The “Smart” Apple Watch will appear in theater mode

After you upgrade the operating system watch OS to version 3.2 “smart” watches Apple Watch will receive the support of the theatre mode, which allows lifting up of the wrist to turn off the sound on the clock and to deactivate the switching function of the screen.

This mode is useful for those users who do not want to disturb the audience in the theater or cinema by extraneous sounds and the glowing clock screen.

It is worth noting that if you enable theatre mode tactile notifications remain active — you can view them using the home button or pressing at the time of receipt of the notification on the watch display.

В «Умных» часах Apple Watch появится театральный режим WatchOS 3.2 also appear a set of tools for developers SiriKit, who will work in the same way as in “iPhone”. With this Toolkit, application developers for the smartwatch will be able to make services in their programs can be accessed via the voice assistant.

When watchOS 3.2 will be available to developers, and when will be released the final version of this operating system is not yet known.

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