10988 To be healthy without the help of doctors gadgets to help

To be healthy without the help of doctors gadgets to help

When was the last time you measured the pressure outside the medical institutions? It’s hard to remember? Meanwhile, the control of the pressure is the key to good health for years to come. In systematic observation need all family members: parents, grandparents, and even you, despite the fact that the young, and the pressure – even in space send. The question is: with the mechanical tonometer is quite difficult to handle, while a value of automatic analogs and normal pressure can “jump”. Recently appeared on the market available tonometer from Koogeekthat readers 4PDA can purchase using the discount coupon in the amount of 1 800 rubles.

Buy discount BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

The tonometer from Koogeek is the optimal solution for the whole family. Judge for yourself, the gadget can fit in memory measurements records up to 16 people. All received data can be stored in the cloud Koogeek and send to your doctor. Device hand, not the wrist, with a measurement accuracy of +- 3 mm. Hg. article, He received a chip from Texas Instruments the system-on-chip CC2541. Tonometer supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, compatible with devices running Android and iOS. On the wide LCD screen displays all the necessary information, and to measure the pressure in just one click. BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor equipped with built-in rechargeable battery and a microUSB port.

BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Koogeek the company has long established itself on the market. Manufacturer specializiruetsya on the development of various smart devices for health monitoring at home. New BP2 blood pressure monitor Arm Blood Pressure Monitor simple and easy to use, and most importantly – has a high measurement accuracy. Due to the possibility of synchronization with a smartphone, all data will be recorded, so if necessary, you can track the slightest changes in a week or a month.

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BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Affordable and convenient blood pressure monitor BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor can be ordered with discount. Using the code TTKSBPon buying a useful gadget you can save 1 800 rubles, but a limited offer.

Buy discount BP2 Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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