10445 The next part of Dragon Age is already in development

The next part of Dragon Age is already in development

BioWare has not officially announced a new part of Dragon Age, but its development is confirmed by one of the scriptwriters of the project. Alexis Kennedy, a year ago left Failbetter Games and became an independent writer, was hired at BioWare at the beginning of September. All this time, the project on which he worked, was kept secret. But Alexis said that he wrote the script for the next Dragon Age, and even shared some details.

Dragon Age

According to Kennedy, the events of the new part of the franchise will take place after the Trespasser, the last DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The scene will be the Empire of Tevinter, known for its Pro-magic culture. It is worth noting that Alexis Kennedy is not a key writer of the project. He works remotely and only on the individual episode, not the storyline.

Electronic Arts representatives confirmed to Polygon portal the veracity of this information. They also added that they are happy to work with such a professional like Alexis Kennedy, and will soon be ready to share new details about Dragon Age.

Source: polygon.com

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