12134 Tim cook confirmed Apple's plans for the development of the drone

Tim cook confirmed Apple’s plans for the development of the drone

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Tim cook confirmed Apple’s plans for the development of the drone

The head of Apple Tim cook said that in the future the company intends to create software for the unmanned vehicle. Thus he confirmed previously appeared information in the press.

According to cook, now the company is developing the operating system of new generation, which could be the first prototype of artificial intelligence and is capable of self-driving vehicles.

“We will start developing an operating system for drones for several months, however, we cannot yet speak about the exact timing of the completion of the project. Despite all the efforts until he is at an early stage. If successful, we get the analogue of the smart car, which can operate completely autonomously,” — said Tim cook in a recent press conference.

The exact date of the presentation of the project so far kept secret. It is only known that the project on creation of unmanned vehicles was named Project Titan.

Recall that, according to rumors, Apple has already started mass production of iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8.

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