The next Call of Duty may return players in the Second world

In the latter part of a popular series of military shooters Call of Duty the action takes place in the future. In last year’s Call of Duty: aerial Warfare players and is sent into outer space. Together with this network for a long time there are rumors that the series can return to the past. Moreover, the company Activision previously confirmed that the development of the new part deals with the Studio Sledgehammer Games and it will return the series to its roots. It seems that now appeared the first confirmation of this information. Videobloger channel TheFamilyVideoGamers published images of the new Call of Duty, subtitled WWII.

Call of Duty

Previously it was thought that the next part will be about the war in Vietnam. But on the published posters it is clear that the action takes place during the Second world war. This is indicated by the subtitle.

If you take into account the statement of Activision to return the series to its roots, the new leak might be real, because the first Call of Duty was devoted to the Second world war.


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