other respects, hero is a completely adequate — just sax through the lens of clinical experience shows how complicated the nervous system. Broken cog in the wheel and you start to fight windmills or to fend off predatory clubs.

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The movies “Alien” and “Aliens”

You can argue about who took the most successful fiction about the horrors of outer space: Ridley Scott or James Cameron. There is no doubt in one: movies on xenomorph had a huge impact on popular culture and video games in particular. The headcrabs from Half-Life, parasites, plagas from Resident Evil 4, the Flood spores from Halo — all are descended from literatu.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

Could not resist the temptation to invent his own variation of the “ideal body” and employees of Arkane Studios. And even if extraterrestrial race of Tihonov looks like blobs of black slime in different shapes and sizes, she is a parasite on the victims is not worse than the xenomorphs themselves. And even one shabby resin “spider” is able to destroy the whole colony of earthlings. However, eat the uninvited guests of the station, “Talos-1,” not flesh of living creatures, and psychic energy.


The film “edge of tomorrow”

If the tiny mimicry Prey resemble literatow, their three-meter relatives, sneered dozens of tentacles, similar to the ugly mug from the “Faces of the future”. Moreover, in a criminally underrated masterpiece of Doug Lyman, the hero of Tom cruise, too, grapple with the space Horde, looking out of the grasping tentacles in the direction of humanity. How to call these aggressors in the film? The mimik! They, like Titanum, have a collective intelligence. According to Quentin Tarantino, “Amateurs borrow, professionals steal”.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

“Edge of tomorrow” — adrenaline Groundhog day with aliens and exoskeletons. Smart and old-fashioned blockbuster that shows middle finger conveyor franchises of the era of Michael Bay. Down with the stamps! Here is the eternal action hero Tom cruise is a coward, a wimp, and PR, and fragile Emily blunt — a fierce Valkyrie. And aliens are very different from overexposed nedogogo a La “independence Day”. The plot is about a soldier, repeatedly living the same battle hoping to turn the tide of war, perfectly captures the logic of video games. It is not surprising, because the tape is loosely based on a novel by Hiroshi Sakurazaka “All you need is kill”, inspired by the games mechanics and a quick save / quick load.


Comics “Manhattan projects”

Version Prey, humanity in the ‘ 60s, pulled rapidly to the stars — and nearly choked black goo. The threat has brought together the Soviet Union and the States, who designed an orbital sarcophagus to isolate the tar creatures. Unfortunately, flirting with alternative history for Arkane Studios is just a way to explain how to “Thalos-1” in 2032-m side by side the interiors in the art Deco and the Soviet retrofuturism. But in the comics of Jonathan Hickman, The Manhattan Projects the theme of secret co-operation of scientists of the USSR and the USA reveals more fantasy.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

In “the Manhattan projects” the great nuclear physicists of the XX century are combined to create the atomic bomb and the destruction of Hitler, and as a result save the Earth from alien invasion. Here albert Einstein wielding a chainsaw better than the hero of the “evil dead”, Yuri Gagarin shoots monsters with tentacles with a shotgun, and Robert Oppenheimer — maniac-eater with the manners of Hannibal Lecter, dreaming of galactic domination. Trash, waste, and quantum physics. Doubles from parallel universes, robots, masons, conspiracies within conspiracies — “the Manhattan projects” do not know restraint. Physics joke — aliens crying. Tears of blood.

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The Movie “The Thing” (1982)

Shape-shifting alien predator arrived from the depths of space, preys on the staff of the research station. This is the beginning of the story that precedes the events of Prey. And he’s painfully familiar to anyone who saw the horror of “the thing” 1982. Of course, the details differ: in the game we shy away from the chairs and staplers, which may be a mimic and the cult tape of John carpenter’s voracious creature copy-paste living organisms. But in both cases not so much afraid of the monster, but the atmosphere of paranoia and total distrust of the people with whom you’re isolated from the outside world.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

“Something” has managed to come out on wide screens almost simultaneously with the “blade Runner” Ridley Scott and “Alien” by Steven Spielberg. Tape carpenter’s lost in the background of two of monkey island and failed at the box office, and critics in 1982, her quarreled. But time has placed all in places: it is almost a masterpiece of kinofantastiki. And to the point. Even today, animatronic monsters and practical effects by Rob Bottin catching genuine horror, from synth modulations Ennio Morricone blows cold eternal polar night, and Kurt Russell, along with the rest of the cast is laid out so that each scene seemed to freeze the blood in your veins. Than not an occasion to revisit the timeless classics, to prepare for the horrors of the “Talos-1”?


The Film “Moon 2112”

The survivors on the space station in Prey — one, two and miscalculated, and they are about to become the prey of Tihonov or die. So in space no one can hear the cry of a Morgan Yu, going crazy from depression and loneliness. The same hopelessness and lacking in the directorial debut of the son of David Bowie. In the film by Duncan Jones (“Source code”, “Warcraft”) and no action, but there is an astronaut in the performance of Sam Rockwell, locked in a tin shell of a lunar base with a mellow version of HAL 9000.

Что посмотреть и почитать к выходу Prey

“Moon 2112” not flips the sci-Fi genre and does not try to overwhelm with special effects (filmed cheap and cheerful, ridiculous by the standards of Hollywood $5 million). Strange but captivating contrast between form, nostalgic for the cheerful fiction of the 60s and the despair inside. Angular robot, speaking with the voice of Kevin spacey offers his claw to comfort the departing from the coils of the character of Rockwell. A drama production about the life of a lonely miner on the moon, otvalivayas bows “the Odyssey”, Kubrick turns misanthropic Thriller about frustration. Ashes to ashes. “And the moon dust will cover you”, as he sang Major Tom.

The authors of the text: Vladimir Saldanha, Alexander Burov

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