Today, the asteroid Vesta will Shine over Russia (3 photos)

Сегодня астероид Веста засияет над Россией (3 фото)

As reported by the Moscow planetarium, assuming a clear sky, the inhabitants of the European part of Russia will be able to the naked eye to observe the motion of the asteroid Vesta in the constellation of Cancer during the period from 17:00 GMT 18 January 2017 to 7:00 GMT on 19 January 2017. The observed celestial object is the second massive body in the asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. Its size in diameter of 576 km and the distance to the Earth today will amount to 229 million km. during the confrontation between the glitter of the asteroid will reach 6.2 m (magnitude) that will allow you to see Vesta without special optics. To prevent the spectacle can only overcast sky.

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