7771 The record for the full passage of the new "Zelda" was 49 hours
The record for the full passage of the new “Zelda” was 49 hours

The record for the full passage of the new “Zelda” was 49 hours

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Not so long ago we wrotethat spitaleri perfectly capable of passing the new The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in less than an hour. At the moment the world record is 41 minutes. But in this case it is, of course, not a complete walkthrough, but only on completing the main storyline. To complete such a massive project as the Breath of the Wild 100% ‘ll need dozens of hours. Even Sperner.

The Legend of Zelda

For a complete walkthrough of The new The Legend of Zelda from ordinary players, takes about 100 hours. The gamer from France under the name Xalikah managed to cut that number in half – he completed the game 100% in just over 49 hours and 9 minutes, setting a world record. Sperner fulfilled all possible quests as improved health and endurance, explored every corner of the map and collected all collectibles.

How huge Breath of the Wild can be judged from the fact that the record of the passing Ocarina of Time, one of the earlier parts of the Legend of Zelda is just 4 hours and 15 minutes. But Xalikah not going to stop there and is already planning a strategy on how you can improve your own record. According to him, the new “Zelda” may pass completely in less than 40 hours.

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