To buy a PlayStation 4 in 2017: to find cheaper and not lohanutsya

Suppose you decided to buy a game console. For example, the PlayStation 4 is the most obvious option currently available. But it turns out that the famous axiom “I bought the console and don’t care” doesn’t work anymore. Models lot, of nuances — and even more. Enough 500 gigabytes of memory, what games and services are available, is it not better to get the Pro-version? As an ordinary gamer to understand what he needs, not by reading hundreds of pages of forums? To this end, we have prepared for you a succinct guide to buying a PS4: no lyrics — just the facts, figures and specific cases of use.

The input data

The PlayStation 4 was announced in February 2013 at the PlayStation Meeting — a special conference, where Sony had presented a PS2, PS3 and PS Vita. Although the console itself and not shown (this happened at E3), the audience appreciated the look of the new DualShock a number of breakthrough functions: in particular, the Share button.

Купить PlayStation 4 в 2017-м

PS4 is a universal game console that apart from running games supports a variety of services, browse the Internet, stream, turns the Blu-Ray and includes MP3. Despite the positioning of the consoles as a gaming device the PS4 is exactly the same mediacompany, as the Xbox One, which is still to sales called “unified computer”. Probably, the developers of PS3 games, nemacaulis with the alien architecture of the console, convinced Sony this time not to split hairs, and the result was, indeed, the wave itself “PK-shaped” console.

Eight-core AMD 1.6 GHz, the GPU power of 1.84 teraflops, 8 GB RAM GDDR 5 (of which, however, are available for games 4.5 to 5.5 gigabytes — there is a complex system of “floating” additional memory). After a big firmware update PS4 was to play HDR — of course, only on an HDR TV. Despite the formal technical superiority over Xbox One, PS4 does not know how to twist a trendy 4K resolution in any form. For this is Pro PS4.

Купить PlayStation 4 в 2017-м

However, despite the existence of “Proshka”, the regular version is more than relevant: Sony invests a lot of effort and money to support their offspring. Out fresh games scheduled powerful exclusives: in particular, the new God of War or Detroit: Become Human from the creators of Heavy Rain. To predict, how long the PS4 will last at the peak of popularity, quite difficult, but now there are no preconditions to ensure that in the next two or three years something will change dramatically. And then there is no reason to fear that Sony “throw” their customers. Not this decade for sure.

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What games and what version

Of course, the main value of the device from Sony’s library of games. In 2015, the number of projects for consoles exceeded five hundred, and since then only growing with each passing month. Despite the withdrawal of publishers from the policy “to make exclusives to sell their console”, the winner of the PS4 will receive access to a variety of titles that are not on other platforms: Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, Horizon Zero Down, Bloodborne. The Japanese Persona 5 and Yakuza 0 is on PS3, but on PS4 they look clearly better. Overall, the line “ekzov” designed for the widest possible audience: for fans of challenging JRPG, and for those who want to watch an interactive movie, and for masochists, Dark Souls fanateyuschie. Backwards compatibility the PS4, no, but the continuity enforced — are re-mastering the famous last projects. When at last E3 announced the re-release of the great Shadow of the Colossus, the Internet cried.

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In retail, the PS4 will cost 18000-25000 thousand rubles (depending on the configuration and color), but you can ask the price abroad — will be about a third cheaper. Or try your luck on the secondary market. There console still lost in the ocean of inexpensive Xbox 360 and PS3, but of his generation sought after. If you decide to buy the console with it, consider some of the details. Be sure to view code revisions, it is written on the back of the camera — CUH-CUH 1008 to-2008. Significant differences: CUH-2008 — this is a Slim version. It is thinner, less noise, gamepad buttons dull, and the “wrapper” sticks stronger. If you want to “plump” looking for a revision CUH-1200. She has the matte cover (the first version is glossy, and it is terribly scratched), and annoying touch buttons are replaced by physical. Plus less likely to get into some kind of structural error. Before buying, always test the console (option “blind in the subway” is not an option) and ask what is the hard drive.

If “beugnot” of the device you are sickened by, tune in a Slim version — the chances of a classic version is still there, but small. Nothing wrong: “slimka” for its own good. As has been said, it “lost” about 40%, is much quieter and consumes 44% less power. On top there is a beautiful (or annoying, as anyone) led strips, but there is a stripe on touch Pade controller. The only drawback is the missing connector S/PDIF audio output. Total all audits rule: memory — minimum 1 terabyte, otherwise you’ll have to regularly clean the collection and delete games from the HDD to install a new one.

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Купить PlayStation 4 в 2017-м

Before you buy consoles is to realize that the game is one of the Central articles of consumption. After the mess with the course and a variety of “tax on Google” the cost of fresh Heath rose to 3800-4400 rubles. Save discounts, sales, secondary market, exchange and other great achievements of mankind. To save quite realistic — for example, sell the discs or wait until the price on any FIFA 17 will lose weight by 30-50%. Not spend money on games will not work: with emulators of old consoles on PS4 it’s very complicated and massively to flash the console pirates never learned.



Modern technology not be called reliable, but problems with the PS4 now is almost there. Most adventure console, like many of her colleagues, experienced at the start. The first “lucky ones” who bought the PS4, collided with a Blue Fire of Death — the led glowed blue, and the image on the screen was not. The problem was either resolved by replacing hard drive or power supply, or not solved at all. Sony itself said that marriage has faced no more than a percentage of buyers, however “blue death” broke out and later. It turned out that if you disconnect the PS4 during the update, the console may go on indefinite leave, and to return it to working condition, you need to change half of the components, including the motherboard. However, this is rather terrible things of the past — about some of the global problems of the late audits are not heard.


Not only games

It is no secret that all sorts of additional gadgets may no worse to sell a product. And in this respect, PS4 to brag about nothing special: Yes, there are tons of media services (in Russia, however, almost inaccessible), but standing accessories. The first version of the PlayStation Camera died plainly without being born, the second — with the release of PS VR looks interesting, but really useful, it will not name. About the virtual reality helmet so far: games a little, is expensive. But the situation may change very soon: announced a VR version of Skyrim and DOOM, and maybe to join them in Fallout 4 yet, the game is declared only for the HTC Vive.

Купить PlayStation 4 в 2017-м

Looks interesting is that PlayStation Now is a cloud service. Cunning contraption allows you to run PS3 games on PC or PS4. To play the third Uncharted, for example, on the laptop, only the laptop itself, the controller with the USB wire on PSN account and subscribe to PS Now ($20 per month). Alas, in Russia, this miracle has yet to officially not working (but works informally), and the library of dusty projects with 12 years of console takes over the soul is not particularly hard. But the prospects of space: ever our PS4 will fit in the controller and the browser window.

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While everything, on what you can get PlayStation Plus. In contrast to the glorious time of the PS3, the Quartet paid multiplayer, which is just a subscription to “plus”. The service costs about three thousand rubles a year and, besides being able to give someone headshots in Battlefield 1, provides exclusive discounts and a monthly selection of free games. If you are familiar with the “plus” is still on PS3, you must remember that were given four to five years ago: from BioShock to Uncharted. Alas, now everything is different: normally the selection of indie games of varying degrees of cuteness. Although this month is relatively lucky subscribers can expect an exclusive “Survive till dawn” and a good game series Game of Thrones from Telltale.

Купить PlayStation 4 в 2017-м


What is the result?

Buyer’s PS4 easily imagine — a person who is going to play. Gone are the days when consoles took Sony for a DVD drive, well, or Blu-ray. The console is clearly positioned as a gaming and all this created a broad library of projects, a lot of exclusives, convenient streaming services. “Come on, Zaruba” — winks invitingly backlight controller, and is difficult to resist. All sorts of browsers, apps, and live theater is great, but before you buy a PS4, ask yourself: are you ready to spend a lot of time and money on the game? If Yes, then the choice is obvious. Otherwise, you need to look for something else. What? Try to answer in upcoming articles.


Whether to buy the PlayStation 4 in 2017?


  • huge library of games, including plenty of exclusives;
  • it is still relevant by modern standards, the graphics;
  • rich multimedia experience;
  • adequate the price tag;
  • sufficiently high reliability (if you decide to buy Used);
  • long-term investments: Sony and other publishers will support the PS4 for years to come.


  • the high price of the game;
  • paid multiplayer on the PS Plus subscription;
  • useless accessories, including, unfortunately, the PlayStation VR;
  • fans of “ultra” graphics settings at 4K and at 60 frames a device is clearly not fit.

Author: Illia Bozhko


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