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TheGrand: new theme for Stellio player

Stellio music player is one of the most popular audio applications for the platform Android, created in the post-Soviet space. The love of fans the player has earned a number of popular “chips”: e.g., support for “smart” hours, powerful equalizer, an opportunity to listen to tracks from the social network “Vkontakte” and cloud storage Dropbox, as well as a variety of design options available through separately installable themes. Just recently released a new theme TheGrand, which not only changes the appearance of the player, but also adds new techniques to control the tracks.

Platform: Android

Version: depend on device

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 4.0 and above

Category: Music & audio, Personalization

Stellio music audio player from the Belarusian company Stellio Team can you give examples of how to make a quality product. The player plays tracks from a variety of sources, including network, it has a powerful equalizer and intuitive interface. In addition, can be expanded through plug-ins that are installed separately. For example, setting free additional module allows you to listen to music from the social network “Vkontakte”.

And with all the abundance of features, settings and control handle even a child. No wonder the number of installations of the application has exceeded the million mark. Learn more about the capabilities of the player can be found by clicking on this link.

As you can see, the developers could easily rest on its laurels, quietly making a profit for the work already done. But not at all — very thoughtful app is constantly being improved and acquires new useful things. One of the newest amenities is an emerging theme TheGrand.

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New theme “disguises” interface in black and white and rounds the corners of the dies sections and buttons. Active elements are highlighted in the calm light grey color. Looks nice, as you can see by looking at the screenshots.


But changes affect not only appearance. The updated interface has been supplemented by the counters of listened tracks and total playback time. These counters are located in the upper part of the sidebar.


Updated and compact control panel of the player, located under the list of compositions. On it there is a progress bar and control buttons were only a pause button. This is enough, because to switch between tracks you can now swipe. Accordingly, the buttons “Forward” and “Back” were left out of work and was abolished.


So now users can update the look of your player at the same time making the office more comfortable. But some of the buyers of the new theme will receive a free Sony PlayStation 4 console Pro. More about this can be found in the group of the project “Vkontakte”.


  • sound quality;
  • intuitive interface;
  • powerful equalizer;
  • Android Wear support;


  • only for devices on Android 4.0 and above;
  • the theme is installed as a separate application.

TheGrand: new theme for Stellio player

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