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Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (13 — March 19)

During the period 13 to 19 March in the App Store and Google Play appeared not so many interesting applications, as we would like, however, we are not changing our tradition, still chose the best of them, and added our weekly TOP 10. If You missed the last compilation of the application, follow this link.

Black Blue

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Black Blue Logo

  • Developer: Abdullah Firat
  • Price: 0,99 $ (iOS) for free (Android)

In the App Store and Google Play have not been quality puzzles with the unique gameplay — all new items that have appeared in app stores, for the most part consisted of the same type of arcade.

To change this state of Affairs is decided by the Studio Abdullah Firat, who recently introduced their first product called Black Blue. This game is a meditative puzzle game with some elements of the strategy — agree, sounds very interesting.

Gameplay Black Blue to explain in words is not easy, but nevertheless we will try. So, each game level represents a set of gray dots that are the outline of the shape located in the upper part of the screen. First on the playing field there will appear a black dot, the next move is yours.

You need to take your position, repainted gray point in the color blue. Then on your and the black points are distributed the lines of the corresponding color. In order to win the level, you need to occupy a large part of the figure a different color.

The first levels may seem very simple: the total figure will contain a small number of key points, and your speed and the opponent will be allocated only one point. But in this mode have to play for very long — after passing 5-7 levels you will be confronted with significant difficulties. On locations will receive more points, and completing the level will be several stages — after the victory over AI figure turned, commemorating a new mental battle.

Consequently, for each level you have to think strategically, and very well put points, which later occupied a large part of the figure. Each new level in the game in some sense is an intellectual confrontation, and the gameplay itself might be a good one for PvP-mode.

By the way, the game was a place for him — in the settings you can choose the mode for two players, arranging games duel on already completed levels.

In addition, the game Black Blue stands out against other projects in a pleasant minimalist graphics implementation that is complimented by the relaxing music track.

In the Game there is no advertising, like any in-app purchase, but iOS version of the paid game, and this is very true — the developers ask for it only 0.99 $. In turn, the game version for devices running under the Android operating system, distributed free of charge.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Black Blue

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Black Blue Download game Black Blue from the App Store:

qr-code - Black Blue (iOS)Download game Black Blue from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Black Blue (Android)Carrier pigeon

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Почтовый голубь Logo

  • Developer: Pavel Hordan
  • Cost: free

Game Homer tells of the plight of pigeons, but the gameplay is compounded by the fact that our dove everything else is not able to fly.

The plot of the game (if you can call it that), is extremely simple. You are feathered postman which whatever became obliged to deliver the coveted letter to the mailbox. Making it very difficult for three main factors.

First, each game location is a labyrinth. You are in the very beginning, and Inbox, respectively, at the opposite end.

Secondly, the game will be severely punished indecisive players — each maze will be either inundated with water or destroyed by the avalanche, or not to self-destruct. The third key factor which we have already mentioned at the beginning, is that our brave dove can’t use the wings — brand the entire maze, he will be overcome with the help of its thin and not very suitable for the legs.

With each new level game speed will grow rapidly, further complicating the task of the game. However, in the game you will have to wait a lot of bonuses. On the locations You will be able to find sunflower seeds, collecting that You can improve the possibilities of your feathered postman. When a sufficient number of collected seeds he can walk through walls of the maze faster thereby shortening the distance to the finish mark.

You’ll be able to decide whether to use this ability or not. All the collected seeds will go together with you on the new stages, however, in case of loss of gameplay will have to start from the beginning — to fix the situation only by means of watching commercials.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Почтовый голубь

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Почтовый голубьDownload game carrier pigeon from the App Store:

qr-code - Почтовый голубь (iOS)Download game Homer from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Почтовый голубь (Android)Pursuit on the track

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Погоня на трассе Logo

  • Developer: Vivid Games S. A.
  • Cost: free

Game Chase on the highway has some similarities with product Traffic Rider from the developer Soner Kara, however, is still able to claim the title of a standalone product.

The plot of the game, You are not the most competent or successful theft. The consequence of such a situation is the following: You are at full speed cut dense road traffic, the heat is measured hundreds of cops everywhere, helicopters, and the roads are scattered spikes and traps.

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That’s what you have to see for all gaming sessions. To avoid justice in this game is unlikely to happen even Chuck Norris, as the Pursuit on the track is a game with infinite duration. All that you have to hope, is raising the bar of personal records, or at worst — self-realization in the craft of auto theft against the background of less successful friends.

Your main task – to go to perform various tasks, and to enjoy high game dynamics. However, all your efforts are not so unprincipled — the game will please you with new locations and, of course, new machines, each with its own set of improvements.

The game has great graphical implementation, but also fairly simple, but very dynamic gameplay. Cars on the road a lot, the police are extremely agile and proactive, and the fuel in your gas tank has a bad habit to an end. In order to avoid being arrested for the most stupid reason in the world — there is no gasoline in the tank — don’t forget to be attached to the back of the huge trucks. This way You will be able to replenish fuel and continue your way to victory.

As the most typical representative of the genre of time-killer, much to find fault with the game is not worth it. Here are all of Feng Shui: acceptable level of graphics, gameplay and cheerful one-click. All game currency can be earned on their own, but how much it will take time — it is a totally different issue.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Погоня на трассе

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Погоня на трассеDownload game Chase on the highway from the App Store:

qr-code - Погоня на трассе (iOS)Download game Chase on the highway from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Погоня на трассе (Android)Toaster Swipe

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Toaster Swipe Logo

  • Developer: Aurimas Garuolis
  • Cost: free

Lately in the App Store and Google Play have become so many arcade games that the developers began to emerge of problems with the selection of images for existing figures in their games. If it started with cats, chickens and other Pets, users can now see on the screens of mobile devices rather ambiguous characters.

Studio Aurimas Garuolis, apparently, also decided to experiment, as did the character in his new game Toaster Swipe spiritualized and very cheerful toaster.

For anybody not a secret that the toasters “eat” flat bread — this type of flour production is for them a real delicacy. The protagonist of the game Toaster Swipe adheres to the same diet. At each level is scattered a number of pieces of bread that you need to absorb, and to reach the final and the tasty potential of the toast — in this case, the level will be passed.

To move on the proposed locations are used the swipe, the maximum number of which, of course, limited. Therefore, to our ever-hungry toaster increased the rate of satiation, it is necessary to make accurate jumps. To do this, it isn’t just due to the fact that your electrical device into the game, there are enemies. They are spiked donuts and sharp forks, which rather quickly can lead protagonist in the state.

In addition to the above, in the game Toaster Swipe was a place for auxiliary facilities — it jars with delicious jams, directing our toaster in a certain direction, and cups of coffee, giving the protagonist the accelerating energy. All in the game a few dozen levels, but this gameplay is not limited, as in Toaster Swipe you can find and 3 endless modes. In addition, the developers have added into your product designer that will allow you to create your own locations.

Overall, Toaster Swipe can be called a very bright and colorful time-killer with a simple and dynamic gameplay. The game is free, but it periodically commercials.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Toaster Swipe

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Toaster SwipeDownload game Toaster Swipe from App Store:

qr-code - Toaster Swipe (iOS)Download game Toaster Swipe from the Google Play Market:

qr-code - Toaster Swipe (Android)Désiré

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Désiré Logo

  • Developer: Sylvain Seccia
  • Price: 0,99 $ (iOS) of € 29.99 UAH (Android)

Désiré is a lyrical black-and-white adventure game that tells about the growing up of a boy named Desiree. The main character has a congenital color blindness and cannot distinguish between no shades, except black and white. Desiree not too confidently walks of life, but this is not surprising, given that she has never been kind to the boy.

Desiree’s story starts in 1992. In school he bullied classmates, and the teacher does not understand why the boy can’t draw the sun. Although the answer is quite simple – Desiree just never seen shone in all its splendor. In the home of the main character’s life is also full of problems: the alienation of the father, both crazy aunts, permanent employment on mother’s work and brother is the pet of the family. All this leads to the fact that Desiree becomes a pariah and loses its perception of itself.

The creation of the game from its developer Sylvain Sechi took four years. Désiré is a classic quest with complex tasks, the understanding of which sometimes takes a lot of time. Someone gameplay may seem boring, because the developer is focusing on the story component, but a great ending is worth the time spent.

In fact, Désiré is a game focusing on the dark side of humanity and the problems that people often prefer to forget or ignore their existence.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Désiré

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Désiré

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Désiré

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Désiré Download game Désiré from App Store:

qr-code - Désiré (iOS)Download game Désiré from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Désiré (Android)Bean’s Quest

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Bean's Quest Logo

  • Developer: Kumobius
  • Cost: Free (iOS) 79,99 UAH (Android)

Game Bean’s Quest from the Australian developer Kumobius Games is a real classic 16-bit platformer in which all enchanted by retro-style — from gameplay and graphics to the plot.

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In the story, the protagonist of the game, Emilio and his girlfriend out on a romantic picnic, but suddenly, an evil wizard appears and steals his companion and himself, Emilio turns to Bob. Now the hero, who can only jump, have to find the villain and save his girl, along the way, overcoming obstacles and collecting crystals. The player will have to evade gunfire, fight enemies and to make maximum use of all sorts of gadgets.

Mexican jumping bean, Emilio nonstop Bouncing. You have to adapt, but eventually You will begin to understand how to use this feature to their advantage. You have to constantly ensure not to accidentally jump onto the platform when You are not ready, do not bump into the enemy or jump a greater distance than necessary.

In order to get used to the rhythmic jumping, you will need some time, but the first levels of the game are fairly simple. Bean’s Quest offers a total of 6 different worlds (levels 8-10 in each). As you advance the levels become more difficult, and the end of the game is quite difficult. At each level there is a sufficient number of checkpoints. They are located near particularly difficult areas, and this location is no accident, because to kill the hero, maybe just one mistake.

At each level, Bean’s Quest offers three bonus quests. First, you need to collect all the scattered level gems. Secondly, to find resembling a small pink dinosaur creature called the Axolotl and third, complete the game in minimum number of jumps that requires a certain skill.

The game has colorful graphics and music, which mixed wind instruments and Spanish guitar are the perfect complement to her striking visual style.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Bean's Quest

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Bean's Quest  Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Bean's QuestDownload game Bean’s Quest from the App Store:

qr-code - Bean's Quest (iOS)Download game Bean’s Quest from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Bean's Quest (Android)NBA 2K17

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - NBA 2K17 Logo

  • Developer: 2K
  • Price: 3,99 $ (iOS) 109,99 UAH (Android)

NBA 2K17 feels like a game that makes people living and breathing basketball, and this feeling is transmitted to the users. The project blurs the line between game and reality.

In the new part of the developers have worked fine detail and improved control mechanism, which in addition to touch buttons supports external controller. The game has received a number of innovations, including an updated story mode, improved gameplay and a training mode that helps beginners master this difficult game.

As with most sports simulations, the storyline in the NBA 2K17, telling the story of a young basketball player, simple and predictable. There is no drama inherent in the films and television series, however unlike previous installments of NBA 2K, the passage became more variable.

The player can make decisions, for example, to become a star of NBA or stay with nothing, to maintain friendly relations with teammates or to quarrel with everyone.

NBA 2K17 — intuitive simulation game in which the user controls the character using non-standard schema, providing an advantage in the game, and on a whim, based on the situation on the basketball court.

The project offers a huge number of new movements, thanks to which the game has become even more like a real basketball. Gameplay has also undergone changes for the better.

Virtual athletes are able to perform dozens of tremors of hands and body, you can do a lightning interception and learned new dribbling. In addition, the game is completely redesigned system of throws, which is now more intuitive.

As already mentioned, NBA 2K17 — the game is difficult and to learn to play it pretty hard. Therefore, the developers have provided training mode, which will certainly be useful for the beginners. The game offers instructions suggest how to make the passes, throws or take the ball from the attacker.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - NBA 2K17

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - NBA 2K17

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - NBA 2K17

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - NBA 2K17Download game NBA 2K17 from App Store:

qr-code - NBA 2K17 (iOS)Download game NBA 2K17 from Google Play Market:

qr-code - NBA 2K17 (Android)Botanicula

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Botanicula Logo

  • Developer: Amanita Design
  • Cost: 0,99 $ (iOS) 69,99 UAH (Android)

Botanicula is a unique adventure the likes of which neither the App Store nor in Google Play. For developers to build such projects is risky, due to the complexity of the design and size of the target audience, so each new project such a high level definitely attracts a lot of attention.

It is worth noting that at the time of creating the game Botanicula Studio Amanita Design has had considerable experience, because it is thanks to her efforts, the world saw one of the most popular and successful of quest — Machinarium. Of course, these games can be traced some Parallels, and one of the locations you can even see the main character of “Machinarium”.

From the comparisons, there is no getting away, and the main difference between the two projects Amanita Design is the level of difficulty in games has dropped significantly. Management of “point’n’click” remained unchanged, but the quest, in the full sense of the word, became less. Many of the tasks that will have to decide the player as you progress through (which takes less than five hours) is performed using the “method of scientific spear.”

However, Botanicula is much more pluses than minuses, which is confirmed by numerous awards and high ratings from known game critics. First and foremost, it is worth noting the atmosphere, which quickly captivates the user.

The plot of the game, the four friends are sent to find the last seed of the tree on which they live. The tree itself represents the global location, divided into separate fragments, each of which is absolutely not similar to others. The game is drawn in detail and contains a lot of humor and a great soundtrack further enhance the level.

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Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Botanicula

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Botanicula

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Botanicula

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Botanicula Download game Botanicula from App Store:

qr-code - Botanicula (iOS)Download game Botanicula from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Botanicula (Android)Prune

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Prune Logo

  • Developer: Joel McDonald
  • Cost: 0,99 $ (iOS) 26,99 UAH (Android)

The games is the result of hard work by Joel McDonald (Joel McDonald), who turned his script experimental simulation of plant growth in the full game. In this he was helped by the designer and the sound tech Kyle Preston (Kyle Preston). By his efforts the game has got a minimalist but well thought-out graphic component and meditative background music.

The hallmark of gameplay Prune is measured, the absence of the laborious drive, the faults and the endless pursuit of points. Instead of development winning strategy the game encourages conduct mini-experiments, but if You have stalled, you can just skip to the next stage.

Your task in the game is to care for tiny sprouts a little tree trimming excess branches and allowing the plant to stretch toward the light to grow big beautiful flowers.

In the end, like scenes from Japanese epics, they circled the white rain of petals, but before you will be in real time to solve a lot of problems. The original lawn may be littered with rockfall pit, a branch under its own weight will tend to the ground, away from sunlight, and dangerous red spheres will bring toxins. In the later stages the task list updated with worries about pollination and giving the trunk a certain reference to the curved shape.

For half the year in the amount spent on the project, the developer of the game, MacDonald, went through about a dozen concepts step by step rejecting most of the common schemes. He decided to abandon the endless gameplay, because if the ultimate goal and clearly defined, it is much easier to implement the next level and then pass it.

In some ways, the developer first went across the way are invited to follow the player, being able to cut off all the excess and leaving only what is really worth to focus my heart and mind begin to grow your tree.

In the game there is no mechanism for in-app purchases and rating system, however, You will be able to put their achievements on display.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Prune

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Prune

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Prune

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Prune Download the game Prune from the App Store:

qr-code - Prune (iOS)Download game Prune from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Prune (Android)Mushroom 11

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Mushroom 11 Logo

  • Developer: Untame
  • Cost: 4,99 $ (iOS) 139,99 UAH (Android)

Mushroom 11 is a game that tells about what happened on Earth a large-scale disaster, which put an end to the existence of living organisms. Miraculously survived only mushrooms. Actually, it is them you’ll have to play.

Judging by the environment, the Apocalypse happened not so long ago — in the background there are often quite a human dwelling, but they are all empty. The character for whom You play — it’s a mutated mushroom. Speak, write and read it, of course, can not, because to learn with his help about the disaster will not work. And the search for the causes of the Apocalypse is not among the tasks of the game.

The main goal of the protagonist is to get from a conditional point a to point B. that is Exactly what You need to help him. You will need to remove the pieces of mushroom that will go back to that place of the body of the hero – this will be the momentum.

The essence of the process lies in the fact that You may not know where the mushroom will increase your body. This means that the character can “grow” in any direction and you will encounter main task is to correct its trajectory.

This is not limited to: on the path of the fungus and then will encounter unexpected obstacles. Boiling lava, boulders, buildings and facilities within them — all of it will be noise that you have to deal with.

Although first steps do not differ special complexity, aided by the numerous checkpoints, but closer to the middle of the game the puzzles will sharply become impassable. That is, the ease with which You will face in the beginning, Mushroom 11, is actually deceptive.

Each game level ends with a boss. The leaders here specific, become the main character. Each of them has its weaknesses and you will have to look for them. If one boss can be defeated using his own weapons, in order to cope with others, have, for example, for him to walk.

That is, to pass each villain will have to experiment. The final battles with the bosses is fun but can a bit due to the large number of extra movements that you have to perform to give the right direction of your character.

Overall, Mushroom 11 can be described as non-trivial puzzle, successfully exploiting the always fashionable topic of the post-Apocalypse. Play it interesting, but sometimes very difficult, which, however, is not a disadvantage of the project.

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Mushroom 11

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Mushroom 11

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Mushroom 11

Топ-10 приложений для iOS и Android (13 - 19 марта) - Mushroom 11Download game Mushroom 11 from the App Store:

qr-code - Mushroom 11 (iOS)Download game Mushroom 11 from Google Play Market:

qr-code - Mushroom 11 (Android)Some of these games and applications you like the most?

Share with us in comments.

Top 10 apps for iOS and Android (13 — March 19)

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