6686 Tips from Hello. How to choose inflatable boat

Tips from Hello. How to choose inflatable boat

Tips from Hello. How to choose inflatable boat

Many years ago my father, an avid fisherman, had a dream – inflatable boat. With the oars. Green.

Why green? Yes, because in those days every thing, as a rule, was its color. Boats had to be green. And with oars. And if the motor, then it is “living beyond its means”.

In his view, having such a necessary things life had to move to a qualitatively new level, and all: he, I, his mother, even the cat Seeds.

The deficit is distributed in those epic times literally everything, especially on inflatable boats with oars, moved on first glance, an ordinary dream into the category of fixed ideas.

And now, after this dream through difficulties, overcoming all obstacles and winning in the end of the path of the Evil Dragon, father got possession of the standard double inflatable boat in form of a trophy. Fish in our river came the dark times.

It was a very long time. And well that those days are gone. Now to buy a inflatable boat, you can even not leaving home. Any. But the modern buyer of inflatable rubber boats is another problem: how not to get lost in all this splendor. Let’s try to understand.

Весенняя оттепель

When spring comes and it gets warmer, comes not only the holiday season – ice chilling water, gradually retreats and outdoor enthusiasts outdoors starts to get out on the water. Fishing, hunting or a simple outing into nature – in any of these situations, an inflatable boat will allow you to significantly expand the areal of their adventures.

Весенний пейзаж

Spring is a time that pushes us to new achievements and allows you to radically change your life. It helps us to rethink everything and start from scratch, but taking into account the already gained experience. This is exactly the time when the soul needs change, and new entertaining hobby that is the option that guarantees you lots of positive emotions.

The contents

Прогулка на надувной лодке всей семьейYou first need to determine the purposes for which you intend to use the boat. It may be useful in the following cases:

  1. Fishing or hunting.
  2. Water recreation the whole family, to move from shore to shore, to get to the island.
  3. Pure entertainment – to captivate a skier, inflatable attraction or simply shoot the breeze on a pond.

Of course, does not exclude the possibility that an inflatable boat can be useful for all the purposes specified above.

Использование надувной лодки для рыбалкиSecond, but not the least factor that influences the choice of vessel is the area of the intended voyage: the size of the lake or reservoir, features of the river (wide or narrow, what over), characteristic features of the Maritime coast (Bay or open coast).

Waters determines the presence or absence of waves and wind, directly from them will depend on the safety of launching. The smaller the wave, the lower the requirements for the seaworthiness of craft.

When strong wind is detected this feature, as windage. All inflatables have high windage due to the small mass, and, as a rule, its impact most significantly on the rowing vessel to move the ship with their oars against the wind even without resistance the currents and waves will be very difficult.

Для грамотного выбора важно определить район эксплуатации суднаHaving dealt with the basic provisions, you can safely proceed to the study of the characteristics of the boats and their impact on exploitation, and therefore – your choice.

What material

Many modern inflatable boats are produced or from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or chlorosulfonated polyethylene (Hypalon). The cost of PVC is much more modest and less troublesome to repair, and Hypalon extremely wear-resistant, resistant to chemicals and ultraviolet rays.

In General, we can say that for a vessel that does not involve high-intensity use, the use of PVC is justified.

Надувная лодка из ПВХThe axiom for all inflatable boats is the following statement: the denser the material, visitee, but the large size may have a design, which improves seakeeping, payload and permissible engine power.

However, the situation is such that the Speedster with impressive size will be slightly heavier and its price category will be higher.

Regardless of material and manufacturing technology, we should not forget that any container can be punctured, and the moment on the water you will be deep no matter what it’s made. The most important thing to have on Board your “Flying Dutchman” had a kit and a pump.

The same can be said about the technology of seams – they can run back to back and overlapping, to be glued or welded by means of ultrasound.

Choose between oars and motor

Надувная лодка, оснащенная и веслами и моторомFirst you need to decide what will be the driving force of your inflatable boat – paddle or motor.

Use the paddle as the lead means walk, of course, very good and thanks to this pattern of movement can be developed in sporting terms, however effective this “drive” will be only on reservoirs with small squares. However, the set of most inflatable boats equipped with oars: some models of aluminum (and therefore light), the other is wooden.

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Even if the vessel is equipped with a motor when launching, you need to “arm” at least one paddle. Also suggest to focus on the rowlocks, because of the type and characteristics of fixing the oars, for the most part, depends on comfort for paddling.

УключиныDespite the fact that walking under oars will help create a unique atmosphere for a walk on the water, unfortunately, have to admit that for large bodies of water they will be little effective – wind, waves and current will make your weekend a memorable one not in the best sense of the word, and positive emotions are guaranteed to all but the oarsman.

Physical stress such rowing enormously increase, and on the way back you can do not have enough forces. If you wish to test themselves in rowing a rapid river, start with the stroke against the current – thus, you will be able to return to the starting point. If such training you are not particularly interested in, feel free to equip your boat outboard motor.

Передвижение по реке со стремительным течением


Dimensions of inflatable boats – is another important characteristic which has impact on almost all other parameters.

When buying rowboat is important not to overdo it with its size, because you can go under oars at large, and therefore heavy, tasks quite difficult.

In the case of motor boats should focus on power indicators of the engine, if the motor is quite powerful and can “cope” even with a heavy pot, then it is better to stop a large ship.

The bigger the size of the inflatable boat, the higher its carrying capacity, seaworthiness and safety. This watercraft can accommodate more passengers, gear and provisions, the ship will be stable on the water and, as a consequence, will be more ergonomic and more comfortable during operation, helping to make each of your swims more enjoyable and relaxed.

Надувная лодка, вмещающая большое количество пассажировIt is necessary to estimate the number of people, things and provisions, which will come in handy during the voyage, the sum of their total weight – carrying capacity must not be lower than the values obtained (this applies to boats, is directly dependent on the volume side of the cylinders).

Installed factory capacity is more of a maximum permissible load, in which driving properties of the vessel remains optimal. This figure does not mean that so many people can make themselves comfortable on the boat – for example, to fish standing up comfortably no more than two fishermen in a boat of any size.

Рыбалка в положении стояOf course, large ships has its drawbacks:

  1. Higher cost (especially motor).
  2. A solid weight.
  3. Difficulties in transportation and Assembly.

Boats with a length exceeding 4 meters, most owners try not to blow off, and should be stored and transported on a special boat trailers.

So think about the conditions in which you will contain your ship. A watercraft with a length less than 3.3 meters deflated great to place in a home closet or car trunk, and inflatable vessel of up to 2.6 meters can be transported even in a backpack.

For longer boats will require more space, and store them at home will be difficult. Remember that you will need to deliver the kit to the car, and the weight of the individual components in 50-60 kg can create for you in this case some problems.

The transoms of a motor boat

As is clear from the “name” outboard motor, it needs somewhere to hang it.

Place to secure the motor on the boat is the transom is the part of the stern, on which is fixed the motor mounting. The strength and stiffness of attachment of the transom on your boat depends on engine power, which you can equip your swimming tool.

From inflatable boats there are two types of transoms:

  1. Hinged.
  2. Stationary.

Навесной транецHinged transom is a T-shaped element of wood or metal that is inserted into the grooves at the stern of the vessel and is fixed with a rope rods or couplers.

These transoms are mainly mounted on small (to 3 m) rowing boat. Of course, what about the stiffness of the mounting to the watercraft should not talk to, like power of the motor, which can be hung on a similar transom.

As a rule, it’s meant for electric motor, but the manufacturer may specify the capacity of up to 3 HP

In the harsh reality of a transom barely stand and 2 PS – due to the weak rigidity of a latch motor at high speeds will “burrow” under the ship, and there is a risk to tear out the transom, so about high speeds here cannot be and speeches. But if water conditions are favorable for the circulation of oars, of the transom and motor will be more than enough. But its full potential this design will be able to demonstrate on fishing, when trolling, when you need silence and little movement speed.

Рыбная ловля троллингомStationary transom is the most common type of transom for inflatable motor boats. In fact, his presence is the characteristic that distinguishes a motor boat from rowing. Make it the most often of wood or plastic, from time to time adding an overlay in the area of attachment of the motor.

You should pay attention to how they fixed the transom between the stern tanks of the vessel – it was on this mount “vested” the main burden for the transfer of force from the outboard engine to the watercraft.

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In principle, such a situation is rare and to break the attachment of the transom is virtually impossible, mainly, if you stick to the limits recommended by the manufacturer on the engine power, weight, and load of the boat.

Displacement and planing modes

Is close to consider in more detail such an important time, as the movement of your motorized vessel on the water. There are two modes:

  1. Displacement.
  2. Planing.

Пример 1 водоизмещающий режим

Пример 2 водоизмещающий режимDisplacement under way to understand the movement of the boat with their oars, boat, sailing, cruise liner, tanker, cruiser “Aurora” and in General any floating craft moving at relatively low speed.

The bottom of this vessel is fully immersed under the water, nose majestically cuts the water the array, equivalent to the displacement (hence, in fact, the name of the mode). The speed with this method, as a rule, is caused by the power of the motor and length of watercraft.

There is a maximum boat speed in the current mode, to overcome the mark which will not work, even with a substantial increase of engine power – it will simply go to making waves behind the stern.

On the other hand, your forces are almost always able to reach such a speed, regardless of mass or its distribution, the required motor power for all inflatable boats is small and is in the range 3 to 9 HP in accordance with the size of the vessel. In fact, speed is about 10-16 km/h. the Positive aspects of this mode are:

  1. High load capacity.
  2. Safety (harm inflatable boat and motor at this speed is hardly possible).
  3. The democratic value.
  4. Weight of the motor.

Выход на глиссированиеWalking in passerovannoy mode is somewhat different: having reached a certain speed, the hull is lifted by the pressure of the incoming water and thereby well pressure is held, the boats glide over the water, or in other words, glissirovat.

At the same time significantly decreases the water resistance and significantly improves the speed of moving. Example of planning: a flat stone Bouncing on water. Moreover, the effort needed to lift the boat higher order than the force required to maintain motion in the plane. Because of this, planing fuel costs become less.

To transition to this mode will require strong counter-pressure of the water, which will raise the ship, and the physical ability of the boat to rise above the water. The required pressure will provide a powerful outboard motor, and the ability to rise above the water – right distribution of the load and the rigidity of the hull of a watercraft.

The smaller the mass, the force required for the motor to move the vessel, below, therefore glazirovanny mode is always a compromise between speed performance and weight of transported cargo. I should say that speed can be pretty decent, say, large boats of the RIB it can reach 60 km/h.

Лодка типа RIBThe formula for calculating speed and capacity for the output of any vessel on planing quite tricky, so in most cases it is better to use the empirical method: for each horsepower of the motor falls to less than 20-25 kg mass of boat (smaller number for the keel boats, and big – bottomed).

To opt for keel or flat bottom

Now we got to this sign inflatable boats like the keel or the keel bottoms. For flat-bottomed boats is characterized by the lower resistance on the move, the dependence of the effects of wind and waves, as well as that they easily stray from the intended course, especially when the boat is in displacement mode.

Although the stability of “punt” during the stay of the above, and it rapidly goes to passirovanny mode. In addition, these boats are lower in cost, much easier and have a simplified design. In short, this is a great option for fishing in a calm pond.

Плавсредство с плоским днищемKeel boats also feature an inflatable keel.

Along the longitudinal axis of the vessel, in the center of the bottom is an extra balloon when it is inflated, the flat bottom becomes V-shaped configuration. Directly component parts of the boat is also glued so that upon inflation the body has acquired the necessary geometry.

In the end, this tub is on the order of stable management, better “cuts” of the wave and, in principle, has great seaworthiness. The cost and weight of the ship is higher than that of flat-bottomed boats.

In addition, the keel boat during the stay has a lower resistance, and its output glazirovanny mode requires a more powerful motor. As is customary, a small ship with length up to 3.5 m release as a keel, and without it, and, basically, the keel is provided on the large size boats.

Надувной киль на судне

“Take a walk” on the deck

Another important criterion is the type of deck your boats, because it will depend on the comfort of staying in it passengers. There are three types of decks:

  1. Kaneva.
  2. Solid hard.
  3. Inflatable hard.

A common variation of the deck – Slaney deck, which is a bundle of flat sheets (mats) made of waterproof plywood, lined them with soft deck of the vessel at set intervals.Stepping on this sheet, your leg is not “pogresne” 5-10 cm, as it would have happened if you stepped on a ordinary bottom of the stretched rubber.

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This option does not guarantee you a total comfort on the deck, but changes for the better, comparing with soft bottom definitely noticeable. Such ships are of modest weight characteristics and “sane” value.

The second is a deck with solid flooring. For convenient transportation it is broken down into several parts. Solid flooring is made from plywood or aluminum. Plywood is cheaper, aluminum is lighter. This type gives you good stability on the bottom, which falls.

Надувная лодка со сплошным настиломThe third type, characteristic of the boats in the highest price category, it contains all the advantages of the two previously mentioned decks, a small weight, like laneway deck, and stiffness, like the solid flooring.

This deck inflatable (airdeck) is a support of a flat cylinder (or several sections), which also is filled with air. The only difference is in the pressure – deck compartment, it’s more than in side the cylinders of the vessel.

Eventually get a relatively rigid deck that does not increase the total mass of boats 10-25 lbs. Such a vessel is much easier to carry and store deflated.

The only thing that hurts your eyes is a decent amount, however the positive aspects you will agree, have a significant advantage. Some people, particularly fishermen and hunters, dreaming that this deck is easy to pierce miss her any sharp object.

But it is worth considering that the whole boat is inflatable, and therefore vulnerable, therefore, if the great want, you can poke and on-Board tank. For peace of mind especially frugal owners trail rubber car mats.

Палуба Аirdeck

What is RIB-boats and what they eat

At the moment gaining momentum, “semi-rigid” type of vessel called RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), which means “rigid inflatable boat”. It boats with a hard deck, one piece bottom, but with inflatable sides. Their advantages include:

  1. Hard structure keeled hull.
  2. A solid deck.
  3. Seat.
  4. The possibility of installation on the deck steering console with a remote control motor.
  5. Stationary fuel tank.

Simply put, it is a real boat with rigid hull, but with less weight and higher payload, besides its almost impossible “to sink”. The price of this vessel has found its niche between expensive inflatable boats and hard boats entirely.

RIB-катер в действииSeaworthiness RIB was appreciated by military, rescue and water police – the majority of small vessels, which have the above-mentioned formations, belong to this class.

Everything else, such boats are ideal for family holidays, because they are very ergonomic and navigational obstacles. The most optimal operating conditions on the sea front, as opposed to large boats made of plastic or aluminum, RIB is no problem to pull ashore in a storm or at night time, and to cope with the surf will allow a powerful motor.

This craft is characterized by the specific appearance: it is an inflatable boat with a frame and a fastidious buyer it can be daunting. To keep the ship either directly on water or on a boat trailer because the procedure of mounting it takes too much time.

The boat usually never dismantled to component parts that would allow you to store it with the same comfort as an ordinary inflatable boat.

RIB-лодка, расположенная на лодочном прицепеConclusion

Noting the key parameters of the boat, you will only have to ensure that its equipment meets your needs. Insignificant at first sight details can significantly affect the ease in use of the vessel.

These little things, for example, include the provision of arms to carry the boats. After all, not very nice after purchase will reveal that your inflated and assembled vessel weighing 30-50 kg are not something to raise in order to get it into the water.

A feature of the oarlocks, and positioning of the oars are also rather important criterion in the boat with small paddles that hang out under your feet, will turn into a serious liability.

Besides, it is worth to focus on the number of seats. Some of the boats designed for 2-3 passengers, a bench in the core set is only one, and the second you can get as a separate option.

This includes such things as soft seat covers, snap-on bags for gear and stuff. Sit on a hard surface more than one hour you are unlikely to succeed, so it is better to buy soft lining.

Тюнинг надувной лодкиBesides, it will be a drain hole for water in the aft. Water in any case will be in a swimming facility when landing or bathing, from the rolling waves and during operation of the motor. The presence of holes will allow you to get rid of the water, tilting the ship – a seemingly small detail, but sometimes it helps a lot.

In summing up it is worth noting that the model boat is something out of science fiction, each boat shows its advantages in certain circumstances.

If you are going to fish alone on a quiet pond, then give preference to small inflatable rowing boat with floorboards.

If you are planning to travel with family (3 people) to nature, then the ship length 3.5 m with a solid deck to help you, but for the company, consisting of 5-6 passengers will be better buying a large-size vessels. Universal is a vessel with a length of 3.5 m with glued transom, keeled bottom and a solid deck made of aluminum.

Рыбалка в одиночку на тихом прудуSo, the boat should be chosen, starting from the conditions in which you plan to use it regularly. Change the environment and you are likely to wish to buy another ship.

For any application there is a certain average set of ideal characteristics of a watercraft. Based on current recommendations, the risk of error when choosing is minimized, and the use of water acquired vessel will be very long to give you pleasure.

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