7966 To play Dota 2 soon need to bind the mobile number

To play Dota 2 soon need to bind the mobile number

Valve has announced important changes that will affect users of their popular MOBA game Dota 2. The developers are obsessed with improving matchmaking and the fight against unfair players. In particular, Valve has taken measures to reduce the number of so-called smurf accounts. Smurfing call the game for an additional account, which is markedly inferior to the rating of the main. Some players use this simple technique to easily defeat the less experienced users.

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Everyone continue to play in ranked matches in Dota 2 are required until 4 may to make a binding of your phone number to the entry for the Steam. Of course, nobody forbids to use a different number for the second account, but Valve certainly hopes that many will be just too lazy to mess with that. The developers have also covered tidbits for boosters, regions with low activity: South Africa, India and Dubai. Living there while Dota 2 fans are invited to play on the servers of the neighboring regions.

Among the positive changes – improved group selection, which would distribute the gamers of single and already assembled team. This means that solo players will be able to look for his teammates in the team apart from other solo players. Thus, the chances of winning all will be equal.

Source: kotaku.com.au

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