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The rating of motor oil: expert opinion


The engine is not only the heart but also the most expensive part of it. If You want the car didn’t quit on you and served you for years, try to only use quality motor oil.

For each type of engine suits its own kind of motor oil. Some motorists prefer to pour in the oil with low cost (mostly the owners of old cars), and some do not look at the cost, and choose the product quality. Whatever it was, we must remember that trying to save money You can spend on the engine repair much more.

In this article we will try to understand what species and groups share the engine oil, how do they differ from each other, and call the most popular oils on the market.

The nuances of choice

Before you make a choice of engine oil, you must first understand how it differs from each other. Depending on composition, there are three types of motor oils: mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic.

Mineral oils are a by-product of the refining of crude oil, free of contaminants. Such oils are characterized by high viscosity and are well suited to engines with mileage of more than 100 thousand kilometers. The main disadvantage of such oils is often the frequency of their replacement. In addition, they have a relatively low operating temperature range. In turn, the main advantage of mineral oils is the low price and ease of manufacturing.

Semi-synthetic engine oil manufactured from mineral base by adding synthetic additives. The mineral component in these oils is approximately 50-70%, and synthetic, respectively, 30-50%. In its properties polysynthetic outperforms mineral oil, and the price is more affordable than synthetic, due to which this oil can be called the “Golden mean”.

Synthetic oil is produced by processing the products of primary distillation of crude oil. These oils have a good fluidity, able to work in wide temperature ranges, and maintain the initial composition in the process of operation, which greatly prolongs their life in comparison with polysynthetic or mineral oils.

Among the drivers are of the opinion that synthetic oil has a negative impact on seals and gaskets, causing leaks. This is actually a misconception, as if the seals are worn, then they will flow through any oil, regardless of base. Synthetic and things start to go a little earlier than polysynthetic or mineral water, due to its better fluidity, however, even flooding mineral oil to avoid replacing the seals will fail.

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Classification of engine oils is also associated with the temperature regime of operation, which depends on the viscosity of the oil. Engine oil viscosity directly affects the ease of cold starting and protection at high temperatures of operation. Depending on these parameters, the engine oil are divided into three groups: summer, winter and all season tires.

Summer oils have higher viscosity to ensure reliable protection of the engine during operation at high temperatures, but the launch and operation of the engine at temperatures below 0 degrees such oils is not recommended. Summer motor oil can have a different basis: mineral and synthetic.

Winter oils for engines have lower viscosity and better fluidity, easy to penetrate through the channels and ensure reliable lubrication and easy starting engine in the winter. It is important to remember that such oil does not perform its functions in the summer, when there are high temperatures. These are mostly synthetic oil.

Multigrade engine oil slightly change their viscosity depending on the temperature conditions. Currently, they are gradually wiping out the seasonal oil, as motorists no longer need to change the oil every six months. Multigrade oils can have as synthetic and semi-synthetic basis.

Classification of engine oils SAE

Classification of engine oils SAE the most popular worldwide and is associated with changes in the viscosity. Viscosity is the most important parameter of motor oil. It depends on reliable lubrication of all engine and easy start. Surely, every motorist has heard phrases such as “motor oil 10W-40” or “motor oil 5W-30”. Let’s see what these numbers mean.

Currently on the market, the most common multigrade oil, so take a closer look at the marking of this type of motor oils.

Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - классификацияThe number before the W is winter (Winter), the so-called low-temperature viscosity index of the engine oil. It shows how easily the oil flows through the channels to the friction parts of the engine at low temperatures in the winter (viscosity at -40°C). The lower the setting the better (minimum is 0).

The second number after the dash standing, summer high temperature is a parameter that indicates the oil viscosity at the operating temperature of the engine (100°C). What this parameter is, the more reliable protection of the motor is ensured at high operating temperatures. The maximum summer value of the viscosity index of the oil may be 60.

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Therefore, the designation oil 5W-40 means it’s a multigrade oil can be used in the winter to a temperature of -30 degrees, and in summer to a temperature of +35 degrees

Browse the most popular oils

TOYOTA 5W-30 Fuel Economy

Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - TOYOTA 5W-30 Fuel Economy

Engine oil for Toyota Fuel Economy was designed specifically for engines of the modern Toyota cars. This oil is suitable for motors of any type: gasoline or diesel, with a turbo or without. The name of the Toyota Fuel Economy oil it is clear that it contributes to lower fuel consumption (due to low viscosity) and also has a powerful package of cleaning additives, providing easy engine start even in extreme cold.

To see detailed information and buy engine oil TOYOTA 5W-30 Fuel Economy 5L (08880-80845).

Aral BlueTronic 10W-40

Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - Aral BlueTronic 10W-40

Motor oil Aral BlueTronic 10W-40 is suitable for gasoline and diesel engines in a wide range of vehicles. In addition to the tolerances ACEA A3/B4 and API SL/CF, motor oil Aral BlueTronic 10W-40 also meets the requirements of the brand Mercedes, VW, and Fiat. It should be noted that oil Aral BlueTronic 10W-40 is semi-synthetic and produced by Aral Synthese-Technologie, so the quality approaches a high level of synthetic oils.

View detailed info and buy motor oil Aral BlueTronic 10W-40 4L (AR-20484).


Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - Total QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY

Synthetic oil Total Quartz Energy 9000 is designed for use in modern cars with different engine types: diesel, gasoline, turbine or not, with direct fuel injection, and diesel particulate filter DPF. Any engine oil from Total Quartz 9000 line corresponds to the three basic rules: protects the engine from wear (especially during his warm-up at idle after running in the cold), ensures its long-term operation and resistance to oxidation (increased maintenance frequency), and also has good detergency and cleansing properties.

To see detailed information and buy engine oil Total QUARTZ 9000 ENERGY 5W-40, 4L (170323).

Castrol Magnatec 10W-40

Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - Castrol Magnatec 10W-40Engine oil Castrol Magnatec is designed for maximum engine protection, especially at a time when the motor is still cold, and all parts subject to wear. In semi-synthetic motor oil Castrol Magnatec are specific molecules Magnatec, which was given the name of this product. These molecules “stick” to the engine parts like magnets and stay there even after killing the motor. As a result, subsequent running of the engine, its parts do not RUB dry, and protected with a film of oil Castrol Magnatec.

View detailed info and buy motor oil Castrol Magnatec 10W-40 A3/B4 4L (R1-MAG10B4-4L).

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SHELL Helix H 10W-40

Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - SHELL Helix H 10W-40Semi-synthetic engine oil SHELL Helix H 10W-40 is produced using the unique technology of adding unique types of additives. The manufacturer assures that this oil is able to provide better motor protection than the same lubricating fluid, which can be found on the Ukrainian market. In addition, this oil gives the motor the ability to run at high speed, actively eliminating the appearance of the motor dirt and other kinds of mining.

View detailed info and buy motor oil SHELL Helix H 10W-40 4L (19124).

Aral High Tronic 5W-40

Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - Aral High Tronic 5W-40

Synthetic oil Aral High Tronic 5W-40 is designed for the most modern engines of various types. This motor oil helps save fuel and has a long lifespan, making it suitable for increased maintenance intervals. This oil complies with the many standards brand: Mercedes, BMW, Porsche. Motor oil Aral High Tronic 5W-40 has a higher alkaline number for more effective neutralization of the sulfuric acid in a poor fuel. It is important to note that synthetic oil Aral High Tronic M 5W-40 is suitable for use only in vehicles without diesel particulate filter (DPF).

View detailed info and buy motor oil Aral High Tronic 5W-40 4L (AR-20634).


Рейтинг моторных масел экспертное мнение - MAZDA ORIGINAL OIL ULTRAJapanese carmaker Mazda is testing their oil in conditions as close to real are used to test original their car engines. For this reason, lubricants of the company have the optimum quality and characteristics for best engine performance. Original Oil Ultra 5W-30 from Mazda is a synthetic engine oil of new generation, which has high thermal stability and oxidation resistance, thereby providing excellent protection of the engine. This engine oil is manufactured using the latest technology and are recommended for use in gasoline and diesel engines of passenger cars and light vans.

To see detailed information and buy engine oil MAZDA ORIGINAL OIL ULTRA 5W-30 5L (0530-05-TFE).

The results

After reading this article, You learned what is the difference between engine oil and what type are they divided into so when You come to the store, You’re already with knowledge will be able to understand in their range.

Try to pour in your car the oil that the manufacturer recommends it. Observing these recommendations, You greatly extend the operating time of the engine of your car and it will work as long as possible.

View detailed info and buy motor oil.

The rating of motor oil: expert opinion

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